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Novostella Flood Light Review

Novostella is a brand well-known for making smart home products. This review of their Flood Light will show off the features and lighting quality this product has to offer.

The “novostella flood light manual” is a new flood light that has been released. It is available in the market for $99. It has an LED bulb and can be mounted on any surface.

Novostella Flood Light Review

The smart house revolution is no longer limited to the inside. With smart exterior cameras and doorbells, the next step may be to add stunning lighting to your yard, walkway, or garage.

Novostella might be the right fit for you if you’re looking for clever outdoor lighting. Continue reading for a thorough examination of this adaptable and unique lighting system. We’ll look at design, installation, connection and control, illumination, third-party integrations, and other significant features and aspects.

So, without further ado, let us get started.

Novostella: An Overview

Novostella is a brand you may not be acquainted with if you’re new to the realm of intelligent lighting. They were founded in January 2017 and have a reputation for inventing innovative items and providing high-end services at a reasonable cost. Smart LED floodlights, LED bulbs, strip lights, ceiling lights, and night lights are the company’s main products.

There are four distinct varieties of Novostella Floodlights:


We’ll take a deep look at one of their most popular products, the Novostella RGBCW Wi-Fi Flood Lights, in this review.


The Novostella RGBCW Flood Lights have a very straightforward design. They have a black housing box constructed of die-cast aluminum, which is noted for being strong and long-lasting.

Note: Our Novostella Flood Light underwent its first dropdown test only hours after unwrapping, and it passed with flying colors – no damage to the gadget at all.

The device’s lighting surface is fairly shiny, making fingermarks or dirt simple to erase. The front of the box has a large glass, which houses the LED lights.


The housing is substantially larger than the lights, although this is due to the internal circuitry requiring more space. We found the illumination to be tiny in comparison to other options, and it’s made up of both white and RGB LED arrays.

On the box, there are no buttons, not even a switch for turning the gadget on. As we’ll see later, the majority of the controls are enabled through the app or other smart home connections.

When purchasing the Novostella Floodlights, keep in mind that they are sold in pairs. You may, however, utilize them independently since they are self-contained. It doesn’t matter whether you use just one or both lights, or if you buy a set of four.

The waterproof lights are an essential design component. They have an IP 66 certification, which means they are dust-resistant and can even tolerate snowfall.

When you turn the gadget over, you’ll see a stand with screw holes that pivots to the top or bottom. These are for attaching your floodlight to the side of your house. A screw-on antenna connection is also available at the top of the device. The antenna extends the range of the wireless signal. If you can’t get a Wi-Fi connection outside the home, consider putting it up.

A 3.28-foot (1.5-meter) power cable is also included at the bottom, which may be too short for certain yards and need the use of an extension cord. However, keep in mind that locating a 240V extension cable that is also waterproof might be difficult. You may also acquire outdoor waterproof enclosures from your local hardware shop and use them to protect the cords.

We also found the device’s absence of an on/off button to be quite annoying. Unless you wish to disconnect the gadget every time you use it, you must rely completely on your smartphone to switch the lights on and off.


It doesn’t take much time or effort to install Novostella, but it does need a power drill and some wood screws. These are not included in the package and must be purchased separately. The operation is pretty simple, since all you have to do is screw the device into place and secure it with a steel bracket.

The antenna and wiring, on the other hand, make the operation a little more difficult if you wish to set the floodlight on the ground. Things would be much easier to handle if the cable came from the side of the lamp.

Ideally, the lights should be installed on a sturdy, high location where they will be secure.

Control and Connectivity

Wi-Fi connection is absolutely necessary for these clever lights to function (2.4GHz exclusively). There are no separate hubs or membership costs if you connect them directly to your home connection.

All Novostella lights are self-contained, as previously stated. You should connect the antenna to your smart light before connecting it to your phone. After that, download the Smart Home app. Setting up the lights will be a breeze if you’ve already used this software. The app is accessible for iOS and Android for first-time users.

The Novostella lights may be connected to your phone in the following way:

  1. Install the Smart Life app on your device.

  2. Sign up for an account and log in.

  3. Click the + symbol in the top left-hand corner of the screen once you’re within the main dashboard.

  4. Select “Lighting” from the drop-down menu.

  5. “Lighting” is the option to choose (Wi-Fi.)

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

We found the Novostella setup to be a little more difficult than competing goods. The other lights will be much simpler to connect after you find out how to connect the first one. Steps 3–6 should be repeated with each Novostella floodlight that follows.


You may also set up group controls if you have more than one Novostella lighting. As a result, you’ll be able to connect additional lights and configure them all at once.


For those unfamiliar with smart lights, RGBCW stands for RGB (Color), C (Cool), W (Warm) light.

Simply said, the lights may be enjoyed in three various modes: white, color, and scene.

The White option allows you to experiment with various white tones, ranging from warmer (2700K) to cooler (6500K). You may change the light to match your decor this way. You may also match the temperature of the street lights or the lighting in your house.

You may pick from a palette of 16 million RGB colors in the “Color” option. You may also play about with saturation and brightness. Is Valentine’s Day approaching? Make everything in the room crimson. Is St. Patrick’s Day on the way? It’s not an issue; you can have greens all over the board in a flash.


Finally, under the “Scene” area, you’ll discover pre-defined scenarios where the light will be thrown. You may, for example, design the following scenarios:

  • Working – brilliant white to illuminate a work area such as a garage or a shop.

  • Leisure – a softer white that isn’t as brilliant.

  • Reading – library-style illumination with gentle and brilliant tones

  • Warm white at night to contrast with the home

  • Soft – a softer version of your chosen hue.

