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Why is Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue?

The Ring Doorbell is an internet-connected device that you can install on your front door and use to see when someone’s at the door. It alerts you via text or video, and it comes in three colors: black, white, or stainless steel. The color of your Ring Doorbell indicates how well its battery functions are doing – blue means there’s still plenty of juice left for a few more notifications before needing a charge; yellow means the battery needs to be charged soon; red means you need to replace it because it won’t keep working long enough.

The “ring doorbell flashing blue and not connecting” is a common problem that many users have encountered. The issue is usually caused by the Ring Doorbell being too far away from your WiFi router.

Do you have a Ring Doorbell with a flashing blue light?

This is one of the most often seen messages. Learn more about this and other blue light messages in the sections below.

Why is the Ring Doorbell Blue in Color?

Through the round circular light on the front of the doorbell, your Ring Doorbell provides status and fault alerts.

Depending on whether it is solid or flickering, the pace at which it blinks, or which area of the circle is lit, this light sends out varied signals.

The following are the primary meanings of a blue Ring Doorbell light:

  1. When a standard doorbell is pressed, a spinning blue light appears. When the Ring Doorbell detects a prospective call, the light on the device will turn blue.
  2. When you answer a call or connect to your Ring Doorbell, you will see a steady blue glow. This signifies that the doorbell speaker has been activated and that someone is connected and listening.
  3. If you observe an upward rising blue light, it means your Ring Doorbell is attempting to connect to your WiFi network. This is usual during setup, but if you see it at other times, you may have a WiFi connectivity issue.
  4. 1 Second On – 1 Second Off Flashing Blue Light — A one-second flashing blue light indicates that the Ring Doorbell is beginning or booting. If this continues for a long time without stopping, your doorbell may be trapped in a boot loop.
  5. Four blue LEDs flash four times in a row – There’s nothing to be concerned about here. This just signifies that your Ring Doorbell was properly configured.
  6. Rapid Blue Lights Flashing, Then White — This sequence of lights signifies that your Ring Doorbell has successfully finished a factory reset.
  7. Flashing Blue on the Top Half — This might imply one of two things. A incorrect password is shown by the top half blinking blue during setup. The Ring Doorbell is now powered and charged after being set up.

On the Ring website, you can view visualizations for these lights.

While charging, the Ring Pro flashes blue.

If you have a Ring Pro, it may begin to flash as soon as you begin the installation procedure. This is typical and signals that the internal power cell in the Ring Pro is charging.

What you’ll see:

Ring Pro is charging in order to finish the setup. Blue LED Blinking & Slowly Filling the Circle – Ring Pro is charging in order to complete the setup. The light is a charging meter that turns off after the battery is completely charged. You may continue the setup procedure on your Ring Pro after it has been fully charged.

Projects for the Ring Doorbell

After you’ve set up your Ring Doorbell, you may try out some of the projects listed below.

  1. Create a Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime — When your doorbell button is touched, have any or all of your Alexa devices ring.
  2. Ring Doorbell on TV – Use your Fire TV to see your Ring Doorbell.
  3. Set up Ring Two Factor Authentication — Protect your Ring Doorbell video feeds by enabling two-factor authentication.
  4. Smart Locks for Ring Doorbell – Use the Ring app to control your door lock.

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Ring doorbells use a blue light to indicate that they are connected to your home Wi-Fi. If you’re seeing a blue light, it means the device is not spinning. Reference: ring doorbell flashing not spinning.

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