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How to Change Amazon Alexa’s Name, Voice, Accent, Sex & More

Alexa, the Amazon Echo’s voice-activated assistant, is a mighty powerful tool. However, there are ways to customize it even further by changing its name and accent. Here’s how you can do so with this guide.

The “how to change alexa voice to celebrity” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is easy and will help you understand the process of changing your Alexa’s voice, accent, sex, etc.

How to Change Amazon Alexa's Name, Voice, Accent, Sex & More

Whether you’re just getting started with Amazon Alexa or have been using her for a while, her importance in your smart home cannot be emphasized. She is always there for you, informing you when your food is ready and addressing all of your queries. However, considering how often you say “Alexa,” you could start to feel like a broken record after a while. Fortunately, you have the option of changing her wake word to break up the monotony.

Let’s discover a few things about this wake phrase, as well as how to rename your virtual assistant.


What is the (default) wake word for Amazon Echo?

Voice-activated wake phrases are used throughout the whole Amazon Echo product range. These words let the gadgets know that you’re talking to them and that they should pay attention to your requests. This feature prevents the devices from listening to or responding to irrelevant information.

Though Alexa seems to be listening for her name all of the time, the AI assistant is really waiting for a wake phrase. Hearing this term causes her to stand up and listen for your inquiries and directions, according to her programming.

It also makes it simple to summon the voice assistant from wherever and have her carry out your instructions.

Why did Amazon chose the name “Alexa” for their virtual assistant?

The choice of Alexa as the moniker for Amazon’s AI helper has sparked some fascinating speculations. Here are a few examples: 

  1. It was influenced by Star Trek. Remember Alexander’s Library, which was formerly known as the “holder of all knowledge”? Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, was supposed to live up to that promise, knowing the answer to almost every query.

  2. Alexa is a name with just soft vowels and the hard consonant “x.” This makes it quite simple for the virtual assistant to accurately recognize the name.

  3. Another plausible, though less thrilling, explanation may be because Amazon purchased Alexa, a data analytics firm. Alexa Internet, Inc. was purchased by Amazon in 1999 and is now a subsidiary of the company.

Is it possible for you to alter Alexa’s name to anything else?

All Echo devices respond to the name “Alexa” by default. However, it turns out that she can hear and respond to a variety of different names. Whatever your reason for wanting to alter her name, there are options available that will enable you to depart from Amazon Alexa’s default settings.


“Alexa, please turn down the heat and remember me to pick up some beers tomorrow,” Dad says.


“No, dad, do it yourself!” says Alexa.

What’s the point of changing Alexa’s wake word?

You may want to mix things up a little after you’ve had Amazon Alexa in your home for a while. Let’s be honest. It may become a bit boring calling her by the same name every day and giving her the same preset orders. You may want to make the illusion a little more genuine, even if you know it can never actually become personal.

On the other hand, it may seem that humanizing the little black box beside your bedside is becoming excessive. Are you having sentiments and hoping you could take things to the next level, for example? To assist you snap out of it, you may attempt to keep things official.

Security is a more important reason for wanting to modify the Alexa wake phrase. Remember that whenever you say the wake word, whether intentionally or unintentionally, your Echo device begins recording the discussion. If your wake word comes up regularly in conversations, your device may be recording a lot more than you believe. As a result, you may wish to use a term that is seldom used in ordinary talks. This eliminates the chance of the gadget recording sensitive information.

How to modify the wake word for Amazon Alexa (her name)

If you or someone in your household goes by the name Alexa, you’ve definitely run into some problems. Fortunately, you won’t have to bear that moniker for much longer. To change her name, follow these steps:

By Voice

Simply asking Alexa to alter her name or wake word is the simplest method to do so.

  1. “Alexa, can we alter your name?” you could ask.

  2. Alexa will respond by asking whether you want to call her Echo, Amazon, or Computer.

  3. Choose one of the three names to answer this question.

  4. If you change your mind in the middle of the procedure, just say “Cancel.”

On Alexa’s App

You may also use the Alexa app on your phone or tablet to alter Alexa’s name.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Alexa app.

  2. Select the hamburger menu option (the button that has three horizontal lines)

  3. Select ‘Settings’ from the menu.

  4. Tap the name of the Echo Device you wish to rename.

  5. Select ‘Wake Word’ from the drop-down menu.

  6. If you’re changing your name for the first time, it should be ‘Alexa.’

  7. When you touch the name, you’ll be given three more choices.

  8. Select one and then press the ‘Save’ button.

The light on the Echo device in question will briefly flash orange to indicate the changeover when you successfully alter the wake word. Though it may take a while for Alexa to respond to the new name, it should only take about 30 seconds.

