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Tovala Smart Oven

Tovala is a smart oven that will cook your food in 10 minutes, with no mess and zero cleanup. Tovala uses AI to learn what you like, eliminating the need for recipes or labels.

The “tovala smart oven review” is a smart home appliance that cooks food in minutes. The product was developed by Tovala, a company founded by former NASA engineers.

Tovala aspires to be a game-changing approach to make home cooking simple while still delivering delicious, fresh meals.

The project’s goal, according to the team behind it, is to strike a balance between high-quality food and ease of use.

What exactly is Tovala? To put it simply, Tovala is a meal kit delivery service that works in tandem with a smart oven to provide great meals in the shortest amount of time. It features a flip-down door in front and a wide window, and it looks like a basic toaster oven. It’s simple to clean thanks to a detachable crumb tray at the bottom and a plastic drip tray beneath the door.

Because the oven is big enough to cook a supper for two people, it may take many cycles to cook a meal for a large family.

Though it may seem to be a standard countertop oven, it is distinguished by a protruding QR code scanner on the top right side.

What Is Tovala and How Does It Work? Tovala achieves its aim with a two-pronged strategy that includes Tovala meals and the Tovala Steam Oven with Tovala IQ.

Steam Oven Tovala Tovala is a smart oven that cooks meal packages using a mix of steam, broiling, and convection baking.

It has a barcode scanner that reads the code on each meal kit to acquire cloud-based instructions on how to make a specific meal. This starts an automatic steaming, broiling, and baking procedure.

These are ready-made dishes produced by professional chefs. As a consequence, they eliminate the guesswork from meal preparation and provide consistent outcomes.

Built-in chef knowledge is provided by Tovala IQ, a trademarked feature of the oven. It does this by controlling the oven to get the correct cooking mode, time, temperatures, and other variables necessary for a meal.

The oven can also receive commands from your phone, which can be used as a remote to steam, broil, and bake on autopilot.

The oven can also reheat using convection and toast with steam in addition to steaming, baking, and broiling.

It not only makes preparing Tovala meal kits easier, but it also works with other recipes from the Tovala mobile device app.

There are more than 75 recipes in Tovala’s collection at the time of writing. Each of these is meant to be simple to use, allowing users to follow a step-by-step process to create any of the meals mentioned.

The oven may also be used for traditional cooking, with the added bonus of steaming, which is not possible with a standard oven. It can cook at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius) and includes a two-and-a-quarter-hour timer.

The only constraint would be the oven’s size, but other than that, it can do everything a regular oven can.

Meal Kits from Tovala Tovala offers its own meal packages, which are made from scratch by the company’s chefs. Tovala’s official website claims that the meals are made using actual, not fake, culinary items that they meticulously obtain.

There are hundreds of alternatives in these kits, and at least one new meal is introduced every week to keep things interesting.

There are many types of meals to suit different nutritional needs and tastes. Gluten-free meals, low-carb, low-calorie, and vegetarian alternatives are just a few of them.

There are three to twelve meals a week available for folks who like meal kits. Every week, a new menu featuring a variety of food alternatives is provided on the internet. You may also change the order by looking at prior weeks and the week ahead.

Availability The Tovala Smart Oven may be ordered through Amazon and other internet retailers. The oven may also be purchased straight from Tovala.

You may pick your meals and make orders directly from the website for meal kits.

Tovala is a great place to shop.

Purchase on


LG ovens are now equipped with Tovala’s smart technology.

One of the trendiest subjects in the eBay dropshipping community these days is flagged accounts. Is it still possible to profit from eBay dropshipping, or is it too late?

In this post, you’ll learn why some individuals believe eBay dropshipping is dead. You’ll also learn all you need to know about dropshipping on eBay. You’ll discover the precise tactics that helped Ron, an Amazon to eBay dropshipper, improve his sales by over 600% in one month.

So, let’s get down to business.


  1. Is eBay dropshipping a thing of the past?
  2. What are eBay flagged accounts and how do they effect us?
  3. How can I keep from getting reported on eBay?
  4. What to do if you’re a top-rated seller with eBay accounts that have been flagged?
  5. What changes have we made to our eBay dropshipping stores?
  6. How can we get more people to visit our eBay store?
  7. In eBay Dropshipping 2019, there are six strategies that can help you produce sales with flagged accounts.

Is eBay dropshipping a thing of the past?

I’ve been doing dropshipping for the last ten years, and I can confidently tell that eBay dropshipping has never been easier or more successful than it is now.

People are laboring to handle all of these orders, rather than having to figure out how to accept them, since it has become so simple and lucrative.

