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Chamberlain MyQ Review 2021

With today’s latest technology, we’re able to create a device that not only takes interactions with your home or business to the next level but also leads you through it. Chamberlain MyQ Review is one of those devices on the market and couldn’t be more excited about what it can do for everyone who owns one.

Chamberlain’s MyQ Review 2021 is a smart home system that allows users to control their garage doors, lights, and thermostats. It also has a built-in camera so you can see what’s going on at home while you’re not there.

MyQ Garage Door Opener by Chamberlain

When we think about garage doors, we immediately think of Chamberlain. Their background and expertise in the sector are evident in the MyQ product.

The garage door controller and app have a very easy design and setup. Furthermore, the MyQ Chamberlain is compatible with almost any garage door opener on the market. Its simplicity, however, does not imply that it is devoid of characteristics.

Once installed, you may use the MyQ app on your phone to open and shut your garage door from anywhere. You may also use Google Assistant to tell MyQ to shut your garage. Do you use Alexa from Amazon? With a simple IFTTT setup, you can shut your MyQ garage by voice.

Summary of the MyQ Review

I wish Chamberlain MyQ had direct Alexa connectivity and the option to operate the garage door using voice commands. However, it fulfills all of our requirements. Our garage door may be controlled remotely using MyQ. It alerts us when the garage door is opened, closed, or left open for an extended period of time. It can even shut your garage door for you if you forget. Security comes first, followed by convenience. This is a gadget in which I have faith.

  • A good deal is a good deal.
  • Installation is quite straightforward (no wires)
  • Since 1993, most garage door openers have been compatible.
  • If your garage is left open, set a timer to shut it.
  • Allow guests to operate your garage door.
  • With only one hub, you can control two doors.


Things that might be improved upon

  • There is no direct Alexa connectivity.
  • Chamberlain has been charged in the past for using IFTTT and Google Assistant (currently free)
  • I’m unable to open the garage door with my voice (only close)
  • Only 2.4GHz WiFi is supported (Not 5.0Ghz)

Features of the MyQ Garage Door Opener

The key features of the MyQ Garage Door Opener are discussed in depth in the sections below. This should assist you in determining the product’s strengths and flaws. You can make an educated judgment about whether or not this product will work for you based on this information.

Compatibility of Garage Doors

Chamberlain MyQ excels in the area of compatibility. According to Chamberlain, the device is compatible with practically every garage door opener made since 1993.

If your garage door has safety sensor eyes, Chamberlain MyQ is likely to work with it. Two sensors are located at the bottom of each side of your garage door tracks and are known as the safety sensor eyes.

To see whether MyQ will function with your garage door, use the Chamberlain MyQ compatibility tester.

Installation and Configuration of MyQ

The MyQ garage door opener is simple to set up. The phone app uses visuals and videos to assist you through each stage of the procedure.

Attaching the hub, mounting the garage door sensor, and setting up WiFi with the app are the three main processes in installing the MyQ gadget.

Installing the MyQ Hub

The MyQ Hub must first be mounted. The MyQ hub remotely controls the garage door and gives light and audible notifications before it shuts.

The ideal spot to attach the MyQ Hub in your garage is near a power outlet on the ceiling. Most garages feature a power outlet near the electric garage door opener in the middle of the garage.

The MyQ Hub can be mounted on your ceiling with only two screws. The hub mount is screwed in first, and then the MyQ Hub is put onto the mount. The power cable may then be connected to the outlet, and you’re done. This will need the use of a ladder, but it is as straightforward as it gets.

It’s crucial to know that the Myq Hub does not need to be wired to your garage door opener. The Hub, like a vehicle remote, uses a wireless signal to operate your garage door.

MyQ Garage Door Sensor Installation

The MyQ garage door sensor must be mounted in the second stage. The MyQ Hub and App connect with this sensor to determine if the garage door is open or closed. This is a conventional tilt sensor.