On Amazon’s Echo

If your Echo device has a display, you may alter the name right on it.

  1. Go straight to the device and choose ‘Settings.’

  2. You may also hit ‘Settings’ by swiping down from the top of your screen.

  3. Select ‘Device Options’ from the drop-down menu.

  4. Choose ‘Wake Word’ and then one of the three alternatives that appear.

On a Kindle/Fire tablet, how do you change Alexa’s wake word?

Is it possible to modify your Fire tablet’s Alexa wake word?

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. If it isn’t already, activate Alexa Hands-Free mode.

  2. To reach ‘Settings,’ swipe down from the top of the screen and press the gear symbol.

  3. Choose ‘Alexa’ from the drop-down menu.

  4. Choose one of the two available choices for the wake word.

Whatever method you choose, remember that the Alexa device you wish to rename must be connected to the internet in order for the change to take effect. As a result, if your device is disconnected or unplugged for whatever reason, plug it in and reconnect it to the internet.

Is it possible to change Amazon Alexa’s wake phrase to anything I want?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could give Alexa whatever name you wanted? Unfortunately, you can only select from a list of four names on Amazon right now. Alexa, Amazon, Echo, and Computer are the four options. The final one was an immediate success with Star Trek enthusiasts, since it was clearly a reference to the Starship Enterprise’s voice-control system. Remember how the Amazon Echo was marketed as a “Star Trek computer for your house” when it first debuted?

While you won’t be able to change Alexa’s name to anything you like, you may attempt to keep your dream inside these four parameters.

Is there a way to change the wake word on an Amazon Echo?

Yes! For a long time, users have wished to be able to modify the Amazon Echo wake phrase to a name of their own. However, the alternatives remain restricted, and there seems to be no hope in sight. As a result, some techies have set out to discover a means to circumvent the system.

Project Alias, by “creative technologist” Bjorn Karmann, is one such hack. It’s a long process, but if you’re desperate for a bespoke Alexa name, it’s worth considering. Alias is a teachable parasite, meaning it can be taught to react to any wake word.

Putting a tinfoil hat on your Echo device is the basic procedure. But this isn’t just any old hat. A Raspberry Pi, a 3D printed shell, a mic array, and two speakers make up the hat in question. It’s designed to look and operate like a parasitic fungus in the sense that when you put it on your Echo device, it silences it with inaudible static.

While this disables your Echo’s ability to detect the wake phrase, it does allow you to teach Alias to recognize whatever name you wish to call Alexa. Alias cuts off the static and quietly summons Alexa to wake her up once it hears the wake word. You may now issue instructions and ask queries as you normally would. Alias restarts the static after you stop speaking with Alexa.

Though it isn’t the most elegant approach, it is a step forward and suggests that a better solution may be possible in the future.

Is it possible for someone other than myself to modify my Amazon Alexa’s wake word?

Anyone may modify your Amazon Alexa wake word right now. “Alexa, modify the wake phrase,” for example, is one method they may do this. There is no particular option on the Amazon Echo that can be used to allow limited access at this time. There are, however, steps you may do to restrict access.

As a parent, you may use parental control to deactivate certain functions based on what you want your children to access.

Is it possible to have various wake phrases for each Amazon Echo?

Yes, you certainly can. When you give all of your Amazon Echos the same name, the one closest to you generally responds first. You may target a particular one for a given command provided you give each one a unique name. There are just four wake words to pick from right now. This means you can only refer to your Echos by their four names. However, it still has its advantages.

To customize the wake phrases for your various devices, go to:

  • Start the Alexa app..

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu.

  • Choose the device you’d want to replace.

  • Rename the gadget by going to ‘Wake Word’.

  • Repeat the process for the other devices, making a note of your selections.

If you have more than four devices, you may be a bit more creative with their names to avoid confusion.

Is it possible to adjust Alexa’s voice and accent?

Yes! It is feasible to change things up and have some fun if you are tired of listening to the same old voice and tones. Do you like the sound of a sophisticated British accent? Or is the Indian accent irresistibly appealing to you? You may have Alexa bring your dream to life by altering both her voice and accent, no matter what tickles your fancy.

Here’s how to make your fantasy a reality:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone..

  2. Choose ‘Alexa Devices’ from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the device on which you wish Alexa’s accent to be changed.

  4. Tap ‘Language’ at the bottom of the page.

  5. A drop-down box with a list of accents to choose from will appear.

  6. You may want to experiment with the various possibilities until you discover one that floats your boat.

  7. Tap ‘Save Changes’ once you’ve chosen your favorite accent.

However, keep in mind that if you alter Alexa’s accent, she may have trouble comprehending your orders unless you speak in that accent as well. As a result, it’s probably advisable to stay with an accent that you can get away with.