Isn’t it crazy?

We’ll look at the contrasts between eBay sellers who fail and folks who submit articles like this one in this article:


So, what happened to dropshipping on eBay in 2019?

What has occurred is that dropshipping has evolved, the rules of the game have changed, and those who do not adapt to the new regulations will be unable to benefit.

After speaking with hundreds of dropshippers, one thing we realized at AutoDS is that the difference between a successful dropshipper and one who isn’t is that successful dropshippers constantly adapt to the market.

So, why is it that individuals claim that eBay dropshipping is no longer profitable?

What are eBay flagged accounts and how do they effect us?

According to popular belief, eBay blacklisted dropshippers’ accounts in April 2018 and reduced traffic to these dropshipping companies.

It implies that dropshipping shop listings on eBay will appear lower in eBay’s search results and will have less sales.

Was this a significant drop in sales?

Yes, sales have plummeted by roughly 60%.

Why should dropshippers’ sales be harmed by eBay?

The fact is, this measure didn’t only hurt dropshippers; any eBay seller who didn’t deliver a wonderful customer experience on eBay saw a dip in sales.

Dropshippers usually give excellent customer service, or at least attempt to, when employing the Amazon to eBay dropshipping technique, but they still owe their inventory, and in many situations, they must cancel orders or make multiple returns.

By the conclusion of this essay, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to reclaim your sales and increase them even more.

We’ll also go through how we can enhance our buyer’s experience and increase traffic.

How can I keep from getting reported on eBay?

When it comes to eBay flagged accounts, this is one of the most often asked questions. And we’re certain you’ll be interested in hearing the solution.

What you must realize is that dropshipping on eBay is similar to any other company; you must spend time and execute things correctly.

eBay earns money when you make money, therefore they want you to provide the greatest user experience for your customers by promptly responding to their queries and handling returns and issues before eBay employees become involved. This is why eBay provides selling analytics in the first place, so you can monitor and change your eBay store’s performance.

We at AutoDS are always testing new techniques in our eBay accounts to evaluate what works best for dropshipping on eBay so that we can share the most up-to-date strategies with the dropshipping community.

After experimenting with various tactics, we discovered that although getting your account flagged would result in a minor drop in traffic to your shop, when you add more goods, it doesn’t really matter since your total store traffic will grow, which equals more sales.

This method we’re discussing is the large numbers rule, in which you bulk upload items to your eBay dropshipping businesses and then optimize from there.

You will see a significant rise in sales after using this method on your eBay shops – here is where your job begins.

Now all you have to do is keep providing your customers with the greatest possible experience, and you won’t have to worry about eBay flagged accounts.

Is it possible to “unflag” my eBay account?

You won’t be able to unflag your eBay account, but you can learn how to deal with one and make your dropshipping company lucrative.

And that is what this post will teach you.

Here’s an example of a flagged account that began to use the techniques discussed in this article:


How long will eBay take to flag my account?

After three weeks to one month, eBay often flags an account.

With eBay blacklisted accounts, how can you be a top-rated seller?

The following notice was sent to several dropshippers:


This means that their Top Rated seller title has been revoked; the issue now is what we can do about it and how we can reclaim it. Now I’d like to share with you a fascinating truth that we discovered.

On the next assessment, 100% of the dropshippers who received this notification a few months ago earned their Top Rated seller designation restored. All you have to do now is follow eBay’s requirements for this status. Whether you’re a dropshipper or not, eBay doesn’t seem to mind. As a result, if you have a low eBay return rate, a high statistic of tracking numbers that are updated on time, and everything else is in order, you will regain your Top-Rated status quickly.

With a flagged account, what kind of earnings can I expect?

According to our data, persons that deal with flagged accounts and use the strategies I’ll describe in this post make between 1000 and 2000 dollars each eBay business.

So, here’s the big question:

What did we do to increase the sales of our eBay dropshipping shops, and what was the solution?

Let me state one thing before we answer this question:

I’ve tried everything for over a year, and I’d want to tell you precisely which methods and approaches I used before I discovered the true answer.

Using Market Research Tools to Improve Titles and Products:

Working with market research tools to improve the titles and item characteristics of my items was one of the first things I wanted to do.

I reasoned that if I used the proper keywords, my listings would rank higher in the search results, resulting in more sales.

However, there was one issue that caused me to abandon this strategy: eBay is inundated with dropshippers and has millions of things posted.

I couldn’t compete only on the basis of keyword optimization. In any case, the majority of the winning titles were already being sold by competent sellers with a long track record of success and low pricing, so why would a customer select our store?

