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An electric kettle is a device used to boil water for tea, coffee or other beverages. It typically consists of an insulated base containing electrical heating elements and a lid with one or more open spaces through which the heated contents can escape. Separating these two components allows users to prepare their drink without having direct contact with the heating element itself.,

The “iKettle 3rd generation” is a smart water kettle that automatically boils water. The device can be controlled via an app on your phone, and has the ability to track how much water you have boiled in comparison to how much you have left.

With the rise in popularity of smart home gadgets, it was only a matter of time until even the most banal of everyday activities were technologically advanced. One of the most popular smart kettles on the market, the iKettle, makes boiling water more convenient for individuals who like hot beverages. It’s a terrific way to start your day, whether or not you already have a smart home network.

If you’re considering purchasing an iKettle, this article will assist you in making an educated decision. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of the 3rd Generation iKettle with our detailed guide.

What is the iKettle, exactly?

The current iKettle is the third iteration of a product developed by the Smarter firm. Smarter is a smart home gadget company established in the United Kingdom that makes linked kitchen appliances. When the first iteration of the iKettle was released in 2013, the firm gained a lot of attention.

After many years, the iKettle, a Wi-Fi-enabled, app-controlled kettle, is now in its third version, bringing convenience to tea and coffee drinkers everywhere. Several industry accolades have been bestowed onto the firm, including the Design 100 and the CES Award in 2017. In the United Kingdom, the iKettle has become one of the most popular smart kitchen appliances.

Smarter’s revolutionary goods are available in over 3,000 locations throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America. The Smarter iKettle continues to give perfect-temperature water to its customers without the fuss of traditional stovetop kettles.

Table of Contents

iKettle 3rd Generation
Specification Value
Capacity 1.8 gallons
Dimensions The dimensions are 6.1 x 8.3 x 10.8 inches.
Weight 3.45 oz (1.56 Kg)
Voltage 110 Volts
Frequency Hertz 50/60
Power Wattage: 3,000
Compatibility with Operating Systems Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android
Standard for Wireless Communication 802.11 b/g/n (b/g/n) (b/g/n) (b
Protocol for Security WPA / WPA2 (WPA / WPA2)
Frequency of Wi-Fi The router’s frequency is 2.4 GHz.
Warranty Manufacturer’s 2-Year Warranty

What is the purpose of iKettle? What Characteristics Does It Possess?

You can directly experience the ease of a smart kettle with the Smarter SMKET01-US Electric iKettle. It’s never been simpler to make hot water at the perfect temperature.

Most other smart kettles provide various temperatures and remote control, but they lack the iKettle’s connection. You can simply link the Smarter iKettle 3rd Gen into an existing smart home network using the Smarter iKettle 3rd Gen. Not only can you operate the iKettle with a smartphone app, but you can also utilize voice commands. Using IFTTT recipes enables it to adapt even further to your requirements.

The iKettle app is at the heart of the iKettle 3rd Gen’s functionality. The mobile app is available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You may set a precise time for the smart kettle to boil water using the app. The temperature settings may be modified to any amount between 68 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that the beverage you wish to brew is always at the ideal temperature.

The mobile app also has a Formula Mode that allows you to make newborn formulas for your kid. You’ll never have to wake up in the middle of the night to deal with bulky stoves and kettles again. All you have to do is open the app and you’ll have the perfect hot water in no time.

When linked to a smart home network, the iKettle can use your phone’s signal to determine when you’ve come home. If requested, hot water may begin to boil as soon as you step through the door.

The iKettle 3rd Gen includes a built-in water sensor that provides data to the app to notify you when the kettle is low on water. You can simply see whether the iKettle needs to be refilled by looking at your phone. You can even utilize the app’s Wake Up Mode to wake you up with an alarm while also starting to boil water.

One of the disadvantages of iKettle’s mobile automation is that its functions are heavily reliant on the app. You can still manually boil water using the kettle’s button, but all of the other useful features, like as scheduling and temperature changes, are only available via the app.

Some consumers have also noted that the iKettle has a habit of disconnecting from their Wi-Fi network without warning. If you wish to use the iKettle continuously, you’ll need a reliable network connection. Making hot beverages, though, is a breeze if it’s correctly synchronized with your smart hub.

