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Connect Ring to Alexa

With the introduction of smart home devices becoming more and more common, it seems like old-fashioned products are quickly losing ground. This is one reason why Amazon introduced their popular voice assistant into the mix with Alexa in 2015. Now, your phone doesn’t have to be a necessary part of your living room anymore!

The “ring doorbell alexa chime” is a smart home device that allows you to connect your Ring Doorbell to Alexa. This allows users to get notifications from their Ring Doorbell on Amazon Echo devices.

Is Ring compatible with Alexa?

Yes. When you link Ring and Alexa, both products improve.

Here’s a rundown of how Ring devices interact with Alexa.

  1. For your Ring Doorbell, use your Amazon Echo as a doorbell chime.
  2. With your Echo, answer your Ring doorbell and converse with visitors.
  3. With your voice, control any Ring camera on the Echo Spot, Echo Show, or Fire TV.
  4. When your Ring doorbell is pushed or motion is detected, have Alexa deliver a statement or execute a routine.
  5. With Amazon Echo, you can arm or disarm your Ring alarm.

Connecting Alexa to Ring is a quick and painless procedure that takes just a few minutes. All of your Rind devices will be accessible via Alexa after the setup is complete.

Which is better: Ring 2 or Ring Pro?

Link your Ring to Alexa

You may use your computer or phone to activate the Ring Expertise for Alexa. The procedure of joining the accounts and approving the Ring skill is quite similar. If you’re on a computer, open the Ring skill from the link below and activate it to begin the procedure.

Learn how to use the Amazon Ring Skill.

Open the Alexa Skills Menu in the first step.

Select “Games & Skills” from the “hamburger” menu in the top left corner of your Alexa app.

Step 2: Set up Alexa using the Ring Skill.

In the top right corner, click the “search” symbol. The Ring skill will appear in the search results once you enter in “Ring.” Don’t be concerned about the poor score. Since its first introduction, the Ring skill has vastly improved.

Step 3: Enable Alexa’s Ring Skill.

To use the Ring skill, click “Enable to Use.” Then, in order to link Ring and Alexa, you’ll need to enter into your Ring account.

Step 4: Give permission for Ring and Alexa to connect.

To complete the Ring-Alexa connection, click “Authorize.” After that, you’ll get a confirmation that Ring and Alexa have been successfully connected

Step 5: Use Alexa to find your ring devices.

The last step is to locate all of your Ring devices. This may be accomplished in two ways:

  1. During setup, go to the app and tap “Devices to be discovered.”
  2. To add all new devices, say “Alexa, Discover Devices” at any time.

Please be patient as the discovery process takes around 45 seconds.

Projects involving Ring and Alexa

Under the “Devices” page in the Alexa app, you can now view all of your Ring items. The Ring Doorbell, several Ring cameras, and Ring Alarm are all part of this.

After you’ve connected Ring and Alexa, here are some fantastic projects to start:

  • To make a Ring Doorbell, follow the steps below. Alexa Chime – When your doorbell is pressed, set your Amazon Echo devices to ring or chime. You may choose from a variety of chimes, music, and seasonal sounds.
  • View Ring Doorbell on TV — Use an Echo Spot, Echo Show, Fire TV, or Fire TV Stick to view your Ring cameras. Alexa, just say… displaying the front door (use your camera name).
  • Set up an Alexa Ring Motion Announcement — You may have Alexa declare that your Ring camera has detected motion.
  • Create an Alexa Ring Routine — Make a unique routine to do numerous actions when your Ring Doorbell is pushed or your Ring camera detects motion.
  • Set up Ring Alarm with Alexa — After finishing this setup, you may arm and disable your Ring Alarm using your voice.
  • Answer Ring Doorbell — Use an Echo Spot or Echo Show to answer the door and speak with visitors.

P.S. If you have a question, want to assist someone else, or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

The “alexa can’t find ring doorbell” is a problem that many people have run into. The Ring Doorbell connects to your WiFi so you can use it anywhere and the Alexa app allows you to control everything from your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Ring doorbell connect to Alexa?

A: The Ring doorbell will connect to Alexa, but its not possible to use the two together. Youll need a separate device for connecting your Ring doorbell with your SmartThings hub or Amazon echo devices.

Why wont my Alexa connect to my Ring doorbell?

A: The most likely cause is that your internet connection isnt strong enough. For Alexa to work, you need a minimum of 3mbps download and 2mbps upload for the doorbell camera

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