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Lighting Design And Control

Set moods and lighting around your home
Features & Benefits

FEATURES OF Lighting Design And Control

Light up your home with our beautifully designed lighting solutions. We create custom, tailored lighting designs to suit your mood, space, and budget. Our bespoke solutions are built to enhance your home’s look and feel.
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Set the mood with smart lighting

Good lighting can really change how we feel, and our bespoke lighting systems go far to facilitating this. Crème de la Crème Lighting designs their systems to create an atmosphere that will help transform your home or office into the perfect space for work or relaxation.

Save Energy with Smart Dimmers

Smart light dimmers are a great way to save energy. According to a study done by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, light dimmers automatically save 4-9% in electricity, even at the highest lighting levels as compared to a standard on and off switch. When you choose to dim your lights, you end up saving a lot more money because you’re using less energy. To put it simply, you save more electricity when you dim your light. A standard light switch will only save electricity when it’s turned off.
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Get a custom lighting design for your home

Lighting design is an integral part of any smart home. Getting the right lighting for your property will save you time and money in the long run. However, getting the best results means you need to be prepared to take advantage of all that your lighting installation can offer. With a lighting control system you can ensure that your lighting is setup correctly as it was intended. The different types of lighting control systems have become so much more advanced than they were in the past. They are now able to do things like automatically adjust your lighting based on your specific needs, like having lights come on when you walk into a room. You also have the option to sync your lights with music or use them for security purposes.
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Create Pre-Set Moods

Setup mood lighting around your home, ready for any occasion

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Automate Your Home Lighting

Have your lights turn on automatically when you arrive home

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Save Energy

With different inputs, you can turn your lights off at a set time or when you are not at home

Lighting Design And Control


LEDs are efficient, reliable, and durable. One of the main benefits of using LED lighting is that it’s more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs. This means that the owner will use less money on their utility bill. LEDs are also more reliable than traditional light bulbs. They last longer and don’t require constant changing. Lastly, LED lighting is also more durable than traditional light bulbs; they’re solid state which means they won’t burn out or break like glass-based light bulbs.

The ability to regulate light has been an important factor in our evolution. For hundreds of thousands of years, humans have used fire and other natural light sources to create the perfect environment for survival. However, with the advent of artificial lights, we are at risk of getting out of sync with the natural patterns that our brains need. Lighting can either be a resource or a hindrance for productivity. It’s an important decision that needs to be made when designing an office layout or several offices in proximity to each other.

The type of lighting setup in a home depends on the number of lights, the type of lightbulb, and the location. Ideally, a room should have both general and task lighting. General lighting is for overall illumination while task lighting is for tasks like reading or cooking.

In recent years, the home décor industry has been growing rapidly. In fact, this year alone, it is expected to be worth $579 billion. The trend of using a lot of lighting in a home has also picked up in popularity. Lighting can be used for many different purposes and can be functional as well as decorative. There are a lot of ways to make your home more stylish with lighting. A major way to make any space feel larger is by using light fixtures that have a lot of bright light coming from them or bright bulbs themselves. In that way you will get the feeling that the space feels open and airy because there will not be too much shadow from lack of light.

Lighting is a crucial aspect of every space. It is the first thing we notice when we enter a room, and it can have a huge impact on our mood and feelings. Humans have a natural aversion to certain types of light, causing them to feel uncomfortable or even sick. There are two main types of light: continuous and intermittent. Continuous lighting sources are those that emit steady light, such as fluorescent fixtures or LED bulbs. Intermittent lighting sources include those that produce flashes of light, such as incandescent light bulbs or strobe lights.

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