The Smarter SMKET01-US Electric iKettle isn’t as costly as other high-end smart kettles, but it’s still a little pricy. If you just consume hot beverages on occasion or don’t have reliable Wi-Fi, the investment may not be worth it. It may, however, be the nicest thing you’ll ever purchase if you’re a coffee or tea connoisseur.



  • Designed to function seamlessly with smart home networks.
  • Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are all supported.
  • Temperature controls that are precise
  • It is possible to program a boiling schedule.


What’s in the Box, Anyway?

  • 3rd Generation iKettle
  • 3rd Generation iKettle base
  • Setup Instructions
  • Manual of Safety

SMARTHOME News has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The average rating on the internet is 4.7/5.

Is the 3rd Generation iKettle any good?

If you’re searching for a smart kettle with a lot of features at a fair price, you won’t find one better than the iKettle. The mobile controls, voice commands, and Wi-Fi connection of the iKettle are excellent examples of what technology can do.

Although several rivals claim to be smart kettles, few have the same level of connection as the iKettle. Whether or not you currently have a smart home network, it will undoubtedly be a terrific addition to your kitchen.

The iKettle App is a mobile application that allows you to control your kettle.

The iKettle 3rd Gen’s mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS, is very important. Smarter’s linked kitchen appliances are controlled via the Smarter 3.0 app, which is named after the firm. The app is an all-in-one kitchen gadget controller if you possess a Smarter Fridge Cam, a Smarter Coffee, and a Smarter iKettle.

The app effortlessly syncs with the iKettle and may be used to create an IFTTT account to extend the iKettle’s capabilities. The controls are simple and easy to use. Because it isn’t a native iKettle software, the Smarter app doesn’t have as many in-depth smart controls as you may anticipate. IFTTT recipes can compensate for this, but having them natively supported would be ideal.

Many customers have complained about troubles with the app, ranging from compatibility issues to the app failing to link with their devices. It’s worth noting that these issues aren’t confined to the iKettle; they also apply to the Fridge Cam and Smarter Coffee. As a result, the app’s rating has dropped.

Most of the issues seem to be addressed by the app’s creators. Customers may submit a review to contact the developers if they have an issue.


2 out of 5 stars on Google Play

2 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store

3 out of 5 stars for SMARTHOME NEWS

Setup and User Guide for the iKettle

Setting up your iKettle 3rd Gen is simple and fast thanks to the Smarter app’s usage of Electric Imp’s BlinkUp technology. After the app has automatically synced with your device, you should be ready to go. Here are a few step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process:

  1. Remove the iKettle 3rd Gen from its packaging.
  2. Place the iKettle Base on a level surface and connect the cable to an outlet nearby.
  3. Smarter 3.0 is a free program that you may download. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the registration process.
  4. Once you’ve logged in, the app will prompt you to choose an existing network or create a new one.
  5. To add the iKettle 3rd Gen, choose it from the list of goods. Alternatively, you may scan your product’s barcode to immediately add it.
  6. Enter the iKettle’s location.
  7. Enter the SSID and password for your Wi-Fi network.
  8. Overturn the iKettle 3rd Gen’s base. A blinking light should appear.
  9. On the app, choose Next.
  10. Bring your smartphone or tablet close to the iKettle 3rd Gen base.
  11. Your app should connect with the iKettle 3rd Gen within a few seconds.

You may now use the iKettle to boil water after the setup is complete. Rinse it well before filling the jug. Allow the water to boil before discarding it to eliminate any chemicals that may have contaminated the iKettle during packing. To completely clean the iKettle, repeat the procedure one or twice more.

Open the Smarter app to use the iKettle. You’ll notice a dial with a number in the centre after selecting the device on the first screen. In Celsius, this is the default temperature setting. The number in the centre may be changed to degrees Fahrenheit by tapping it. You may adjust the exact temperature you want by sliding your finger around the dial. After that, hit Start to start the boiling process.