  • Colorful — a lovely primary color scheme

  • Colorful – same as Dazzling, but faster

  • Gorgeous is similar to Colorful, except each hue is gradually introduced.

All settings have a maximum brightness of 2000 lumens, which is adequate to keep criminals and animals at bay.

If you’re not acquainted with the terms, a lumen is a unit of measurement for light. One lumen is about equivalent to the amount of light produced by a single candle.

You’ll get a decent notion of the efficiency of 2000 lumens if we tell you that 1000 lumens is just enough to display a nice image while viewing a movie on a projector. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to utilize the light at such a high intensity.

The Smart Home app also allows you to establish a timer for the lights, allowing them to turn on and off as required. You may set the lights to turn on on weekends, repeat the schedule, or get phone alerts when they turn on.

Another useful feature is that when you turn off the lights, the gadget remembers its prior setting and will operate in that manner the next time the lights are turned on.

We compared Novostella to one of its main competitors, Philips Hue Lily, since illumination is what this product is all about. We discovered that Novostella is not only more cost-effective, but also performs much better. We came to the conclusion that Novostella has more vibrant hues than Lily. When we compare Lily’s 600 lumens to Novostella’s 2000 lumens, the difference is clear.

Integrations with Third-Party Apps

You can link your Novostella lights to any of them and issue voice instructions, which is great news for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant fans.


Follow the instructions below if you’re using Google Home:

  1. On your phone, open the Google Home app and go to “Assistant Settings.”

  2. “Home Control” is located at the bottom of the page.

  3. You’ll see a list of related services if you click the + symbol.

  4. Simply touch on the app that appears on the list if you have already used the Smart Life app to connect other devices. If not, go to “Add New” and search for Smart Life.

Novostella will be connected to your Google Assistant when you return to your home page. By clicking on the device name, you can then utilize the “On” and “Off” shortcuts to control the lights or change the brightness or colors.

Voice commands work well, and you can even ask Google to modify all of your settings for you.

Follow the steps below to link Novostella to your Alexa:

  1. On your phone, open Amazon Alexa.

  2. Go to the “Skills and Games” area of the website.

  3. Tap “Enable skill” after searching for “Smart Life.”

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  5. When you go to your Devices, you’ll notice Novostella listed there.

The app, like Google Home, allows you to make a variety of settings. You may, for example, instruct Alexa to change the hue to blue and increase the brightness to 50%, among other things.

Novostella can also be linked to SmartThings, Google Fit, and IFTTT.


You may get Novostella Flood Lights sent to the United States, the United Kingdom, or the European Union when you buy them from the official website. You’ll also receive matching plugs, depending on the nation you choose, so you won’t have to bother about buying adaptors.



  • App control might be finicky at times.

  • The cable is short (around 1.5m or 4.9ft)

  • More mounting choices would be beneficial.

What’s in the Box, Anyway?


21.3 ounces in weight

6 x 1.25 x 4 inches in size

Aluminum is the material of choice.

Voltage: 240V

Temperature range: -25°C (-13°F) to 40°C (104F)

20W output

2000 lumens of brightness

2700K – 6500K color temperature range, including RGB

Yes, there are several hues.

2.4GHz Wi-Fi

Android and iOS devices are supported.

Yes, it’s waterproof, with an IP66 rating.

At the time of the review, the cost was:

The two-piece 20W set costs $111.44 at the time of writing. However, you may use a $20.90 code to get a discount on your first Novostella Flood Light purchase.


Novostella has risen to the top of the list as outdoor lighting continue to have a significant influence on the home décor market. With an astounding selection of colors, simple customization possibilities, and smart-app connections, this light system has everything you need for a brilliantly lighted outdoor environment. It has a short power cable, but that’s nothing an extension cord can’t fix. Overall, no competition comes close to Novostella Smart LED Flood Lights in terms of pricing. It is, without a question, one of the most cost-effective items of its sort available.


Also take into account

Even though Novostella is a fantastic flood light, there are several other options to consider, such as Covoart. The COVOART Color Changing LED Landscape Lights come in a four-pack and are ideal for gardens, paths, and even tree decorations. They also have a significantly longer power cord. This eliminates the need for extra extension wires to connect the lights. The biggest drawback of Covoart over Novostella is that you can’t change the lights to multiple colors at the same time.

Melpo’s LED Flood Light is another strong contender to Novostella, with just as many colors, customization possibilities, and scheduling capabilities. These lights come in a two-pack, but neither Alexa nor Google Home operate with them. Melpo’s lights will suffice if you’re not too concerned with smart home app connections but might use a strong exterior lighting system.

The aforementioned Philips Hue Lily is a third option. Overall, it’s a good light that puts out 600 lumens, has smart-app interfaces (Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands), and a good selection of partner items. You’d be better off keeping with Philips if you currently own lights from the company. Aside from that, we think Lily is a little costly, particularly considering Novostella has better color quality.

Like a diamond, shine brightly.

Your lawn, walkway, or home may shine brightly thanks to Novostella. Despite a few flaws, the Novostella floodlight is still one of the most powerful, small, and feature-packed floodlights available.

Do you have any concerns or questions concerning the Novostella Smart Flood Light set? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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The “novostella led lights” are a set of flood light that can be controlled via the app. The lights have an IP65 rating and come in three colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Novostella LED lights good?

A: Novostella LED lights are not good because they only last less than a year and the light is too bright.

Which led floodlights are best?

A: There are many small LED floodlights out there and all of them will work just fine.

How do you set a Novostella flood light?

A: To set the flood light on Novostella, you need to flip a switch at the bottom of it.

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