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Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security Just Got Smarter

FEATURES OF Smart Home Security

Smart home security systems can be used to help do a better job of securing your home. They work in conjunction with existing systems or they can be integrated solely for this purpose. This type of technology is able to provide significantly improved security because it communicates with other devices in your home and shares attention between both types of system
Smart Home Security

Fully integrates with your home

A smart security installation typically integrates a conventional burglar alarm, lighting control system, gate and door entry systems, external garden security sensors, and TV systems in the house. With this setup it is possible to control all of these elements using one app on your phone.

Get notified when you have guests

Your smart home security can let you know if you receive any home visitors while you are away
Smart Home Security
A man holding a briefcase while standing in front of a smart home security door.

Added safety

Your home is “smart” now, capable of doing things for you, like monitoring your water use or alerting you when there’s smoke in the air.


-A smart home security system can be controlled remotely.

-Many smart home security systems have cameras that let you see what is going on in your home.

-Some smart home security systems have additional features, like fire alarms or door locks.

Some of the most popular smart home systems include:

– Ring

– Nest

– Canary

– Canary Flex

– Vivint

A smart home security system detects intruders by monitoring for break-ins, fires, and flooding. Motion-sensing alarms, flood sensors, glass break detectors, and smoke detectors help to detect intruders.

The challenges for installing smart home security are the same as the challenges for installing any other type of security. The installer needs to be aware of the specific needs of the customer, know the features of the system, know how to install it, and know how to get it connected to WiFi.

Yes. Download the app and create an account to get started.

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