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Furbo Dog Camera Review

The Furbo Dog Camera is a Wi-Fi connected pet camera with front and back cameras that allows you to watch your dog from anywhere in the world. The device can also be used as an intercom system for home security, allowing owners to see what their pets are doing when they’re not there. With Amazon’s recent acquisition of Ring, one has to wonder how this product would perform against its competitor.

The “furbo website” is a review of the Furbo Dog Camera. This device allows pet owners to view their pets remotely, and it can also be used as a baby monitor.

Furbo Dog Camera Review

It’s never easy to leave your dog (or dogs) alone while you go to work or go grocery shopping. But what if you could communicate with your dog while you’re gone or monitor their activities while they’re alone?

Indoor smart security cameras are a good example of this. Many pet owners consider it invaluable to be able to use their smartphone to check in on what’s going on at home and even have a brief conversation with their dog. The Furbo Dog Camera may be just what you need if you want some additional features to make your dog’s alone time more enjoyable.

A Quick Rundown

The Furbo Dog Camera’s most known feature is its ability to feed your dog. That’s true, it’s capable of doing so. Although it cannot provide a complete meal, the Furbo can provide nibbles to your dog while you are away from home. In fact, owing to an easy-to-use software, you can toss the food while conversing with your dog. Amazing!


  • Toss a treat to your dog.

  • Setup and usage are simple.

  • A 160-degree viewing angle 1080p camera

  • Night vision infrared

  • Audio that can be heard both ways

  • There are several sorts of notifications that might be beneficial.

  • Amazon Alexa voice commands are supported.


  • An interior camera has a higher price tag.

  • Furbo membership service is required for further features.

  • Supports neither Google Home nor Apple HomeKit.

First Impressions

Unpacking an Apple gadget feels a much like opening the Furbo box. The camera’s sleek and robust packaging is so attractive that you may want to retain it to store different souvenirs. If you’re going on a vacation with your dog, the box may be used to carefully pack the camera and transport it.

The camera looks fantastic right out of the box. It seems more like a piece of art than a surveillance camera because of its milk-white hue, simple design, and smooth contours. When you add in the bamboo lid that fits on top, it’s certain to look great in any living area, regardless of style.

The Furbo camera is 8.86 inches (22.5 cm) tall, with a 4.72 by 5.91 inch (12 x 15 cm) oval base that takes up 4.72 by 5.91 inch (12 x 15 cm) of space and weighs 2.1 pounds (950 g). A threaded tripod attachment is included on the bottom of the camera, along with three self-adhesive 3M strips for mounting the camera to a flat surface. If your dog tries to play with it, this will help it stay put.


Getting the Camera Ready

It’s time to set up the camera once you’ve unboxed it. The first step is to decide where you want it to be placed. Keep it 12 to 20 inches (30.48 x 50.80 cm) off the floor, according to Furbo. This will prevent your dog from accidently knocking it over while playing. This will also guarantee that the treat projectile that the camera will fling to your dog has a good trajectory.

Finally, position the camera such that the goodies fall in the center of the room or anywhere where your dog can readily see and pick them up. If you don’t, a reward may wind up beneath a sofa, where your dog won’t be able to get it.

The camera comes with a power adapter that connects to the camera through a USB wire. Wait a few seconds after plugging the adapter into a power outlet and the cable into the camera for the camera to turn on. When the LED at the bottom of the camera turns green, it’s ready.


The Furbo app must then be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. When you first open the app, you’ll be prompted to establish a Furbo account. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • On your phone, open the Furbo app.

  • “SETUP NEW FURBO” will appear.

  • You’ll be sent to the “Establish Your Account” page, where you’ll need to enter your e-mail address and create a Furbo password.

  • Tap “Create Account” after you’re finished.

  • Please ensure that your Furbo camera is within range of your home Wi-Fi network before proceeding with the setup.

  • Select “Get Started” from the drop-down menu.

  • If you have a Samsung smartphone, the app will alert you to deactivate a sophisticated Wi-Fi function known as “Smart Network Switch.” You may switch this setting back on after you’ve finished the setup. To continue, tap “OK.”

  • Wait for the program to check for accessible Wi-Fi networks before tapping “Next.”

  • From the list, choose the network you want to use.

  • Tap “Setup Wi-Fi” after entering the Wi-Fi password for the desired network.

  • The Furbo camera will now attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi, which may take up to a minute. When the LED light on the bottom of the camera glows pink, you’ll know it’s attempting to connect. During this time, the app will walk you through a three-step procedure for introducing your dog to the treat-tossing function.

  • The LED light on the camera will change yellow when it successfully connects to your Wi-Fi, and the app will confirm this. “Start Playing” should be selected.

With that last step completed, the Furbo app will display the camera’s live feed — and you’re ready to use it.

Putting Treats in the Camera

It’s time to load the camera’s reward dispenser with goodies for your dog now that your Furbo camera is up and running. Please bear in mind that the hole through which the goodies are thrown out of the camera is rather small. Furbo suggests spherical sized snacks with a diameter of roughly 0.4 inches (1 cm) for the greatest results. You can put over a hundred snacks inside the camera this way.