Dropshipping providers that work for themselves

Another option is for me to submit unique items from private dropshipping providers such as Banggood.

Maybe I wouldn’t have any competitors this way.

Apart from the fact that Amazon has over 600 million goods, and most of the products of any tiny dropshipping provider are already on Amazon, which implies they are already on eBay, this was a good concept.

Furthermore, even if the items are entirely different, the keywords for the products are fairly similar, which leads us back to the same issue with the title optimization approach.

Every month, I open a new eBay account.

This was the most lucrative and practical plan, and it worked well!

It was quite simple to create a new eBay account, and if it was flagged, just replace it with another. Isn’t it straightforward?

The problem is that you can’t register a fresh eBay account every month since it’s against the law.

Furthermore, this technique requires an excessive amount of time and effort, when we have a lot safer and easier option, which we will discuss later in this post.

What does eBay actually want from its merchants in terms of increasing shop traffic?

eBay expects sellers to follow four major guidelines:

  • Outstanding client service
  • Returns are low.
  • We will utilize Amazon as our dropshipping provider because of the fast shipment times (1-2 days shipping using Amazon prime)
  • Competitive pricing – and this is the most important factor here – since the first three things are simple to get when we dropship from Amazon to eBay.

Consider yourself as a customer: what is the first thing you look for in a product you want to purchase?


The cost!!!

We would gain more visitors, more sales, and more profits if we could be cheaper than our rivals, provide the same level of customer service and experience, and yet be successful.

But how can we do that while still making money?

In eBay Dropshipping 2019, there are six stages that can help you produce sales with flagged accounts (6 steps to $10,000 per month):

Step 1: Profits from the backend

The price of our items is one of the most crucial characteristics for eBay’s search results, as we explained in the previous paragraph.

The good news is that we are in a period when we can sell at extremely cheap prices while still making a lot of money. There are two ways to do this:

Amazon discount items are the first source of backend revenues.


Amazon discounts items are one of the tactics we identified that raised our sales revenues by 20-30%.

Amazon/Amazon vendors want to promote certain items, so they give you a discount if you buy them.

The main issue with this sort of merchandise is knowing where to look for Amazon discount items.

Here’s how to accomplish it in the simplest manner possible:

You may also go to Amazon and do a manual search for these items.

Become a mall, not a food store!

I’ve been saying that for years, yet it was still feasible to earn money with a few hundred optimized items until two years ago.

As we explained in the preceding paragraph, it is now not practicable and hence no longer an option.

Too much competition in each area, each product, and each keyword makes working with a small number of items unfeasible.

When we list hundreds of items, we get a number of benefits that increase the profitability of our dropshipping business:

  • We also used a variety of additional keywords.
  • We have greater traffic, which brings consumers to our site; occasionally these buyers may purchase several things and look at other items in our store.
  • We will receive better pricing for everything as we expand and make more sales!
    • Better monitor rates for dropshipping
    • Reduced eBay fees (check the next point)

This, I believe, is the most important aspect of dropshipping in 2019. You won’t be able to achieve huge volumes and revenues without it.

No matter how hard you work or how many things you add to your eBay business, you will succeed.


Step 3: Lower eBay fees

We discussed two techniques for increasing income, and we discovered that in order to generate significant money with an eBay dropshipping company, you must follow the large numbers rule.

What about the costs, though? Isn’t it true that we’ll be paying too much to AutoDS for pricing and stock monitoring and to eBay for the shop subscription?

The good news, and one of the most crucial points to remember when using the huge numbers rule:

When a dropshipping business has between 8,000 and 10,000 listings, it is the cheapest state.

Here are the findings of creating a table for each eBay shop membership plan and how to pay the expenses of 1,000 goods with each kind of business:


As you can see, the distinctions are significant!

If you use eBay’s Anchor shop membership, you only need 30 sales to pay AutoDS’ and eBay’s expenses for 1,000 goods, however if you use the basic store subscription, you’ll need 83.2 sales, which is more than twice!!!

Step #4: Calculate your profit accurately (2 methods)

Method #1 for accurate profit calculations: buy amount on the dashboard page

We indicated in the “backend earnings” strategy that the backend should account for the majority of your profits. As a result, you may be the cheapest vendor on the market.

We’ve introduced a capability to AutoDS expressly for this purpose, as well as for precise computation.

You may see the total value of your purchases from all of your eBay accounts on the dashboard page:


You can view the total purchase amount for all of your shops in this table.