Swiping to the left on the iKettle will bring up numerous modes to use:

  • Wake Up Mode — Set a time for the iKettle to automatically start heating water.
  • If you are close to the iKettle, the Smarter app will send out a signal that will notify the iKettle. This is useful if you want the gadget to begin boiling as soon as you arrive home.
  • Formula Mode — This mode offers a temperature setting that is appropriate for newborn formulae.
  • Replenishment — This mode connects to the Smarter website and displays a selection of coffee and tea options. You may order tea and coffee goods straight via the app if you’re in a region where the website is supported.
  • Notifications — Customize the iKettle 3rd Gen’s numerous notifications.
  • Adjust the numerous options pertinent to your current active product in Product Settings. You can choose the temperature and length of time the iKettle keeps the water heated.
  • On — This section contains information about the Smarter app.
  • Contact customer service for assistance.

Try These IFTTT Recipes

The Smarter 3.0 software, although useful, lacks the functions needed to properly utilize the iKettle 3rd Gen’s capabilities. Fortunately, there are a number of useful IFTTT recipes that work nicely with your other smart gadgets. Here are a few examples:

Make regular visits to the IFTTT Smarter page to see if any new IFTTT recipes have been added to the list.

Colors and Design

On January 17, 2021, the Smarter iKettle 3rd Gen was introduced in the United States. The original iKettle design, a stainless steel kettle with a black base, was available to US consumers during this first launch. Other iKettle 3rd Gen designs are available, however they are exclusively available via Amazon UK. These designs are far more costly than those available in the United States. If you still want to obtain these various versions, here are your options:


The cost of each of these designs is $166.45. On the Smarter iKettle website, there is also a Limited Edition version available, which comes in a White and Gold style. The pricing range for this edition is £129-$179.

3rd Generation iKettle FAQ

Some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the iKettle and smart kettles in general are answered here.

  1. Is the iKettle Google Assistant compatible? Yes. The iKettle is Google Assistant compatible and can be quickly set up by completing the following:
  • Open the Google Assistant app on your phone.
  • Select Home control from the screen.
  • To view all accessible Google services, tap the Plus button.
  • Tap on Smarter iKettle when you find it.
  • When the Google app prompts you, log in to your Smarter account.
  • The iKettle will now be added to Home Control’s device list.

    You may use voice commands to operate and alter the iKettle from here. “OK Google, turn on/off the kettle” will turn on or off the iKettle. The boiling temperature may be adjusted by asking Google to increase or decrease the kettle temperature by a particular number of degrees. When you tell it to set the kettle temperature to a given level, it will begin to boil until it reaches that level.

  1. Is Alexa compatible with the iKettle? Yes. Amazon’s Alexa is completely compatible with the iKettle 3rd Gen. Follow these steps to set up your gadget for Alexa:
  • Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Type Smarter into the Skill Search field and hit search.
  • Choose the iKettle 3.0 Smarter skill.
  • Enable should be selected.
  • You’ll be prompted to connect your Smarter account at this point. Please fill out the form below.
  • Go ahead and log in.
  • Alexa will start looking for devices that are linked to your Smarter app.
  • Alexa will now provide a list of all connected devices to your smart network.

    You can now use Alexa voice commands to manage your iKettle’s temperature settings, scheduled boiling times, and more, just as you can with Google Assistant.

  1. Is the iKettle compatible with HomeKit? No, not yet. Smarter has promised to incorporate the HomeKit into its app so that it may function easily with the iKettle, but they have yet to do so. The business has created a Siri Shortcut interaction with the iKettle, allowing consumers to manage the gadget via Siri. Follow these steps to activate Siri Shortcuts on the iKettle:
  • Open the Smarter 3.0 app on your device.
  • Select your iKettle 3rd Generation device.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click the dots symbol.
  • Select Siri Shortcuts from the menu.
  • Choose the shortcut you’d want to utilize.
  1. Is it simple to set up the iKettle 3rd Gen? Although the current iteration of the iKettle is a bit more difficult to set up than prior models, it is still a reasonably basic operation. All you have to do now is download the app and utilize the BlinkUp function to sync the device with your mobile app, as described in the setup section above. The only difference between the third generation and earlier devices is that you must manually input your network’s Wi-Fi router name.