Here’s a list of items that should work well with your Furbo camera to make sure you acquire the proper ones:

You may also manufacture your own goodies if your dog doesn’t like any of the above or has a specific diet to follow. There are a few things to bear in mind to ensure that they function with Furbo. The treats should be around 0.4 inch (1 cm) in diameter, ideally spherical, and dry to the touch. Wet or sticky snacks tend to adhere together or to the dispenser’s walls. This will make ejecting them difficult, if not impossible.


Finally, check the consistency of your sweets to see whether they readily crumble. They may produce a mess and clog the aperture if they collapse within the dispenser. If they’re tough enough to get out of the dispenser in one piece, be sure they don’t break apart easily when they strike the ground. This will make it easy for your dog to pick them up while also preventing a lot of mess.

Quality of the video camera

Although throwing cookies to your dog from afar is entertaining, Furbo’s equipment is mostly designed to keep an eye on what’s going on in your house. Furbo has provided you with a nice video camera to assist you with this.

The camera can take up a lot of information thanks to its maximum 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. You can watch where the treat went after you threw it to your dog, for example. 640 x 360 and 1280 x 720 resolutions are also supported by the camera. It’s worth noting, though, that the camera’s default video quality option is 720p. To get the greatest video quality, launch the Furbo app and change the resolution to 1080p.

The camera also features a 160-degree wide viewing angle, which allows you to see practically anything in front of it. There’s a 4x zoom option if you need to check out a detail in the distant. You may use the infrared LED night vision mode to see in the dark if you want to check on your dog in the evening after the lights are turned off.

Features of the Audio

Furbo’s gadget, like many other smart cameras, has a built-in two-way speaker. You can use the Furbo app to hear everything that’s going on in your house and to communicate with your dog.

The Furbo camera can detect your dog’s barking and give you a notice about it thanks to the embedded microphone. It’s a fantastic tool that lets you know when you should check in on your pet to see if they’re acting strangely or if there’s a possible danger. You can also choose how loud the barking should go before the app gives you a notice. Because not all dogs bark in the same way, this is a great alternative.

Furbo supports Amazon’s Alexa assistant, allowing you to operate their dog camera with easy voice commands. “Alexa, instruct Furbo to throw a treat,” for example, and a new treat will appear from the dispenser. You may record your own message and have it played every time the camera throws a treat thanks to the voice announcement option. Your dog will recognize that it’s snack time and will approach the camera to sniff for the goodie. You may use this tool to calm down your dog if it becomes agitated about anything.

Alerts and Notifications

Furbo includes a variety of methods for notifying you about certain occurrences and alerting you as necessary.

Status of the LEDs

The LED status indicator at the base of the Furbo Dog Camera is the first thing you notice. The gadget may alert you to its current condition using a variety of colors. To begin, there is a white light to indicate that the gadget is turning on. A green light will appear when you set up the camera. The camera’s purple (or pink) light indicates that it has lost or is in the process of regaining Wi-Fi connectivity. The LED will turn blue when everything is okay and the camera is working properly. Finally, Furbo’s changeover to sleep mode is indicated by the color yellow.

The LED status light is fantastic since it lets your dog know when “you’re there.” Furbo employs blue and yellow light for the sleep mode (yellow) and active mode (blue) since dogs can tell the difference (blue). When you’re not physically there and the camera is turned on, the blue light signals to your dog that they may use the camera to contact you. Of course, you should give your dog some time to master this technique.



Furbo Dog Camera can provide you five distinct real-time notifications. Please note that the free Furbo account only allows you to use the Dog The dog is barking.. You’ll need to subscribe to the Nanny for Dogs Furbo service to utilize the remainder of the notifications.

  • Dog Barking Alert – Recognize when your dog begins to bark more often than normal. This might indicate that anything is wrong or that they are impatiently awaiting your return. You may modify the noise sensitivity on the app so that you don’t get bombarded with alerts while your dog is merely playing about.

  • Alert for Dog Activity – If your dog gets active, Furbo will detect it and give you a notice. You can then check on your dog by opening the Furbo app and seeing the live video stream.

  • Alert: Dog Selfie – The camera can recognize when your dog approaches it using AI technology. It will then snap a picture of your dog and give you a notice right away. This way, rather than you, your dog may be the one to start the dialogue.

  • Person Detection – The AI Furbo uses in their camera is also quite good at identifying when someone enters the room. It’s comforting to know that your dog is no longer alone when another family member returns home. You’ll also know when your dog walker arrives to take your dog for a walk if you have one. When you aren’t expecting visitors, this is especially important for your dog’s safety and the security of your house.

  • Furbo has stated that they would be releasing some upgraded emergency warnings, such as carbon monoxide accumulation and fire alarms, in the near future. According to the Furbo website, these features are “soon to arrive” at the time of writing.

Furbo says that these smart alarms have already rescued almost 600 pets from perilous circumstances, intruders, and fires.