Method #2 for accurate profit estimates – Dropshipping Fees field

Go to “Settings” > Store Settings > Pricing > Fees field if you’re using AutoDS as your dropshipping monitor.


In AutoDS, this field is responsible for calculating your profit.

Here’s a rough formula for entering the correct value:

eBay fees (about 9.15 percent if you have a shop membership) + PP fees (around 4%, depending on the region) + 2% (The average difference between the fees from buy price, and sale price)

As a result, the total percentage will be 9.15+4.4+2 = 15.5 percent.

If we enter this figure in the fees section, our profit computation will be extremely close to what we really made.

Here’s an example of a student from AutoDS’s dropshipping mentoring program who modified the appropriate settings:


Step #5: Optimisation of sales and profits, as well as buyer psychology (3 methods)

There are three more strategies that can boost your income and sales by more than 15%.

Price rounding to.99 is the first sales optimization (2-3 percent additional sales)

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the pricing at many shops finish in. For example, 9.99 is 99 /.97 cents.

There are a number of reasons why unusual pricing (.99) might lead to a successful eBay dropshipping company.

If your dropshipping tool has this functionality, we suggest that you enable it. According to our study, prices that finish in.99 result in an extra 2-3 percent increase in sales.


Price Increases and Decreases (Secondary Sales Optimization)

Because it hurts our eBay advertising, we always submit our items with a 0% profit margin to achieve some sales.

However, once we have these sales, we will be able to boost our profitability per product. After all, we’ve already had some success on eBay.


International sales optimization is the third step in the sales optimization process (10 percent additional sales)

Many dropshippers overlook a large market when they upload their items.

To enhance your international sales and sell globally, you may utilize eBay’s GSP program or Hipshipper.


The success multiplier (Step #6)

We indicated at the start of this post that those who apply the tactics we gave today make between 1000 and 2000 dollars each eBay business.

What’s the best way to make even more money?

And there’s a simple solution: apply the success multiplier.

This may be accomplished via the use of eBay stealth accounts or simply by establishing additional eBay connected accounts.

While one account might earn you $1,000 to $2,000 per month, utilizing numerous accounts can bring you $10,000 to $30,000 per month in profit.

eBay Flagged Accounts – When is the Best Time to Dropship on eBay?

Dropshipping has never been more lucrative or simple than it is now.

People are battling challenges and attempting to figure out how to fulfill all of these requests. With such big quantities, it became quite difficult!

I hope that this post will assist you in continuing to grow your dropshipping company.

Now is the greatest moment; do not pass up this opportunity.

If you leave a comment on this post, I’ll do my best to address any questions you may have.

You may ask me anything in the comments section below.

Webinomy has a lot of tools for assessing websites and how they perform in search engines. In this post, I’ll show you how to use Webinomy tools to run an SEO audit and uncover optimization chances, as well as how to see how your rivals are doing.

We selected to look at the Spanish version of for this research to evaluate how it follows Google’s quality requirements. Because has over 90% of the Spanish market share, it will be the sole search engine we employ in our research.

Samsung is a well-known brand.

Spain as a market

LG is the main competitor.

Organic Traffic and Target Markets Have Changed

The graph below depicts the evolution of organic traffic over the previous several months. This information is crucial because it helps us to see which offline and online efforts have had an influence on organic traffic.


Situation on the World Stage

We may look at how a domain performs in various nations. However, since our research is limited to the Spanish market, we will not go too deeply into this aspect. Nonetheless, the ability to compare worldwide domains is a major benefit, particularly given Webinomy’s broad breadth of global data.


Researching Keywords

Webinomy can show us all of the terms for which Samsung is the top-ranking company in its target market, as well as those with a poor performance rate. We may filter all keywords (Samsung, Galaxy, etc.) and attempt to hit the core of generic terms in this industry since this project is mostly about branding. “Tablet,” “smartphone,” “smart TV,” and so on.

We get 7,000 results instead of the original 67,000 by eliminating keywords that include the phrases “Samsung” or “Galaxy.”


We have two options for analyzing the data at this point: examining it in Webinomy’s interface or downloading it to an Excel spreadsheet.

Analyze which keywords work best by sorting the data by search volume.


We can view the searched keywords and how our site ranks for them at a glance.

Generic phrases with significant search volumes, such as “tablet,” “smartphone,” “smart TV,” and “4G,” present a chance to boost our organic exposure.

Sort the data in ascending order by rank.

Webinomy provides us with the top 20 results, as well as some long-tail keywords.

