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TYM Receives Prestigious Home Theater Design Award

TYM has been awarded the prestigious Home Theater Design Award by International Furniture Fair, a leading design fair in Europe. The award recognizes TYM’s innovative approach to building high-quality home theaters that are both trendy and affordable.

TYM’s latest design award is a testament to the company’s commitment towards quality and innovation. The new product, TYM Home Theater System, has been given an Award of Excellence from the prestigious InnoVision Design Awards for 2018.To honor the best design in its category, TYM’s home theater system was awarded a prestigious Home Theater Design Award from The International Forum of Interior Architects.

TYM Receives Prestigious Home Theater Design Award. TYM, a company that produces home theater systems, has received the prestigious “Design Award” from the International Interior Design Association.

THE HOLLADAY FILM FILM FILM FILM FILM FILM The rear of the Holladay Cinema is open to the home’s leisure rooms, creating an open-concept design. The Sony 4K HDR projector projects amazing visuals onto a giant, custom-built 16-foot wide-screen, making this the ideal area for hosting a big game night. An immersive 3D audio experience is created by 11 Paradigm speakers. 

The finest video and audio quality is provided via a 4K HDR Kaleidescape movie server, 4K Blu-ray player, and 4K video tiling. Clients may not only watch movies in the theater, but they can also monitor security cameras, including those that cover the outside go-kart track, thanks to video distribution. For large gatherings, they may also show the same movie or ball game—full screen or video tiled—on the cinema screen and the game room TV at the same time.

The newest in high-end home automation, including voice control, is included in this ultimate entertainment zone. Savant Pro automation allows you to control anything from the lights to the video sources from your phone, tablet, or voice command. When you say “turn on movie time,” the projector, sound system, and movie server all switch on. When you say “turn on snack time,” the movie will halt and the lights in the theater and kitchenette will dim.

A unique Tym Signature Star Ceiling made of 7 kilometers of fiber optic thread hangs in the Holladay Cinema. During construction, each of the 1,200 stars was hand-placed in the sheetrock before a cosmic mural was painted on the ceiling to complement the twinkling stars. 

The room, which measures 21 feet wide by 30 feet deep, has three rows of motorized chairs on distinct levels, as well as a lower level for bean bags. A bar in the rear allows the family to host a big group of people. 

Tree Haven Homes was the general contractor on this project, which was designed by Danielle Loryn Design. During the 2017 Salt Lake Parade of Homes, the Holladay Cinema was viewed by almost 15,000 people. For the last five years, Tym has collaborated with Tree Haven Homes to provide the most cutting-edge home technology to the Parade of Homes.

The “best home theater systems” is a prestigious award that TYM has received. It’s the first time that an audio company has won this award.

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