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Smart Home Automation

Automate your home with smart devices
Features & Benefits

FEATURES OF Smart Home Automation

A living room with a flat screen tv and a fireplace featuring a smart home installation.

Smart Home Automation Designed Around You

Imagine a home that ran like clockwork? At AV Professionals we know how hectic your lifestyle can be and finding enough time to spend with your loved ones can become minimal. This is where our smart home installation services can help. We integrate the latest in smart electronics and technologies with your home enabling you to spend more time with those around you and relax while everything in the background is running on auto pilot.

Smart Lighting Controls

Lighting is an essential part of creating beautiful interiors. It allows us to highlight the best features of a room . With smart home integration, lighting can become a more essential part of our lives in and around the house. We can incorporate functional lighting controls in your home, providing you with lighting presets, timers, and dimmers without having to mess about with light switches.
A technologically advanced office with a wooden floor and a view of the city, equipped with smart home installation.
A woman is pointing at a smart device on the wall during a smart home installation.

Control At a Touch Of a Button

Gadgets are taking over our lives, they’re literally everywhere. In our hands, on our ears and wrists, and in our homes. The gadgets in our homes usually come with remote controls, and if you have a TV, DVD player and sound bar all connected, it can become a bit of an effort messing around with all the controls to get everything working. Smart home automation systems can offer you total control of your household, by combining multiple controls into a single unit. You can easily control your music, TV, lights, and much more, from your smartphone or iPad.
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Control anything with your voice or a simple tap

Smart homes are the next generation of living. With products like Amazon Echo and Google Home, you can control your space with your voice or a simple tap.

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Take control of your home without lifting a finger

Wireless home automation can be programmed to turn on at certain times or when motion is detected.

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Control your thermostat, security system, lighting and more

Control your thermostat, security system, lighting and more with the Control4. This device is a wireless hub that links to your home's appliances, lights, and thermostat.

Smart Home Automation


Home automation is the use of various technologies to control, regulate, automate or manage whether in a home or other building. It is often used with sensors to detect changes in the environment.

At its most basic level, it can be something as simple as controlling lights and appliances through an app on your phone.

A more advanced setup might have sensors throughout the house that can detect when you’re in a room and automatically turn on the lights for you.

The most sophisticated setups involve controlling not only lights and appliances but also locks, security cameras, climate control and even sound systems.

With smart home automation, you can have a personalized, connected and automated home. It will be your own personal oasis.

You can have a personalized home with smart automation that creates a comfortable atmosphere, saves on energy and time. You’ll be able to control the house from a single app or voice command from your phone.

Smart home automation enables you to have an automated household – lights turning off automatically when you leave the house, for example. The more time-saving benefits include being able to check on what’s going on at home while at work or on vacation as well as being able to set up notifications about things like security or leaks in your basement.

The main downside to using smart home automation is that you are giving strangers access to your home. This includes people who may want to get information about you.

There are other risks too. For example, if the wrong person installs the wrong type of equipment, it could lead to an outage or damage. And if someone hacks your system, they could control all of your appliances and do bad things with them like turn off the water while you’re bathing or turn on all your lights while you’re sleeping. This is why it is important that you higher a professional installation company, such as AV Professionals, for a safe and secure setup.

A wide variety of devices are available to automate your home. There are many factors to consider when deciding which type of device is best for you and your home.

There are also a number of devices that can be used to automate your home. One such example is a smart door lock; this device can be used to automate the locking and unlocking of doors in your house remotely, as well as lock or unlock specific doors depending on who enters or leaves the house. Some smart door locks also offer features such as push-button locking, as well as remote monitoring and tracking features that allow you to keep tabs on who is entering and leaving your home at any given time.

Another popular type of automation device for the home is a smart thermostat, which can automatically adjust the temperature in rooms

Voice assistants are a new way to make our homes smarter. They can control lights, air conditioning, and thermostats with voice commands.

Voice assistants do not need to be in the same room as the smart home device it is controlling in order to turn on or off a light. This means that you can use your voice from any room in the house and still have your lights turn on or off when you want them to.

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