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Google Home 2 Concept Images

Google wants to replace your phone with a smart home device that listens and responds. Google Home 2 is slated for release in 2020, sporting improved voice recognition and a redesigned shape. The product will also be compatible with Apple’s Siri speaker so you can talk to the assistant anywhere.

Google Home is a voice-activated assistant that helps you with your daily life. Google’s upcoming release of the second generation of their smart speaker device, dubbed “Google Home 2,” will be equipped with more advanced features and hardware specifications compared to its predecessor. This concept art gives fans an idea on what they can expect from this upgraded product.The new Google Home 2 looks like it has a screen on top of the device, which is similar to the Echo Show. The company says this “future” design will be more capable and provide better features than its predecessor.The “google images” is a concept image of what Google Home 2 could look like.

When I arrived at work this morning, I drank my customary black coffee with no sugar (that’s how I roll). When I checked my email, I saw that our designer had given me many beautiful photos of what seems to be a new form of smart speaker. Ta-dah!

Five renderings of a Google Home 2 is the second version of Google Home. that we believe will be unveiled on October 15th, 2019 at the Made by Google event.

Possibilities for New Google Devices (Names)

There are just two names that come to mind for this device:

  • Google Home 2

  • Nest Wireless is a product developed by Google.


Let’s take a closer look at the gadget to understand why, if it’s launched, a Google Home 2 would appear like this.

Is This What We Expect From Google in Terms of Design?

In that sense, sure. It seems to be a follow-up to a Google Home. It has the same fabric bottom and plastic enclosure as the speaker. But that’s where it comes to an end! This speaker takes on a whole new sleek and gleaming design, complete with Brazilian-style curves. It’s almost as if our designer took Google Home and made the front into a screen, pushed it forward, and curved the top into a stylish point (like a unicorn, perhaps?). It looks like a hybrid of a speaker and a high-end smartphone. It’s not only pretty to look at; the curves have a function.



Features to Look For:


I’ll start with the most intriguing addition our designer made. No, neither the Aux port or the gleaming spherical screen. A logo is located on a little grey tag on the device’s side. Soli is the name of a Google Project Soli logo. The radar system for touchless interactions developed by Google. Isn’t it cool…? But that’s exactly what it is: a method of communicating with the gadget only via hand gestures. It’s also a lot more accurate than the gesture recognition we’ve been used to.

We originally discussed this topic in August, when we linked to an insightful 9to5google opinion post.


USB-C port and wireless charging dock

This speaker is wireless, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. Unlike its predecessors, it is not limited to a cable. The gadget may be put immediately into a wireless docking station with a USB-C connection, as shown in the photographs. In addition, the tag we noted before suggests that this is a ‘wireless speaker.’ These terms are interchangeable with “carry-along” speakers.


Aux port

Because the Nest Mini is rumored to feature an Aux jack, we felt it would be a good idea to include one.

There is just one physical button.

The gadget just has one button (other than those on-screen). This is a microphone mute button, similar to the one seen on Google Home.

The screen, the camera, and the microphone

A glossy spherical screen might be used for a variety of things, including:

  • Calling through video

  • Controlling the music

  • surveillance camera (the camera is at such an angle that it could help surveil your living room at home, should it be placed there)

  • Videos on YouTube

  • Updates to the visual calendar

  • We believe you are aware of the capabilities of a screen; the list goes on…

The microphone in the upper left corner is for Google Assistant to hear orders.


Will Google Home 2 be available on October 15th, and will it look like these renders? Please leave a remark below.


The “google mini home” is a concept image that shows what Google’s new smart home device could look like. The device has a small size, and would be available in three colors. This product is not yet released, so it is still just a concept.

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