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Listed: All the Google Assistant Music Commands and Services

Music and technology are two of the most important services that many people use. The Google Assistant is a voice-controlled, hands-free computer which can help you with your music and let you control smart home devices such as lighting or thermostats. This includes all the different commands for playing music on your device.

The “google assistant spotify commands” are a list of all the Google Assistant Music Commands and Services.

Listed: All the Google Assistant Music Commands and Services

With the rising popularity of voice assistants in smart home devices, Google’s own assistant is one of the most useful. Your degree of voice control over your smart devices is both convenient and broad, thanks to the top-notch speech recognition algorithms. Add in the compatibility of a host of third-party manufacturers, and you can now use brief voice commands to manage a plethora of smart gadgets.

Google Assistant also performs well when it comes to playing music on smart speakers or other devices. You have a variety of voice commands at your disposal, and you may pick and choose what you want to listen to. Only a few of the voice commands you’ll learn include search, navigate, play random songs, discover an appropriate radio station, and modify volume.

Which Google Assistant-Enabled Devices Are Available?

Listening to music with the aid of Google Assistant is feasible on a variety of devices, thanks to the widespread use of Google services across various sectors. Not to mention the fact that Google Assistant is supported by a large number of third-party manufacturers. Please see the list below for some of the device kinds that Google Assistant is available on.

Of course, whether you can fully employ Google Assistant’s voice commands depends on the device’s technological capabilities and the manufacturer’s degree of integration with Google.

When it comes to operating systems, Google Assistant works effectively with all of the big competitors. The following is a list of the most prevalent operating systems that are supported:

  • Microsoft Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft.

  • Xbox One (Microsoft)

  • Apple Mac

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Android Television (Android TV)

  • Android Auto is an Android-based operating system.

  • Wear OS

  • Chrome OS

  • Linux

  • Shield by Nvidia

When it comes to Google devices, you can listen to music with Google Assistant when you use:

Which Music Services Are Google Assistant Compatible?


Now that you know which devices support Google Assistant, you can concentrate on the services that can be controlled with voice commands. It’s worth mentioning that certain services may be inaccessible or have a different music collection depending on whether you’re using the free or paid version of the service, as well as your location.

For example, there is a significant difference between having a free or premium membership for certain services while looking for a music using Google Assistant.

Google Assistant will play a free internet radio station pertaining to the song, artist, or album searched for when utilizing the free versions of YouTube Music, Spotify, or Pandora to find a certain song.

However, if you pay for one of the premium services, Google Assistant will play the music you requested. This is true while looking for particular albums, artists, or playlists, as well as the music genre, subject, mood, or activity. Below is a list of premium music services that you can manage using Google Assistant.

  • YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service.

  • Premium YouTube Music

  • Spotify Premium is a paid subscription service.

  • Apple Music is a service that allows you to listen

  • Pandora Premium is a paid version of Pandora.

  • Premium Deezer

In addition to these services, Google Assistant is compatible with a variety of additional online radio stations, including iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, and others.

Getting Google Assistant to Work


To use Google Assistant to play music from streaming services, you must first connect your accounts via the Google Home mobile app. For Android smartphones, go to Google Play, and for iOS devices, go to Apple’s App Store. If you already have Google Home installed, check sure you’ve updated it to the most recent version.

When you’ve finished installing the app, use the steps below to connect your music streaming services to Google Assistant.

  1. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone.

  2. In the top-right corner of the screen, tap “Account.”

  3. Check that you’re signed in to Google Home with the account you want to use. Switch to the account you’ll be using if you’re signed in with another one.

  4. Return to the app’s home screen after you’ve verified you’re using the correct Google account.

  5. Now, in the upper left corner of the screen, press the “+” symbol.

  6. Select “Music” from the drop-down menu.

  7. Tap the service you wish to associate with Google Assistant from the list of options.

  8. The app will now request your login and password for that particular service. After that, the app will notify you that your music streaming service has been successfully connected to your Google Home account.

If you wish to connect additional services, just follow the procedures above for each one.

You may choose one of the music and audio providers to be your default for playing music now that you’ve added them all.

  1. Open the Google Home app on your phone.

  2. In the upper left corner, tap the “+” symbol.

  3. Select “Music.”

  4. Tap the provider you wish to use as your default for playing music in the “Your music services” section.

With so many services connected to Google Home, it’s time to master all of Google Assistant’s voice commands.

Basic Google Assistant Music Playing Voice Commands


When communicating with Google Assistant, the first thing you should say is:

  • “OK, Google…” or “OK, Google…”

  • “Hey, Google…” says the narrator.

After that, all you have to do is tell the helper to do something. To get started, use the voice command.

The default app/service in the Google Home Music settings is used to play a random song.

However, you may indicate at the end of the command whether you wish to play random music from any of the available music providers.

  • “Hey, Google, play some Spotify music.”

  • “Hey, Google, let’s listen to some music on YouTube Music.”

  • “OK, Google, play Pandora music.”

You may ask Google Assistant to play a certain song using the default music app by saying

Simply say “play that music using Google Assistant” to tell Google Assistant which app to use.

For example, you may tell Google to “OK, Google, play Gangnam Style on Spotify,” and the music will begin playing on your device’s Spotify app. You may also use some of the instructions from the list below, depending on what you wish to listen to.

  • “OK, Google, go ahead and play.”

  • “Hey, Google, let’s listen to Apple Music.”

  • “OK, Google, put on Spotify and play station.”

  • “OK, Google, play my Spotify playlist.”