  1. Is the iKettle available in your country? The iKettle is officially supported in the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, and North America. If you purchase from the official Smarter iKettle shop and ship from the United States or the United Kingdom, shipping is free. If your nation isn’t on the list, you may purchase the gadget from Amazon and have it delivered, but be prepared to pay delivery costs.
  2. When will the fourth generation of the iKettle be available? Despite the fact that the third generation of the iKettle series was released more than three years ago, there has been no word on the launching of a fourth iteration. There’s little question that Smarter’s engineers are working on new methods to enhance the present iKettle, but no information has been released so yet.

    It’s certain that a new iKettle model will be introduced at some point, but until Smarter makes an announcement, the 3rd Gen will remain the most recent model.

  3. In the app, how can I change the name of my iKettle? During setup, the Smarter 3.0 app will prompt you to name the iKettle 3rd Gen. If you don’t, the device will be given a default name. If you want to modify this name after you’ve already set up the mobile app, you may do so by going through the steps below:
  • Open the Smarter 3.0 app on your mobile device.
  • Swipe to the left until the Features page appears.
  • Select About from the menu.
  • On the top, you’ll notice the device’s name. The pencil symbol should be tapped.
  • Tap OK once you’ve entered your preferred name.
  • Your iKettle should now be called something else.
  1. What happens if the iKettle is switched on but there is no water? Several safety measures, including a dry boil prevention mechanism, are included into the iKettle. The water sensors detect the volume of liquid within the kettle when the iKettle is switched on. If there isn’t enough water, the iKettle switches off after 16 to 20 seconds and sends you a notification through the Smarter app.

    It’s vital to keep in mind that even a few seconds of dry boiling might cause your iKettle to malfunction. As a result, it must be avoided. Before turning on the kettle or using the Home or Alarm modes, always carefully check to verify whether there is water inside.

  2. What is the procedure for resetting my iKettle? Following these procedures will allow you to reset your current Wi-Fi and app:
  • Remove the jug from the iKettle base.
  • While the base is still plugged in, push and hold the bottom button until three beeps are heard.
  • Remove the base from the outlet and unplug it.
  • Allow for a ten-second pause.
  • Connect the iKettle base to the power outlet once again.
  • The iKettle 3rd Gen should be reset, and the setup should be restarted as described above.

    Even though the LED will continue to flicker green after the reset, the iKettle 3rd Gen will still be ready for setup if you followed the procedures outlined here.

  1. Do smart kettles use a much of power? They certainly can, but smart kettles use less energy than most conventional ways of heating water. A smart kettle, or simply a regular electric kettle, is designed to swiftly boil water. Because the water is in close touch with the heating element, every last bit of heat is lost in the energy transfer. Using an electric burner or even a microwave to boil water isn’t as efficient as using an electric kettle.

    Even while many smart and electric kettles have high wattages, the pace at which they boil water implies they consume less energy over time. Sure, a smart kettle may use a lot of power, particularly if you boil water often, but the cost of using another electric device would be far greater.


Troubleshooting Guide for iKettle

  1. What’s wrong with my iKettle since it shuts off before the water boils? Limescale may have grown up in your iKettle 3rd Gen, causing it to shut off before the water reaches the temperature you specified. Before you start boiling again, you’ll need to clean the jug. To remove limescale from the iKettle, follow these steps:
  • Fill the kettle halfway with white vinegar or lemon juice and halfway with water.
  • Allow at least one hour for the mixture to sit in the kettle.
  • Start the iKettle and let it boil after an hour has gone.
  • Empty the jug after the liquid has reached a boil.
  • Thoroughly rinse the jug.

    To ensure that no vinegar/lemon juice traces remain, re-boil another jug full of water and discard it. Your iKettle 3rd Gen should now be limescale-free and ready to boil again.