Both types of analysis aid in the tracking of our SEO approach, and domain authority may assist us enhance our organic rankings for low-competition keywords. This study may also reveal a term that should be included in our content plan, such as “televisor comparator,” “smart TV HDMI,” or “televisor 55 pulgadas.”

We can tell that there is an issue with our website’s design from our Excel study; is indexing URLs that are intended for other countries.


With this quick review, we’ve discovered a number of things that need to be improved in order to optimize Samsung’s website.

Profile of Backlinks

There are several programs that can analyze your backlink profile, but Webinomy has worked hard to produce the best. For the sake of this comparison, we’ll look at how Samsung and LG developed their backlink strategy.


First and foremost, we can examine how many websites connect to Samsung and/or LG. Second, by analyzing the number of backlinks on each site, we can see how both businesses have improved their TLD tactics.

We may see a really handy image that tells us how they are concentrating their link development efforts if we scroll down.


We can detect whether they’re utilizing Pinterest photos, infographics, or sponsored events, for example. We can also find out whether our rivals are utilizing iframes, widgets, or other new technologies.

Downloading all of this data into Excel and filtering all of the information connected to the /es/ route is another technique to detect some of their off-page efforts.


You may read more about it in this article on my blog (here is the translated version).

Competitor Analysis

At this time, we’ll concentrate on two categories of rivals to analyze: business and organic.

Competitors in Business

These are businesses or websites that compete with us and offer similar goods.

LG is Samsung’s major opponent in the sale of mobile phones, televisions, and household goods in this situation (such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and washing machines).

Competitors who are natural

We need to look at whether websites have higher organic rankings for the terms that are relevant to our company, focusing on, Spain’s most popular search engine.

We may locate specialist blogs, media, and ecommerce that use drop shipping strategies, including Samsung’s distributors, between these two types of rivals. We may also have to compete with Wikipedia and Youtube, which offer a lot of material related to practically any sort of search in any industry.

Using each of these ideas, we may examine both our existing and future rivals using Webinomy:


Level of Competition and Keywords in Search Engines

We may study those domains that are fighting for comparable keywords and each competitor’s organic visibility if we sort the data by competition level.

For most terms, big sites like Amazon (with its wide range of items), Wikipedia, YouTube, and Facebook have a lot of organic exposure.

Keywords that are often used

Our SEO approach should target rivals that utilize the same business keywords as us and have more organic exposure than we do.

We must utilize Webinomy’s Domain vs. Domain tool to gain a more complete analysis and recommendations for developing fresh content to beat our competition.


With the Domain vs. Domain report, we can run two types of analyses:

1. com X [Keywords in Common]

This form of research helps us to see which keywords we rank higher for than our rivals and which keywords they rank higher for organically.


2. — (Kinds associated with the LG brand are excluded.) [Special Keywords]

We may use this list to find new business prospects and understand which terms our rivals are utilizing.


On-page SEO

On SEMrush’s “Site Audit” area, we may build projects.

These choices may be used to customize this kind of analysis:

  • Choose a URL type: root, subdomain, or folder.
  • Choose the in-depth page crawl option.
  • Crawl frequency of the program
  • Adjust the monitoring settings: keep an eye on your rankings and those of your rivals, as well as your local SEO.
  • Choose a nation or a region.
  • Choose between a PC, a mobile device, or a tablet.
  • Use Google Analytics and/or Google Webmaster Tools to connect.
  • Manually enter a keyword list or import one from a file.
  • Create notifications and alerts.

We can crawl any project with up to 100 URLs and uncover serious issues with the free version, which we can further evaluate with the PRO version or analytical or technical tools.

We may get the following information on Samsung’s website:


  • Links that are broken
  • Images with flaws
  • Content that is duplicated
  • title, description, H1, alternative text
  • Links inside the site
  • structure of a URL
  • Encoding
  • Text/HTML Ratio
  • 200, 3xx, 4xx, and 5xx are the status codes.

Aspects of the WPO:

  • Connections to DNS
  • Encoding
  • Redirects
  • Site loading time

Web Migration Issues:

  • Up to 50,000 URLs can be crawled
  • An examination of the past
  • Comparison of crawls: before and after


The results for the initiatives we’ve produced are divided into two groups by SEMrush:


This part contains a visual representation of our findings, which aids in our understanding of how the web is operating and what needs to be changed.

Webinomy assigns a score to a website based on the pages that have been included in the analysis (in this example, there are only 100 URLs). We may also view the faults that this program has found. With defined priority, they have been split into “errors,” “warnings,” and “notices.”

Furthermore, Webinomy maintains track of prior audits. In the handy panel below, we can examine potential improvements:


This report comes with the option of downloading a PDF file, which is a wonderful method to discuss statuses and implementations.

