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Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime

The Ring Doorbell offers a way for you to see and talk with visitors at your door. The security camera starts recording the moment someone rings, or even when they’ve walked up to your door. You can also catch those who don’t ring on smartphone live stream—no more missed guests!

The “ring doorbell echo dot” is a device that can be used with the Amazon Echo Dot. It is an affordable way to get into the smart home world. This product allows you to see who is at your door and talk to them through your phone.

Options for Ring Doorbell Chimes

A Doorbell with a Ring Depending on the kind and arrangement of your Ring Doorbell, Alexa Chime is one of various doorbell chime alternatives.

The most chime possibilities are available with wired doorbells. Most mechanical and digital doorbells that are already installed in your house may be rung by wired doorbells. Because they can’t link to your current doorbell chimes, battery-powered doorbells are more restricted.

Optional chimes for the Ring Doorbell include:

Wired Ring Doorbell Battery for Ring Doorbell
App for Phone Ringing Yes Yes
Ring a bell Yes Yes
Alexa Devices from Amazon Yes Yes
Doorbell with a Mechanical Mechanism Yes No
Doorbell with digital technology Yes No

Doorbell ringing Chime, Alexa

For a Ring Doorbell Chime, I adore utilizing my Amazon Alexa gadgets. For those who already have Amazon Echo devices around their house, Alexa is the ideal answer. It’s also a better buy than the Ring Chime or Pro Ring Chime since an Echo can do a lot more for the same or less money.

Which is better: Ring 2 or Ring Pro?

Any of the Amazon Echo devices may chime the Ring Doorbell. The Echo Dot and Echo Flex are the most convenient to install across your house. The Ring Doorbell is viewable on the Echo Show.

The Advantages of Using Alexa as a Doorbell Chime

  1. Hear chimes in places where the doorbell was difficult to hear.
  2. Music, noises, and classic doorbell chimes are among the options for alerts.
  3. Using Alexa’s “Do Not Disturb” hours, turn off doorbell bells.

Setup Instructions for a Ring Doorbell Chime, Alexa

On your phone, I’m assuming you already have the Ring app and the Alexa app. To prevent any problems, make sure both programs are updated to the most current version. You’ll also need to install the Ring skill to link Ring and Alexa. Here’s where you can get directions:

Ring and Alexa should be connected.

Step 1: Select Devices on the Alexa App.

The “Devices” tab is located in the Alexa app’s bottom right corner. “All Devices” may be found on the far right of the header list.

Step 2: Go to the Device List and choose your Ring Doorbell.

Find your doorbell by scrolling through the list of devices. It will be displayed as the name you entered during the Ring app’s setup procedure. There will also be a camera symbol next to it.

Step 3: Select Doorbell Sound from the Doorbell Press menu.

When you enable “Doorbell Press,” Alexa will play a message for a doorbell press. Next, choose a sound from a selection of doorbell chimes, music, and sounds by pressing “Select Sound.” Optional: Whenever you want Alexa to notify you if your Ring Doorbell detects motion, turn on “Motion.”

When will Alexa play the Ring Doorbell Chime?

When the doorbell button is pressed, your Ring Doorbell will sound on all of your Amazon Alexa devices after you’ve finished the setup. Set up “Do Not Disturb” hours for each Alexa device to turn off the Ring Doorbell chime. This is ideal for turning off the doorbell chime in or near the children’s beds. It’s also useful if you want to sleep without being disturbed by the mailman, for example.

Other Alexa and Ring Doorbell Resources:

  1. Connect Ring Doorbell to Alexa – Learn how to connect your Ring Doorbell to Alexa accurately and efficiently.

Ring Chime Pro

  • Chime Pro, a three-in-one solution that includes a wifi extender for your Ring cameras and doorbells, a nightlight, and a chime box to hear alerts for your Ring cameras and doorbells, brings flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind to your home.
  • Boost the network for all of your Ring doorbells and cameras by extending your wifi signal up to 2000 sq. ft.
  • When your linked cameras and doorbells detect motion or someone rings your doorbell, you’ll get real-time alerts.

If you have any more questions, please visit our Ring’s official help page or leave a comment here.

P.S. If you have a question, want to assist someone else, or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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