The Subscription Service and the App

As previously stated, the Furbo mobile app gives you access to a variety of functions and options. The live camera view is the function you’ll probably utilize the most. It offers a live feed from the camera as well as three basic choices.

First and foremost, it enables you to record a video clip or capture a photograph of whatever the camera is now seeing. Then there’s the two-way chat button, which allows you to communicate with your dog from anywhere. Finally, the treat flinging button is located at the lower centre of the screen. Just be cautious not to get carried away with it since it’s so enjoyable.

You may subscribe to the Furbo Dog Nanny service if you wish to enhance the variety of capabilities on your Furbo camera. It provides three significant enhancements:

  • Advanced notifications – More information about these may be found in the section above.

  • Cloud-based video recording – This service records video events to the cloud 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • A super-cute way to record treasured moments of your dog playing and joking about is using the Diary of a Dog function. This tool creates a 60-second movie that you can download and keep to your phone that summarizes your dog’s day.

Check out the comparative table below to see what you receive with the free Furbo account and Furbo Dog Nanny:

Comparison of Features

Register for a Free Account

Furbo Dog Nanny

Full HD 1080p Video



Audio in both directions



Tossing of Treats



Barking Alert



Take Photographs



Make a Video



Recording in the Cloud



Doggie Diary



Dog Activity Alert



Dog Selfie Alert



Person Alert      



Emergency Alert for Your Home



Alert: Constant Barking



Alert: Dog Crying



Alert: Dogs Howling



It’s worth mentioning that each Furbo Dog Camera comes with a free 90-day trial membership to Furbo Dog Nanny. You may terminate the service at any moment after the trial period has ended if you don’t want to pay for it.





Please modify the proportion to 70.

The Furbo Dog Camera is a super-convenient smart home gadget for anybody who owns a dog but leaves home for extended periods of time. It not only provides 1080p Full HD video surveillance for your house, but it also allows you to check in on your dog to see whether they’re all right or if they need assistance.

When you’re not around, your dog won’t feel alone thanks to the integrated two-way communication and treat-tossing function. They’ll also be able to contact you using the Dog Selfie function. When you add in a slew of various smart notifications, the steep price becomes a sound investment.



Is it possible for another member of my family to use the app with me?

Yes, they are capable. To do so, you’ll need to create a distinct family group account from the one you used to register your camera. Another excellent feature is that the camera may be accessed by two individuals at the same time.

Is it possible to use batteries with the Furbo Dog Camera?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. To use all of the camera’s functionality while staying connected to the internet, you’ll need to plug it into a power outlet using the adapter that came with it.

Is there any form of guarantee offered by Furbo for their camera?

Without a doubt. A one-year guarantee is included with each Furbo Dog Camera. It’s important to note that the warranty begins on the day it was sent, not when you got it.

Is it possible to have Furbo record video indefinitely?

No, you won’t be able to. The biggest disadvantage of continuous recording is that it creates a large amount of data, particularly if the video quality is set to 1080p. To keep so much information, you’ll need a lot of data storage, which might be rather costly. Furbo solves this problem by only recording when it is activated by an event and automatically uploading the captured video to a cloud storage. If you need this service, you may sign up for the Furbo Dog Nanny service.

Is it possible to adjust the Furbo camera using the mobile app?

No, since the Furbo Dog Camera lacks a rotating mechanism, this is not feasible. That’s why it’s critical to select the ideal location for the camera in your house, one that allows you to cover as much of the space as possible. You should have no issue finding the proper position thanks to the 160-degree viewing angle.

Is it possible to utilize numerous Furbo cameras with a single app?

Yes, you certainly can. Furbo lets you add as many cameras as you like to the app. Simply connect the camera into a wall socket and press the plus button on the camera’s home screen. The app will then walk you through the remainder of the Furbo Dog Camera setup procedure.

I’m concerned about my privacy. Is it possible to turn off the Furbo camera?

Yes, you certainly can. To turn your Furbo camera off, launch the app and hit the toggle button in the bottom left corner of the camera feed preview on the home screen. Simply repeat the process to turn the camera back on.

You can operate all of your Furbo cameras from the app if you have more than one. You’ll also be able to switch them on and off individually. Please note that Furbo Dog Camera units bought before to August 2017 do not have this capability.


Have you ever used the Furbo Dog Camera? Please leave a remark below.

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The “furbo best buy” is a smart home camera that allows users to monitor their dog from anywhere. It includes a wide-angle lens and night vision, so you can see what your furry friend is up to while you’re away. The app also has various other features like barking detection, sound alerts and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Furbo dog camera be hacked?

A: No, the Furbo dog camera cannot be hacked.

Is Furbo bad for dogs with anxiety?

Is Furbo any good?

A: Furbo is a robotic baby that can recognize your voice, play games with you and give you virtual pet health updates. When it sleeps in its sleep sack, it will take care of itself for up to nine hours at a time. It also has an accompanying app from which users can control Furbos movements as well as set reminders for when they need to feed or change the air filter on their furry friend.

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