Samsung has no significant concerns to optimize in this scenario, as shown by the fact that over 94 percent of the performance metrics are operational.

Problems (Total)

In this scenario, we may see a list of Webinomy-identified issues, all of which are categorized as “errors,” “warnings,” or “notices.” Green-colored ones are OK, while blue-colored ones may need some work.



These are the most critical concerns that must be addressed as soon as feasible. In the 100 URLs scanned for Samsung, there are:

  • There are 65 internal broken links.
  • There are 18 external links that are broken.
  • Errors relating to the sitemap
  • There are 6 pages that don’t have a meta description.
  • Duplicate material on 6 pages

We can ignore the green-colored ones since they are OK.



After we’ve dealt with the “errors,” we’ll handle problems with a “medium priority.”

In the instance of Samsung, we discovered the following warnings:

  • The sitemap files were not found.
  • There are 38 photos that do not have an ALT property.

There are too many links on 18 pages.

  • 3 pages with several H1 headers
  • 2 pages of titles that are lengthy
  • a single page with a brief title
  • 1 page that takes a long time to load

After you click on a certain item, this is what you’ll see:



You will notice small issues in this report that must be addressed once all other issues have been resolved. We couldn’t locate anything in this instance.


Report on the Page

By entering a URL into the search box, we may examine a certain website. For the sake of this example, we’ll look at one that has loading issues:


We need to verify all WPO-related bugs and site tags since Samsung’s website includes a lot of photos.

Crawls are compared

One of Webinomy’s most useful features is the ability to compare crawls, which is especially useful while you’re in the midst of a migration.

We can do frequent crawls to compare crawling speeds for our website before and after a migration, enabling us to see issues that we may have missed during the planning and mapping stages.



We may make visual representations of our earlier findings in this part, incorporating problems and dates to compare across time. We may also use a temporal graph to uncover larger issues if we widen our time span.


We can find out how to target our own SEO on-page methods by evaluating simply a piece of a huge website, such as Samsung’s. We discovered a WPO issue, as well as several tag problems that need to be addressed and photos that need to be optimized.

Many programs assess just some (or perhaps just one) of the elements we investigated for Samsung (crawling, HTTPS codes, WPO, competitors, keyword research, rankings, meta tags, content, etc.). Webinomy, on the other hand, examines all of these factors and more, enabling us to pinpoint the particular SEO qualities that need to be enhanced in order to boost organic exposure.

My ultimate conclusion is that, regardless of how much data a technology may supply, we must still examine the data in light of our goals. This will enable us to really maximize the performance of individuals targeted by the instrument, as well as develop a prioritized approach for a cost-effective strategy.


Coconut water is becoming more popular in a variety of healthy drinks, and you may be wondering whether it lives up to the promise. But do the advantages outweigh the nutritional value? Is coconut water beneficial to your health?

What Is Coconut Water and How Does It Work?

Coconut water is the clear liquid inside a young, green coconut the size of a basketball. Young coconuts should be picked around 5–7 months of age in order to retain the maximum water.

Coconut “meat” replaces the liquid as the coconut grows. Coconut water has the most nutrients, therefore consume the water from a young coconut rather than the mature coconut milk, which is often lower in nutrients.

Coconut water has been drunk in tropical areas for ages and is thought to help with a number of health problems. Coconuts are known as “kalpa vriksha” in Sanskrit, which means “tree that provides everything that is required for life.”

Because of its high electrolyte content and the fact that it is sterile when administered straight from the interior of the coconut, it has been utilized for IV hydration in certain emergency circumstances. It is loved by people all over the globe for its many health advantages and pleasant flavor.

Coconut water’s health advantages have recently been emphasized, with several marketers referring to it as “nature’s sports drink” and a “life booster.” Is it true, however, that coconut water is beneficial to your health?

Nutritional Information

The liquid within a coconut has around 46 calories per cup, 10 grams of natural sugar, no protein, and no fat. It is high in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, all of which are beneficial to human health. (1)

Potassium is the most important nutrient in coconut water. It has around 600 milligrams of sodium (12 percent of the daily intake), making it a high electrolyte beverage. Coconut water also has a modest amount of salt (approximately 40 milligrams), as well as up to 10% of your daily calcium and magnesium requirements. (2)

Electrolytes are essential for blood volume, heart function, and preventing dehydration. Maintaining electrolyte balance may aid in the reduction of tiredness, tension, and muscular relaxation.

