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Does Chamberlain MyQ work with Alexa

The Chamberlain MyQ is a wireless, battery-powered door and window sensor that can connect to your Amazon Alexa. The device’s built-in Zigbee module allows it to be compatible with the widest range of smart home devices. This means you’ll never have to worry about missing out on additional features.

Chamberlain MyQ is a garage door opener that works with Alexa. Chamberlain has been around since the 1800s, and it is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. The Chamberlain MyQ can be used to open your garage door or close it from anywhere on your phone via an app.

Do you want to use Alexa to manage your garage door?

One of the best smart garage door openers on the market is the Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener. Is it safe to operate your garage door with your voice, and can MyQ work with Alexa?

You’ll learn how Chamberlain MyQ and Alexa can function together in this post.

Is it possible to use Chamberlain MyQ with Alexa?

Alexa does not operate with the Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener. However, you can use IFTTT to link MyQ to Alexa and shut your garage door by voice or set up an Alexa Routine to close your garage door.

Alexa Routines are compatible with the MyQ IFTTT connection. Using a simple order like “Alexa, shut garage door,” you may effortlessly close your garage door.

How can I set up Chamberlain MyQ to work with Alexa?

IFTTT is the simplest method to link MyQ to Alexa. IFTTT is a web-based tool that lets you connect and automate various tools using simple “If This Then That” commands.

To shut your garage door with a simple order like “Alexa, close the garage door,” you’ll need to do two steps. First, we’ll use IFTTT to link MyQ to Alexa and build an applet. Second, we must develop an Alexa Routine that will activate the IFTTT applet.

The optional second step enables you to delete the IFTTT trigger language:

  • Only with IFTTT = “Alexa, shut garage door”
  • “Alexa, shut garage door” is an IFTTT + Alexa Routine.

I’d rather use normal language and avoid using the word “trigger” in the command.

IFTTT allows you to connect MyQ to Alexa.

The first step is to set up an IFTTT account and link your MyQ and Alexa accounts.

Before proceeding, make sure you’ve “subscribed” to the MyQ IFTTT subscription service. This is presently a free subscription, however in the past, MyQ has paid for it.

To link MyQ to Alexa, follow the instructions below.

Begin by creating a new IFTTT applet.

  • Click “Explore” in the top right corner of your IFTTT page.
  • Then, where it says “create your own from scratch,” click “Create.”

2. Make Alexa your IF Trigger.

  • Activate the Plus button (IF)
  • Look up the Alexa service.
  • Choose “Say a Specific Phrase” from the drop-down menu.
  • Type “Close Garage Door” or anything similar into the search box (this is the phrase you will use if you only use IFTTT to trigger the garage)
Smart speaker device responding to voice

Create a phrase trigger for Alexa

3. Create a Then Action for MyQ.

  • Activate the Plus button (THEN)
  • Look for the MyQ service on the internet.
  • Select “Close Garage Door” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Garage Door you wish to operate.
  • Choose “Create Action” from the drop-down menu.

4. Finish by giving your IFTTT applet a name.

Your IFTTT applet may be saved and activated under any name.

Now you can shut your garage door just by saying:

Alexa, shut the garage door.

To avoid having to utter the term “trigger” in front of your command, follow the steps below to build an Alexa Routine.

Create an Alexa and MyQ Routine

To shut a MyQ garage door, you designed an IFTTT applet for Alexa. However, you should not begin the command with the word “Trigger.”

You can quickly start your IFTTT applet to shut the garage with a specific Alexa command.

Make a brand-new Alexa routine.

  • In the top left corner of the Alexa app, tap the hamburger menu.
  • Choose “Routines” from the drop-down menu.
  • To create a new routine, click the Plus button in the upper right corner.
  • To create an Alexa Routine using MyQ, follow these three steps.

Give your Alexa routine a name.

Create a name for your routine by using the Add button. “Close Garage” was my choice.

When This Occurs, Make Alexa, issue a command

To start the process, tap the Plus button next to “When this occurs.” This will construct the trigger. Select “Voice” and enter the customer Alexa command to shut your garage. “Close Garage” was all I used.

Close Garage with an IFTTT Action

By “Add action,” press the Plus button. Choose IFTTT and the applet you made to connect your MyQ Garage Door to Alexa. When you’re finished, click Save.

Congratulations! You’ve completed your task. Using a Routine and IFTTT, your MyQ Garage Door Opener is now connected to Alexa.

Simply say: “Shut my Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door” to close it.