Double-sided adhesive tape is used to secure the garage door sensor. The sensor is easily attached to a panel at the top of your garage door. This guarantees that the sensor broadcasts your garage door’s precise position.

Setup of MyQ WiFi and App

The last step is to use the MyQ app to connect the MyQ Hub to your WiFi network. The MyQ’s alerts and remote control functions are all controlled over WiFi.

Connecting MyQ to your WiFi network is a straightforward procedure. However, you must guarantee that your garage has a robust WiFi connection. If you don’t, you won’t be able to manage your garage door using the app in a consistent and dependable manner.

Even though the WiFi signal is poor at times, the MyQ Hub does a decent job of keeping a connection. This is unlikely to be a problem, but it is something to consider when shopping for a smart garage door opener.

MyQ Security & Safety

You’ll want to be sure that remotely opening and shutting your garage door is safe and secure. This is particularly critical if you have young children roaming about.

Your garage door probably already features beam sensors and a safety reversal sensor if it works with MyQ. MyQ also contains built-in safety measures that notify a user when the garage door is about to shut. The MyQ Hub will produce a loud beeping sound and flash a bright light to notify anybody around before your garage door shuts.

According to federal government safety guidelines, the MyQ visual and auditory alarms are necessary for unattended garage door operation. The following safety measures are required by these requirements for a remotely controlled garage door:

  1. Before the garage door moves, an audible alert will sound for at least 5 seconds.
  2. Flashing light with a brightness of more than 360 lumens.

Furthermore, sectional garage doors are the only ones that can be controlled remotely. A single-piece garage door cannot be opened with MyQ or any other remote garage door opener.

If I lose my phone, can anybody access my MyQ garage door?

With extra security features in the app, MyQ prevents illegal access from your phone. This includes needing a fingerprint ID password or a password to launch the app, see the account, or activate doors or gates.

Features of the MyQ App

The MyQ app includes various useful functions for operating and monitoring your garage door, in addition to security. Schedules, reminders and alerts, guest access, and history are all included.

To clear your personal information from your MyQ garage door opener, follow our instructions on How to Reset MyQ Garage Door Opener.


Schedules are my favorite aspect of the MyQ app. You may use MyQ to set up a timetable that will automatically shut your garage at night if it is left open. This guarantees that you never go to bed and forget to close the garage door. If my door is still open at 10 p.m., I set a simple timetable to shut it.

Notifications and Reminders

Reminders and notification alerts are another handy feature of the MyQ app. The notifications may be sent to your phone through push notification or email. The following events may trigger alerts:

  1. The garage door is now open.
  2. The Garage Door Has Been Stopped
  3. The garage door is shut.

The alerts may be set to go off as soon as the event occurs or after a certain amount of time has passed. When the garage door, for example, is opened, you might get an instant notice. You may also set an alarm if the garage door is left open for more than an hour, or if the garage door is kept open for an extended period of time.

I’ve set up notifications every hour for the next six hours, so I’m always aware when the garage door is left open.

Access for Guests

Guest access enables you to give another individual the ability to open and shut your garage door. To share access, just input their name and email address.

The recipient of shared access must first download the MyQ app before being able to operate your garage door. This is done without disclosing your password to the other person.

In the MyQ app, you may disable guest access at any moment. You may now share your account with up to three visitors.


The MyQ app’s last feature is use history. The app displays whether the garage door is open or closed, as well as how long it has been in each condition.

The MyQ app also keeps track of how often the garage door is opened and closed. It also indicates who carried out the activity (including scheduled closing as discussed above).

Overall, the MyQ app has all of the functions that a smart garage door opener should have. The user interface is basic and straightforward. Even the least technically inclined individual should be able to create a notice or a timetable with ease.

Integration of MyQ with Third-Party Platforms

Integration with different platforms is an important factor to consider when purchasing a smart garage opener. Although the MyQ garage door opener integrates with a few platforms, it isn’t very strong in this area.

