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How to Change Apple Siri’s Name, Voice, Accent, Sex & More

Apple recently announced that it would upgrade Siri’s voice, with the new voice sounding less like a male and more female. This change has led to some people expressing concern about what other changes might follow in the future. As this is an Apple product, you can’t expect much from third-party implementation of customizations unless they’re supported by native apps from Apple themselves..

The “change siri name to jarvis” is a way to change Siri’s name, voice, accent and sex.

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We’ll look at the Apple HomePod wake word and all you need to know about its origins and use in this tutorial. Let’s get this party started!

What is the (default) wake word for Apple HomePod?

A voice-controlled wake phrase is used by Apple HomePod, much like any other smart speaker. This is a sentence that instructs Siri to begin listening. The main point is to prevent her from listening in on and recording all of your talks. Instead, she only answers when you specifically want it (mostly).

“Hey Siri” is the wake phrase for Apple HomePod to gain your virtual assistant’s attention. Though it may seem that your smart speaker is always listening for Siri’s name, it is really listening for this phrase to trigger action.

Why Did Apple Pick Siri As Its Name?

Siri’s origins may be traced back to Norway, where Dag Kittlaus, one of the co-founders of Siri Inc., the firm that created the personal assistant, was born. He stated that he had worked with a woman called Siri, which means “beautiful, victorious counsellor” in English. He was so taken with the name that he wanted to name his daughter Siri, but he already had a son.

They wanted a simple name for their virtual assistant that was easy to write, remember, and wasn’t too popular when they established it. They finally settled on Siri. When Apple bought the firm in 2010, they unexpectedly opted to preserve the brand.

Why did Apple change the wake word on the HomePod?

There might be other reasons for you to want to alter Siri’s name than the boredom of addressing her by the same name every day.

For example, if your ex-name girlfriend’s sounds like Siri, having to say it numerous times every day may be excruciating. In such scenario, altering the name would be really beneficial. On a less depressing note, there may be someone in your home with the same name as you. It may be difficult to tell the difference between the two. You may also want to prevent accidentally recording the incorrect talks with the HomePod.

Furthermore, Siri might be reacting incorrectly to TV discussions or characters with similar-sounding names. Siri has even been observed to reply to Siri-related TV commercials! It’s also possible that you have numerous HomePods and wish to distinguish them so that the erroneous one doesn’t reply.

There are a slew of reasons to switch up your Siri wake phrase. Is it, nevertheless, possible?

Is it possible to change the Apple HomePod (Siri) wake word?

The good news is that simply modifying your Siri settings, you can have Siri call you by whatever name you like. The bad news is that the HomePod’s wake word cannot be changed. However, some users on Apple’s Forum have reported being able to use alternative names or sounds that are similar, such as Sarah, Sue, Suzie, and even ‘Sir.’ Siri, they believe, listens to sounds rather than letters.

Users may be able to alter the wake word in future Homepod versions. In the meanwhile, give Siri a name that begins with the letter “S” to see whether this is true.

How can I change Siri’s accent or language?

Because Siri is designed to be used all around the globe, it comes with a user interface that lets you choose your favourite language. In your HomePod, you may choose from a list of available languages for Siri. To do so, follow these steps:

  • On your iPad or iPhone, open the Home app.
  • Select Rooms from the drop-down menu.
  • Locate your HomePod.
  • Select details by pressing and holding your HomePod for a long time.
  • In the Siri section, go to “Language” and choose your chosen language.

Is it possible for someone else to give Siri commands?

Siri orders may be given by anybody. Because Siri lacks voice profiles, it is unable to discern between different voices. One of the disadvantages of the Apple HomePod is that it accepts orders from anybody, even small children who may make inappropriate demands.

As a result, some HomePod users have complained about other users interfering with the account holder’s personal requests. On the bright side, you can turn off Personal Requests or change the settings. We’ll find out soon enough how.

What is the Difference Between a Male and a Female? HomePod’s Siri Voice

When you download the extra voices for Siri on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll see them appear. Siri has a female voice in the United States and a male voice in the United Kingdom, according to the default settings. You may alter this to your liking at any moment by following these steps:

  • Select Siri from the “Settings” menu on your phone (iPod or iPad).
  • Choose Male or Female, and then download the required voice data for your choice.
  • On your phone’s home screen, open the Home app and go to the “Rooms” menu.
  • Long-press your HomePod in the room where it is located.
  • Select Siri’s voice and your chosen selection under “Details.” – Is it a male or female?

On the HomePod, how can you change Siri’s voice?

You can alter Siri’s voice on your HomePod in the same way you can change Siri’s name on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad, but the method is somewhat different. To alter Siri’s voice or gender on the HomePod, do the following:

  •  Open the Home app on your phone.
  •  Choose your HomePod from the list of Favorite Accessories.
  •  Long press the HomePod and then hit “Details” at the bottom of the screen to get more information.
  •  Select “Siri Voice” from the Siri menu.
  •  Select your chosen gender or accent.

The benefit of altering Siri’s voice on the HomePod is that it can now talk to you in a single accent without relying on your phone’s accents.

Is Siri Capable of Detecting Multiple Voices?

Siri is unable to distinguish between many voices. It’s designed to react to any kind of voice.

On a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, how can you change Siri’s voice?

As previously said, there are a variety of reasons why you would desire to alter Siri’s voice. Siri was built with a default voice for each country. For example, if you’re in the United Kingdom, Siri will speak with a British accent by default.

You may modify this accent to a variety of others to suit your tastes, regardless of where you reside. Apple HomePod now supports English accents from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

To alter Siri’s voice/accent, do the following:

  • Go to the app on your iOS device’s Home screen (iPhone, iPad or Mac)
  • In the Favorite Accessories section, find the HomePod speaker.
  •  Long tap the HomePod icon, then choose “Details” and “Siri” from the drop-down menu.
  • Make a modification by clicking on it. Siri’s voice will be heard, with choices for American, Australian, and British accents. Make your decision.
  • Change Siri’s voice to Male or Female and you’re done!

We hope you found this information useful. Please let us know if there is anything we missed in the comments section below.

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The “how to change siri name on ipad” is a question that will answer how to change Siri’s name, voice, accent, sex and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change Siri sex?

A: To change Siris sex, you have to go into the sound settings on your phone. There should be a drop-down menu where male and female can be selected as her voice type.

How do I change Siri voice from male to female?

A: To change your Siri voice from male to female, you first need to turn on and download the Siri Shortcuts app. Once this is done, open up the shortcuts tab in Siri by pressing down with three fingers simultaneously for a few seconds. There should be an option there called Voice. Pressing that will allow you to choose which gender of Siris voice you want it to have.

How do I change Siris voice and name?

A: Currently, you cannot change the voice or name of Siris. However, there is a way to change other aspects of her appearance such as skin color and gender.

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