Furthermore, you may be even more exact with your orders, such as:

  • “OK, Google, play episode 1234 of the Joe Rogan Experience.”

  • “Hey, Google, play the music that says, ‘Give it out, give it away, now.’”

  •  “OK, Google, on YouTube Music, play west coast hip-hop.”

  • “Hey, Google, how about some relaxing music?”

  • “OK, Google, make some whale noises.”

  • “OK, Google, play new Run the Jewels tunes.”

  • “Hey, Google, how about some fresh pop music?”

  • “Hey, Google, put on the music for Cyberpunk 2077.”

  • “All right, Google, put on some 90s music.”

Anyone who wants to listen to music that is comparable to their taste may do it with the aid of Google Assistant.

This command will create a playlist with music that is comparable to the one that was requested. This is a premium function that is only accessible with Spotify Premium and YouTube Music. Another advantage of these two services is that they may be used by anybody who isn’t currently thinking about music.

  • “OK, Google, suggest some music for me.”

  • “OK, Google, play some music that you’ve suggested.”

You may also inform Google Assistant if you don’t like the suggestions.

  • “Hey, Google, switch it up a little.”

  • “Hey, Google, change the music.”

Using Google Assistant to Control Music Playback

It’s time to learn some of the more complex voice commands for playing music with Google Assistant now that you’ve mastered the basics. First and foremost, you should be able to pause or stop the music, maybe to resume later.

  • “Hey, Google, turn off the music.”

  • “OK, Google, turn off the music.”

  • “OK, Google, turn on the music again.”

  • “Hey, Google, keep the music playing.”

  • “Hey, Google, put some music on.”

It’s worth mentioning that Google Assistant’s memory has a limit when it comes to continuing a song. It won’t be able to continue the music from where you stopped it after around 20 minutes.

Say any combination of these phrases to move among songs on an album or playlist.

  • “All right, Google, play the next track.”

  • “OK, Google, turn off this song.”

  • “All right, Google, go back to the last track.”

As you can see, Google Assistant recognizes synonyms, so you may say “tune,” “track,” or anything similar instead of “song.”

Aside from that, you may utilize voice commands to re-play or browse through the music.

  • “OK, Google, play the music again.”

  • “Hey, Google, start playing this music right now.”

  • “Hey, Google, start playing the music from the beginning.”

  • “OK, Google, go twenty seconds ahead.”

  • “OK, Google, back up a half-minute.”

  • “All right, Google, fast forward two minutes.”

Finally, what is the point of listening to music if you can’t shuffle or repeat it? You certainly can. Try out some of the commands listed below.

  • “Hey, Google, shuffle,” says the narrator.

  • “OK, Google, go ahead and do it again.”

  • “All right, Google, turn off the shuffle.”

  • “Hey, Google, turn off the repetition.”

Using Google Assistant to Control Music Volume

Now that you’ve mastered playback with Google Assistant, you can concentrate on volume adjustments. Google Assistant adjusts volume levels in 10% increments, beginning at zero and going all the way up to 100 percent.

  • “OK, Google, crank it up a notch.”

  • “Hey, Google, turn down the volume.”

  • “Hey, Google, turn up the volume.”

  • “OK, Google, please turn down the volume.”

  • “Hey Google, turn up the volume.”

  • “OK, Google, lower the volume.”

You may also instruct your Google Assistant to change the volume to the desired level. You may either use a scale of 1 to 10 percent increments or a scale of 10% increments in this situation.

  • “Hey, Google, volume two,” says the narrator.

  • “OK, Google, turn up the volume to 100 percent.”

  • “Hey, Google, crank it up to thirty.”

You may also use specific voice commands to increase or decrease the volume.

  • “Hey, Google, turn off the sound.”

  • “OK, Google, turn down the volume to the bare minimum.”

  • “Hey, Google, crank it all the way up!”

  • “All right, Google, turn off the music.” (This restores the volume of the music to what it was before you said “mute”)

You may always ask Google Assistant if you’re not sure what the current volume is.

During playing, you may also adjust the level using one of two voice commands:

Although Google Home enables you to alter equalization settings, voice commands do not give you access to this menu. Do the following to adjust the bass and treble levels to your liking.

  1. On your mobile device, open the Google Home app.

  2. In the upper left corner of the screen, tap the menu symbol. It’s the symbol that resembles a plus sign.

  3. Tap the device for which you wish to change the equalization settings from the list of connected devices.

  4. Now, in the upper right corner, hit the settings symbol.

  5. The “Equalizer” option may be found in the “Sound settings” menu. It should be tapped.

  6. The next menu displays the bass and treble sliders, which you may tune to your liking.

Over Google, your music


Hopefully, this post has helped you learn all of the relevant voice commands for using Google Assistant to operate your smart home devices. Now that you know that, it’s time to unwind and listen to your favorite music, a podcast, or one of the hundreds of internet radio stations accessible.

Which of the Google Assistant voice commands do you use the most? Are there any commands that you’d want to have or that you’d like to have but don’t have? Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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The “google assistant music services” is a list of all the Google Assistant Music Commands and Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What music service does Google Assistant use?

A: Google Assistant is currently not available on the App Store.

What are all the Google Assistant commands?

Google Assistant supports the following commands and more.
-What is my current location?
-How do I make a call to (phone number)?
-Open Google Maps on PC/Mobile or navigate with Google Maps on your screen.

How do I find music with Google Assistant?

A: To do so, you can ask your device to play a song near you. Hey Google, find me some music will put it in the search history for later use. Once there are songs that show up on this screen, just click on the one thats playing and repeat the process of asking for more choices until you find what youre looking for!

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