The following are the most common platforms that people inquire about:

  1. Alexa – No, MyQ does not have a direct Alexa interface. However, using IFTTT and Alexa, you can set up a simple configuration to shut your garage door by voice.
  2. Yes, MyQ has a direct interaction with Google Assistant, allowing you to shut the garage door with your voice. MyQ, on the other hand, does not have a direct interaction with Google Home.
  3. IFTTT – Yes, MyQ works with IFTTT directly. This is the best method to use Alexa to operate MyQ.
  4. SmartThings — At this moment, MyQ does not have a direct integration with SmartThings.

Is there a fee for integrating MyQ with Google or IFTTT?

MyQ does not charge fees to link their product with Google or IFTTT at this moment. However, in the past, they paid a $10 yearly fee. This service requires you to join up, and they retain the right to charge a fee in the future. Chamberlain, don’t do it!

Key to Amazon

Amazon Key is another integration worth mentioning. MyQ is an Amazon Key-certified gadget that lets Amazon deliver items to your garage. When you’re at work or on vacation, Amazon Key protects your package delivery.

Your garage is only accessible to delivery drivers once. This access is allowed only after Amazon verifies that the driver is at the correct address and is delivering the correct delivery.

Amazon is providing a $30 credit on your first in-garage delivery for a limited time.

Alternatives to MyQ to Consider

If you need direct interaction with Amazon Alexa and SmartThings, the NEXX Smart Garage Door Opener should be considered.

Nexx Garage Door Opener with Wi-Fi

  • OPENS, CLOSES, AND SCHEDULES your garage door from anywhere at any time.
  • TAPPING OR SPEAKING CAN BE USED TO ACTIVATE. Control via the Nexx Home app or with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant voice commands.
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION WITH NO FEES In only ten minutes, you can automate your garage. There are no hidden costs or recurring subscriptions.

The NEXX garage door opener may not be as well-known as the Chamberlain MyQ, but it is a quality device. Overall, the installation and software aren’t as user-friendly as MyQ’s, but it offers a far wider range of connection options with other home automation systems.


Make your smart garage door opener selection as simple as possible. The major reason to automate your garage door is for security reasons, and MyQ excels in this area.

You may program your garage door to shut automatically so that it is never left open overnight. Additionally, the alerts keep you informed if the garage door is opened or kept open for an extended period of time.

It’s convenient to be able to open and shut your garage door from a distance. But, in the end, the security elements will be the most important.

MyQ is the smart garage door opener that I now use in my house. Initially, I was interested in the deeper integration possibilities, but I soon learned that MyQ is capable of doing all of the activities I want.

Chamberlain MyQ

  • INTELLIGENT INTEGRATION For a limited time, linking your myQ account to Google Assistant and IFTTT is free.

Check out these resources to help you improve MyQ:

  1. Alexa allows you to control MyQ with your voice (Using IFTTT)
  2. With Google Assistant, you can control MyQ with your voice.

P.S. If you have a question, want to assist someone else, or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

The “chamberlain garage door opener manual” is a smart home product that has been around since the 1970s. It provides users with remote control of their garage doors. The Chamberlain MyQ Review 2021 has received positive reviews and is worth checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chamberlain MyQ safe?

A: Chamberlain is not a reliable brand for use in the home. It has been called out on its poor quality and reliability by many other companies as well. If you purchase it, be sure to read reviews from different brands before purchasing your own product so that you can get an idea of which one would suit your needs better!

Can Chamberlain MyQ be hacked?

A: It is possible to hack Chamberlain MyQ. However, it will require a lot of effort and time wasted on figuring out the password for your user account. This can be done by hacking the software itself instead of using brute force methods to try guessing at passwords.

Does MyQ work well?

A: MyQ is a new smart speaker that you can control with your voice. It makes it easy to play, pause and switch through music on your phone using only just one device!

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