There has also been some intriguing study on the cytokinin content of coconut water, which may have anti-cancer capabilities in the future. Cytokinins are naturally occurring plant hormones that may help slow cancer cell proliferation, albeit more study is required right now. (3)

Is coconut water excellent for you because of these nutritional benefits? Yes, it is true! It may be a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to soda if you enjoy the taste. It’s a great way to cool down on a hot day while also rehydrating.

Coconut water also has the following health benefits:

  • Blood pressure is lower.
  • Loss of weight
  • Increased athletic ability
  • Enhanced vitality
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Muscle tension should be relieved.

For the most part, coconut water is a safe and healthful beverage. Foods rich in potassium, such as coconut water, should be avoided by those who have renal disease. Let’s look at some of the studies and science-backed advantages of coconut water.

Top 8 Electrolyte Drinks, Their Benefits, and How to Prepare Them

Is Coconut Water Beneficial to Your Health? 5 Health Advantages

1. Coconut Water vs. Sports Drink as an Electrolyte Replacement

Coconut water has also been used for IV hydration in certain emergency cases since it is rich in potassium and a superb electrolyte replacement. (4)

It also has less carbs than other sports beverages. Coconut water has a carbohydrate content of roughly 4.5 percent, but other sports beverages might have a carbohydrate content of 6–8%. This is beneficial for athletes who are attempting to limit their sugar consumption and hydrate after a competition. Coconut water is a wonderful low-sugar hydration option for most casual exercisers after a workout.

To discover which beverage was better for post-exercise hydration, a 2002 research tested water, coconut water, and typical sports drinks. The eight participants worked out in the heat before being rehydrated with water, coconut water, or a sports drink.

There was no change in salt levels, urine output, or fluid balance amongst the three drinks, indicating that they were all similarly hydrating. The coconut water, on the other hand, caused substantially less nausea and fullness, enabling the participants to consume more of the beverage. (5)

Overall, coconut water may be a good substitute for sports beverages, but it depends on the activity and its intensity. Long-distance endurance athletes may need more specific salt and carbohydrate-rich food. Coconut water, on the other hand, is a fantastic alternative for most casual exercisers.

2. Blood Pressure Control

In a 2005 research, participants who drank coconut water for two weeks had 71 percent lower systolic blood pressure and 29 percent lower diastolic blood pressure than those who drank plain water.

Coconut water’s high potassium concentration has prompted experts to look into its potential for lowering cardiovascular disease risk. Potassium helps to reduce blood pressure by counteracting the effects of sodium in the body. (6) and (7)

3. Lower Triglycerides and Cholesterol

A 2006 research discovered that rats fed coconut water had a lower risk of heart attack. It helped them lower their total cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and LDL cholesterol, which is the cholesterol present in the heart, among other things.

The health advantages of coconut water also helped the rats recover quicker if they had a heart attack. Researchers think the effect is due to the potassium, calcium, and magnesium concentration in the water, all of which are electrolytes that aid in heart function. (8) and (9)


4. Detoxification / Cleansing

If given the proper foods and moisture, our bodies have an extraordinary natural capacity to cleanse and detox on their own. Inadequate hydration causes toxins to build up in our systems because the detoxification organs, the liver and kidneys, are unable to operate effectively without enough water.

Dehydration causes weariness, irritation, disorientation, and acute thirst as a consequence of water or electrolyte loss. The kidney’s failure to efficiently drain toxins out of the system causes these symptoms. Adequate fluid consumption, preferably 8–10 cups per day, may help avoid dehydration and keep the body’s natural detoxification system running smoothly. Although water is beneficial, in extreme heat or during heavy exertion, more than simply water may be required.

Coconut water has an electrolyte composition that is comparable to that of human blood, making it an excellent beverage for replacing fluids and removing toxins from the body. Potassium, in particular, may assist to mitigate some of the detrimental consequences of a high-sodium processed diet.

5. Decrease Muscle Tension and Stress

It’s nearly as relaxing as getting a massage! Coconut water contains electrolytes such as calcium and magnesium, which may aid with stress and muscular tension. Many of us are deficient in these essential minerals, making stress management even more difficult. Calcium aids calm muscular relaxation in addition to keeping healthy teeth and bones. Calcium supplementation may help keep all of our muscles, including our heart muscle, relaxed, reducing the risk of heart attacks. (10)

Magnesium has earned the moniker “relaxation mineral.” Its major role is to aid relaxation in the parasympathetic nervous system. It also aids in the production of serotonin, popularly known as the “feel-good hormone.” (11)

Magnesium and calcium operate in tandem to keep muscles relaxed. Coconut water has both of these minerals, so drink enough of it on a stressful day to keep calm and relaxed.

