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Tuya Smart vs. Smart Life

The smart home industry is booming, with companies like Google and Apple leading the way. But as technology continues to grow, every aspect of life becomes increasingly connected. These changes are impacting our daily lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined before–from how we grocery shop to what time we go to sleep at night.

The “brilliant smart vs. smart life” is a debate that has been going on for quite some time now. There are many different opinions about which type of product is better, but the one thing that everyone can agree on is that both are great products.

Tuya Smart vs. Smart Life

Staying in control might be difficult with so many new smart products on the market. This is particularly true if you need to utilize several management applications for each manufacturer whose goods you use.

Fortunately, smart home applications solve this problem by allowing you to control all of your gadgets from a single app. Tuya is one of the most popular smart home applications. In reality, they have two apps – Tuya Smart and Smart Life – rather than just one. And if you’re not sure which one to use, this article will help you figure it out.

What’s the Difference Between the Two?

Despite the fact that these two applications have different names, they are the same program. They’re identical in terms of design, layout, functionality, smart device administration, and automation scenario generation. Yes, you read it correctly — they’re identical.

The biggest distinction is in the app’s name and appearance on your smartphone. Because they are two unique programs, they are available for download separately:

  • Google Play is a search engine that allows you to

  • App Store (Apple)

The other distinction involves the app’s color accents. Some of Tuya Smart’s buttons and settings are orange, but these identical elements are blue in the Smart Life app. Because neither program has any in-app branding, the color accents are where the distinctions begin and finish.

That’s all there is to it. Other than that, nothing has changed.

Why are there two identical apps?

At first look, having two separate applications that are essentially the same may not make sense. However, things start to make more sense when you examine Tuya’s position in the smart home industry.

Tuya’s core product is their smart home software, or “All-in-One App,” as they call it, but they also provide a broad range of customisation services for a number of industrial segments. Customized applications for hotels, restaurants, aged care, agriculture, and even those who rent their flats are among them. Their offer, of course, does not end there. They also provide developer kits, which enable businesses to personalize the app themselves if they have the necessary personnel.

Philips, Schneider Electric, and others are just a few of the major corporations that work with Tuya. The biggest advantage for manufacturers is that they may provide their consumers with a free software that allows them to operate their smart gadget. And that’s without needing to spend money on app research and development.

Tuya does two tasks with a single app, as you can see. Tuya Smart is a smart home app that raises market awareness of the company’s name and brand. And, with Smart Life, they provide a non-branded alternative for smart home product makers. All they have to do now is ship their items and tell their consumers to download Smart Life to set up and operate the gadget they just purchased.

Isn’t that brilliant?

What is the Purpose of the App?

This section will go through some of the primary features of Tuya’s smart home app in order to give you a better idea of what it does:

Check out our complete instructions for both versions of the app if you want to read an in-depth analysis and learn how to set it up for use:


Management of Smart Devices

Adding additional smart home devices is a breeze using the Tuya app. You may either let the app look for them automatically or manually add a device by following the app’s straightforward instructions. If you have many devices, the auto scan does an excellent job of locating each and every one of them.

Your gadgets will display on the app’s home screen after connecting to it through your home Wi-Fi network. You may switch them on or off, examine the numerous parameters the devices give, and fine-tune each device from here. When you connect an RGB smart lamp, for example, the controls are easily accessible from the home screen. You may alter the light bulb’s color, brightness, and, of course, switch it on and off.

Organization of Devices

You may allocate each gadget to a different room in your house after you’ve added them to the app. You may, for example, have many smart thermostats in various rooms. You may use basic voice commands to inform your assistant which device you meant if you allocate each one to a room inside the app. This is also applicable to smart speakers and light bulbs.

If you have many devices of the same sort, Tuya’s software enables you to group them together. You may have a few of smart light bulbs in your living room and dining room, for example. You’ll be able to control all of them with a single touch from inside the app if you group them together.

Scenarios and Automation Rules

This function adds a touch of “smart” to your smart home. As mentioned in the last section, grouping your devices by area or category is really useful. However, if you apply automation, you can push things even farther. One of the better instances is the app’s automation of several chores, which it does just before you get home from work.

The software will know when you’ve entered a one-kilometer radius of your house by monitoring the position of your smartphone. When you do, the automation rules take effect and things begin to happen. The lights in your living room switch on, and the air conditioner adjusts the temperature to a comfortable level. Your smart speaker tunes in to your favorite radio station, and the TV turns on to provide you with the most up-to-date information. All of this happens without your involvement.

User Administration

This function is essential for everyone who does not live alone. Allowing your family members to utilize the app gives everyone in the home power over their smart gadgets. The person who installs the program is the administrator, and he or she may give various sets of app capabilities to different family members.

You may also create a “Guest” profile that you can give to anybody who comes to stay for a few days. They’ll be able to operate smart gadgets that are necessary in daily life in this manner. You may, of course, provide administrator powers to other family members so that you don’t have to handle everything on the app yourself.


Managing Multiple Residences

This program is particularly useful since it enables you to operate several homes from a single user account. Simply create a new house to the app, designate which rooms it has, and add devices, and that’s all there is to it. You may also configure the automation here, of course.

Tuya’s app makes it simple to check in to a second apartment or home. It’s ideal for those who work in the rental industry, have their own workplace, or just wish to keep an eye on their parents or grandparents and assist them with chores that smart gadgets can do. Another situation in which this functionality is necessary is if you have a cabin in the woods. When you arrive for the weekend, you may use the app to switch on the water heater and access any surveillance equipment.

Tuya can help you make your home smarter.

Hopefully, this post has covered all of the important distinctions between the Tuya Smart and Smart Life applications. As previously stated, there is simply one app with two distinct marketing objectives. Although this may cause some misunderstanding among smart home aficionados, Tuya’s marketing strategy is brilliant. While Tuya Smart promotes their brand, they also reach millions of consumers by simply providing manufacturers with a free smart device administration software. Brilliant!

Which Tuya app version are you using? With your app, how many distinct smart device manufacturers do you manage? In the comments box below, please share your opinions and experiences.

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Tuya Smart is a smart home device that allows users to control their house remotely. Tuya Life is the companion app that can be used with the Tuya Smart. The “tuya smart life login” is an option in the Tuya Life app that will allow you to log into your account and use your phone as a remote for your lights, locks, thermostat, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tuya smart the same as smart life?

A: No, Tuya is not the same as smart life. Tuya has a higher intelligence than any other AI in our family of intelligent bots including my brother and sister.

What is Tuya Smart Life app?

A: Tuya is a smart home device company. They have the following products which can be found on their website:
-Tuya Smart Home Hub – Automatic Video Surveillance System –

Is Tuya compatible with SmartThings?

A: Tuya is not compatible with SmartThings.

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