  1. What should I do if my iKettle won’t connect to the app? You may try the following methods if your Smarter 3.0 app and iKettle sync aren’t working properly:
  • Make sure your router is close to both your phone and the iKettle. After they’ve synchronized, you may move the iKettle away.
  • Make sure you’re connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Make sure your dual-band router is set to 2.4 GHz rather than 5 GHz if you have one. 5 GHz routers are incompatible with the iKettle.
  • Double-check that your SSID (or Wi-Fi name) and password are right.
  • Before you begin app sync, make sure the light at the bottom of the base is blinking. If it isn’t, unplug it from the outlet, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in.
  • Because the BlinkUp setup depends on the flashing light to sync with your mobile app, make sure your phone is placed squarely on the blinking light to begin the sync.
  • Before you start sync, make sure your phone’s screen brightness is set to maximum.
  1. What should I do if I wish to connect the iKettle 3rd Gen to another Wi-Fi network? As described in the FAQ, reset the kettle. The iKettle cannot be registered to a new network until the existing network has been wiped from the iKettle’s memory.

Alternatives to iKettle

The iKettle isn’t the only smart kettle on the market, and you may be interested in some of the others. We’ll show you how the iKettle 3rd Gen compares to other of the items you may come across while looking for smart kettles.

In terms of functionality and convenience, Appkettle was formerly a direct competitor to iKettle. It was a smart kettle with more than simply changeable temperature settings, thanks to its own smartphone app and Alexa voice control capability.

Unfortunately, the Appkettle is no longer available since the firm has stopped producing them. Individual stocks may still be available from time to time, but purchasing one is not advised. Because the app server is no longer accessible, the mobile app can no longer be utilized. IFTTT commands are the sole method to operate an Appkettle, even for experienced users. Needless to say, the product no longer has customer service or a guarantee.

Another clever kettle that lives true to its name is the WeeKett. It’s a viable rival to the iKettle, with a smartphone app, voice control through Google Home and Alexa, and adjustable dials in the base. Unfortunately, WeeKett, founded in Edinburgh, Scotland, has yet to establish distribution in North America. Their website only ships to the United Kingdom, and stock is presently only available for pre-order.

There are listings on Amazon UK, but no stock is available right now. You may buy one set once they’re replenished, as long as you’re ready to pay international shipping expenses.

The Sage Smart Kettle is a 1.7-liter, 2,400-watt smart kettle with multiple temperature settings and a 20-minute keep warm timer, available in the US from Harrod’s. Unlike earlier models, this smart kettle lacks Wi-Fi connectivity and a smartphone app. The item does not have voice activation or smart home connection, and it cannot be controlled remotely.

If all you need is a fast method to boil water at a set temperature, it’s a terrific tool, but for $119.00, you’d expect more capabilities.


The Fellow Stag EKG+ is one of the most attractive smart kettles on the market, and it’s been utilized in both brewing contests and coffee cafes. It’s a barista favorite since it’s a really elegant kettle. However, this design comes at a high cost, and at $230, you’d expect more from the Fellow Stag EKG+ than multiple temperature settings, but that’s exactly what it provides.

The kettle can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app, but you’ll need to be within a particular range to use it since it’s only Bluetooth enabled. It will not operate with your other smart gadgets since there is no Wi-Fi integration or voice activation. If you have money to spend and enjoy the way it looks, it’s excellent, but as a smart kettle, it’s missing a lot of capabilities that other products offer.

This is a clever kettle that fails to live up to its name. Despite the fact that it purports to have an app, you can only use it to check the current temperature of the water within and not to make any changes. You can’t even use the app to start the kettle; everything has to be done manually. The app will tell you when the boiling process is complete, but it’s essentially just a smart thermostat for the Mi Kettle.

When You Need It, There’s Hot Water

It’s never been simpler to make a hot drink with the iKettle 3rd Gen. You’ll always have hot water when you need it, thanks to the ease of this feature-rich smart kettle.

Do you have any first-hand knowledge of the iKettle 3rd Gen? Do you have any suggestions on how to get the most out of this smart kettle? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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The “ikettle limited edition” is a smart kettle that’s limited to 10,000 units. It can boil water in 3 minutes and has an LCD screen with a timer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iKettle?

A: You can use the iKettle to make tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

How do you use iKettle?

A: There are many ways to use an iKettle. You can boil water for tea, coffee, or even a broth by simply adding the ingredients and boiling them together.

Who makes iKettle?

A: iKettle is a product of the company called Vessi.

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