Coconut Milk vs. Coconut Water

Coconut water is often confused with coconut milk. Coconut milk, which is thicker, sweeter, and more dense, is derived from the flesh of the coconut and is higher in fat and calories. It’s also heavy in calories, but it’s also abundant in vitamins and healthful saturated fats. A cup of coconut milk has around 552 calories, however a cup of coconut water contains just 46 calories! Whew!

Coconut milk is high in potassium, manganese, magnesium, folate, calcium, and selenium, and so offers several health advantages.

Also, although coconut milk is heavy in fat, it’s crucial to realize that the saturated fat in coconut oil and coconut milk contains medium chain fatty acids, which are really excellent for you! They are quickly available by your body since they may be utilised by your brain without passing through your digestive system.

Coconut milk is a wonderful dairy alternative for baking and cooking because of its excellent flavor and texture.

Where to Buy the Best Coconut Water

Look for coconut water in a fresh, green coconut instead of the packaged version; it’s a little more difficult to open, but it’s a lot of fun to drink. It’s also free of added sugar, preservatives, and pasteurization. It is by far the healthiest and most tasty option.

Coconuts are perishable and may be found in the chilled area of health food shops. The coconut water should be kept refrigerated and drunk within 3–5 days if it has been opened.

If you can’t locate a fresh, green coconut, cold-pressured coconut water is a good alternative. It’s very mildly processed using high pressure rather than heat. This subjected the water to high pressure in order to kill microorganisms while retaining a higher quantity of vitamins and minerals.

If coconut water does not need to be refrigerated, it has most likely been pasteurized to keep it fresh. Pasteurization involves heating liquids to a high temperature in order to kill germs, however this also destroys many of the product’s inherent vitamins and minerals.

Coconut water from a concentrate should be avoided. In general, any fruit or vegetable that is concentrated loses nutrients throughout the process; consequently, it is always ideal to pick alternatives that are not concentrated.

Many firms add sugars or other tastes to coconuts in order to make it more “flavorful.” Many firms also add flavors to disguise the fact that their coconut water is made from mature coconuts, which have a more bitter and acidic taste than young coconuts. (13)

Coconut waters with additional tastes or sugar should be avoided. There should be no additional fruit juices, natural or artificial substances, or anything else that would imply that the water has been altered in any manner as the main element.

Ways to Have Fun

This beverage may be consumed in a variety of ways. Coconut water, commonly known as coco water, goes well with grape since grape and coconut are a delightful combination. It’s also good in a smoothie.

If you want to improve your digestive and immune systems, eating and drinking probiotic foods is a fantastic way to start. Coconut kefir water is also a fantastic choice if you have a dairy intolerance.

Kefir is a cultured dairy product that is high in probiotics and one of the most probiotic-rich meals available. It provides many health advantages for persons with gastrointestinal difficulties as well as those who have been overprescribed antibiotics owing to its high probiotic content.

Kefir has traditionally been produced by combining kefir grains with dairy, such as milk. Kefir grains are little kernels that contain a precise balance of yeast and bacteria, rather than real grains.

Despite the fact that most individuals can take kefir even if they can’t stomach dairy, some people may be sensitive to it or have a dairy allergy. Fortunately, coconut water may also be fermented into kefir, allowing everyone to benefit from this wonderful beverage. This is a fantastic coconut water recipe that you can prepare at home!

Water Drinking Benefits for Skin, Digestion, Weight Loss, and More

Super Hydrator Juice (recipe)

If you find coconut water alone to be too bland, consider combining it with different fruit juices – just make sure you use 100 percent juice. For best hydration, here’s a recipe for my Super Hydrator Juice drink, which includes coconut water as well as other fruit and vegetable juices – 100 percent juice in all cases.


  • coconut water, 4 oz.
  • 4 stalks celery
  • 1 cucumber, whole
  • 1 lime, peeled


In a juicer, combine all of the ingredients. Stir gently and consume right away.

Last Thoughts

Coconut water has so many health advantages that you should consider include it as a beverage in your daily routine for maximum hydration. It should not be used in lieu of ordinary water, but it may be a fantastic sugar-free and calorie-free alternative to other drinks.

When purchasing commercial brands, keep in mind that some may lack the nutrients present in natural water. Many products include a lot of added sugar or preservatives, which might alter the nutritional advantages of this delicious dessert.

Coconut water is beneficial to your health. That’s why you should drink it: it has a long list of health advantages, including cardioprotection and the prevention of cancer and other ailments. So take it all in!

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