Close Garage, Alexa.

What Garage Door Voice Commands Can I Create?

Currently, Alexa is the only way to shut your MyQ Garage Door.

You can’t use a voice command to open the garage door with MyQ.

If you want to use Alexa to open and close your garage door, I suggest going with a smart garage door opener other than Chamberlain MyQ.

Is it Safe to Use Alexa to Control Your Garage?

When operating your garage with your voice, there are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Is voice control of the garage safe?
  2. Is it safe to manage the garage with your voice?

Security using MyQ Voice Control

The first thing to think about is how safe it is to connect MyQ and Alexa. As previously stated, you can only use your voice to close your MyQ garage door. Using your voice to open the garage would raise additional security concerns.

To carry out the activities, MyQ does not need voice PINs or other security codes. You wouldn’t want to construct a speech command to access your garage without a voice PIN. This would be a threat to security.

Someone may holler through your windows and get Alexa to unlock the garage without a PIN. The method is more secure if you limit voice commands to shutting your garage.

Safety with MyQ Voice Control

The second factor to consider is safety. You can’t see whether someone or anything is in the way when you shut your garage by voice.

Before the garage door shuts, MyQ sounds an alert and flashes lights for several seconds, making remote voice control safer. When the garage is closed using the app or by voice, the auditory and visual notifications are only activated.

This does not address the problem of an automobile getting in the way of the garage. Make sure the garage door route is constantly clear. When a garage door is blocked, most garage doors employ a laser light and pressure sensitivity to prevent it from shutting.

What Other Garage Door Openers Will Alexa Work With?

The Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener is a fantastic technology that is quite easy to install. It does not, however, work with SmartThings systems, and you can only shut your garage door with an Alexa voice order.

There are a number of alternative smart garage door openers to choose that provide extra features.

Before selling or returning your MyQ opener, make sure you reset it to factory settings.

Nexx Garage Door Opener is a smart garage door opener.

  • OPENS, CLOSES, AND SCHEDULES your garage door from anywhere at any time.
  • USE Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant to control your device with your voice.
  • KNOW YOUR BACKGROUND – Know who is coming and departing, and be alerted if someone forgets to lock the door.

Prices were obtained from the Amazon Product Advertising API on the following dates:

Prices and availability are correct as of the given date/time and are subject to change. This product will be purchased using the pricing and availability information listed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase.

Apart from MyQ, the NEXX garage door opener is the most popular alternative. According to NEXX, you may use Alexa to open and shut the garage door. The gadget, on the other hand, cannot be utilized in an Alexa routine.

If you need to open and shut your garage by voice, NEXX is a fantastic option.

Conclusion on MyQ and Alexa

For me, combining a MyQ garage door opener with Alexa (through IFTTT) delivers all of the functionality I want.

I can shut the garage door with my voice or with an Alexa Routine. A “Good Night” routine, for example, may turn off all lights, lock the front door, and close the MyQ garage door.

It would be easy to open the garage door with your voice. However, I’m more concerned with the garage door’s security features.

In my house, I utilize the Chamberlain MyQ with Alexa. It is unrivaled in terms of simplicity and value.

You may discover how MyQ works with Google Home if you prefer Google.

MyQ Garage Door Opener is a smart garage door opener.

  • UNIVERSAL – Compatible with all major garage door opener models that feature standard safety sensors and were manufactured after 1993.
  • CONNECTED – Freely connect to IFTTT or Google Assistant. Using IFTTT, you can close your garage door using Alexa and MyQ.

Prices were obtained from the Amazon Product Advertising API on the following dates:

Prices and availability are correct as of the given date/time and are subject to change. This product will be purchased using the pricing and availability information listed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase.

P.S. If you have a question, want to assist someone else, or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

The “ifttt alexa myq” is an ifttt recipe that uses Chamberlain’s MyQ app to arm and disarm your home when you say so. This is helpful for those who have their smart home hooked up to Alexa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect MyQ to Alexa?

A: Yes, you can connect MyQ to Alexa. You will need a second Amazon Echo or Dot and then go through the process of connecting them together

How do I add Chamberlain MyQ to Alexa?

A: You will need to set up the Chamberlain MyQ by connecting it through your WiFi. Once you have done that, open up Alexa app on your phone and go into settings. Then in settings, choose Remotes. From there, select Chamberlain MyQ from the list of available devices.

Can I use Alexa to open my garage door?

A: No, you cannot open your garage door via Alexa.

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