Is it possible to alter Alexa’s language?

If you want to liven things up, changing Alexa’s accent is a major start in the right way. You might even try altering her language totally if you want to take it a step further. This may be useful if you’re learning a new language and want someone to practice with all the time.

Currently, you may pick from a variety of languages and versions, as stated in the table below:

  • English in the United States

  • English United Kingdom

  • Canada is an English-speaking country.

  • French-Canadian English

  • English-speaking Australia

  • Spanish English

  • India in the English language

  • Spanish

  • Spanish in the United States

  • Mexico in Spanish

  • German

  • French

  • Canada, in French

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Brazil, Portuguese

  • Japanese

  • Hindi

  • Korean

If you make this modification, Alexa will always reply in that language. It also implies that your Alexa app’s language will change. If you’re okay with the modifications, here’s what you need to do to get things started:

  1. Open the Alexa app

  2. Select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the device on which you wish to change the language from the list of possible devices.

  4. After that, pick the language you wish to switch to from the drop-down option.

  5. Save your adjustments, and you’re ready to go.

If you pick a language that is not the same as the one associated with your Amazon account, you will be prompted with the message “The chosen language does not match your Amazon Account and is not fully supported in your country.” Some Alexa functions, skills, music, and material may become unavailable if you make this adjustment.”

To get the most out of your Alexa experience, stick to languages that are registered in your Amazon app. You might also change the language on your Amazon app.

Samuel L. Jackson was the first actual celebrity voice on Alexa.

Samuel L. Jackson, a world-famous actor and a fan favorite, is the first celebrity voice to emerge on Amazon Alexa. You can listen to Samuel offer weather updates, read the news, and even make jokes when you install this Alexa skill. This, of course, comes at a cost, as this talent will set you back $4.99.

The new function goes beyond speech to capture his character in order to make the experience authentic. You may choose explicit material from the Alexa app Settings section if you like him for his strong words. You may also return to clean material when you have children or visitors.

When the functionality is available, try the following commands:

  • “Alexa, wake me up at 6 a.m. tomorrow,” I tell her.

  • “Alexa, inquire about Sam’s origins.”

How to obtain other celebrities’ voices on Amazon Echo to speak to you

As you may have guessed by now, there are a plethora of ways to go around Alexa’s default settings. Changing her voice to that of your favorite celebrity is one of them that might come in helpful in keeping your celebrity crush alive.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you may be a fan of Gordon Ramsay, the infamous TV chef with the nasty tongue. You may have him talk to you via Alexa if you have the necessary Alexa skills.

However, enabling this feature does not automatically become the celebrity’s voice Alexa’s default voice. Instead, you’ll hear some pre-recorded lines from the celebrity, which will represent their personality and speaking habits. According to Amazon, professional voice actors are used for this entertainment purpose, and they can imitate a broad spectrum of celebrities.

To enable the skill, do the following steps:

  1. Launch the Alexa app

  2. Select ‘Menu’ from the drop-down menu.

  3. Choose the ‘Skills’ option.

  4. Search for the voice of the celebrity you’re looking for by typing in their name.

  5. From the comfort of your own home, enjoy listening to your favorite star speak to you.

Keep in mind that in order to get the most of this choice, you must first know precisely what you want so that you can search for it. Most abilities may be enabled simply by speaking to Alexa and asking her to do so. 

You may test some of these on your Alexa devices if you want to have some fun with famous voices:

Is it possible to alter Alexa’s wake word back to “Alexa” in the future if I change it?

Yes. You have the option of changing your Alexa wake phrase as often as you like. There is no limit to the number of times you can do it or the names you may choose with each modification.

Is it possible to modify Alexa’s voice to that of a man?

No. Despite the fact that Alexa’s voice may be changed in a variety of ways, she is still essentially feminine. It would be fantastic to be able to get comments from a deep, famous male voice. Regrettably, it may have to stay on your wish list for the foreseeable future.

If you have any further queries, please post them in the comments section. 



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The “how to change alexa voice to jarvis” is how to change the Amazon Alexa’s voice and name. You can also change the accent, sex, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the sex of Alexa?

A: As far as I know, Alexa is a female.

How do you change gender on Alexas voice?

A: There are many different options for changing the voice of Alexa. You can use a third-party app to change your own gender, or you could purchase presets from Amazon and have it do it automatically.

How do I change my Alexa name to a custom name?

A: To change your Alexa name, you first need to find out what the current name of your device is. Next, open the Amazon app on that device and go into Settings > Your Devices. Once there, tap on Device settings and then enter in a new nickname for yourself or any other person who has access to this particular account.

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