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5 Best Smart Alarm Clocks in 2021

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the best smart alarm clock. Here are five of our favorite picks that won’t break your budget.

The “best smart alarm clocks 2021” is a list of the 5 best smart alarm clocks in 2021. The list includes the top rated and most popular models.

A smart alarm clock is a gadget that uses a range of smart technologies to enhance your everyday waking routine. Some smart alarm clocks use calming lights to help you get a better night’s sleep. Other smart clocks softly wake you up rather than abruptly. You can now adjust the way you wake up with a smart alarm clock to meet your specific demands.

A smart alarm clock may help you sleep better and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. However, finding the finest smart alarm clock features that work for you might be tough.

This article will lead you through the top smart alarm clock alternatives so you can select the ideal one for you.

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Today’s Best Smart Alarm Clocks

The greatest smart alarm clocks for your bedroom are listed here.

5th Echo Show

Echo Show 5 – Compact smart display with Alexa - Charcoal

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is a 5.5-inch screen-equipped Alexa smart speaker. This is an excellent bedside smart alarm clock because of the device’s size and ever-increasing smart capabilities.

You can set alarms with your voice on the Echo Show 5 and snooze them by hitting the top of the alarm. It also features an ambient dawn mode that gradually increases the brightness of the screen 15 minutes before your alarm to imitate a sunrise.

This alarm clock is the most powerful on the list, with extra capabilities that expand its use much beyond that of a standard alarm clock.

This gadget, in particular, can:

  • Take command of your smart home.
  • Display current weather conditions in your area.
  • Show current traffic conditions.
  • Play breaking news, movie trailers, and other videos from across the country.
  • Listen to audiobooks and music.
  • Video calls are possible.
  • plus a lot more

Because of its privacy settings, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is the perfect Alexa gadget for your bedroom. The Echo Show 5 features a simple button for turning off the microphone and a real camera shutter for covering up the footage.

In comparison to its sister product, the Amazon Echo Show, it is a perfect bedside companion because to its smaller, more compact form. Its video screen can also link to other platforms like Ring, allowing you to see who is at your front door or peek into the baby’s nursery from the comfort of your own bed.

All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with clock and Alexa - Sandstone

Don’t want to see the video? The Echo Dot has all of the same features as the Echo but doesn’t have the display or the ambient sunrise function.


  • Display of video
  • There are many clock faces available.
  • To sleep, smack
  • Feature of dawn in the background
  • Alexa provides voice control.
  • Size is small.


  • Other clocks have a brighter dim setting than this one.
  • Alarms do not have a battery backup.

2. Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light by Philips

Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp, Smartphone Enabled with Built-in Bedroom Monitor (HF3670/60)

This smart alarm clock gadget doubles as a therapy lamp, allowing you to wake up gradually in the soft light of a dawn. There are four morning light themes included in the alarm, including a multicolored sunrise or sunset.

The Philips Somneo is a high-end smart alarm with temperature, noise, light, and humidity sensors integrated in. This information is used by the Somneo app to assist you in creating the perfect sleeping environment for your greatest sleep.

From your smartphone, you can manage and configure light, color, sleep, and wake settings with the sleep-mapper app. Setting advanced alarms for weekends or weekdays exclusively is one example. This gadget also has a guided breathing program to help you fall asleep quicker.

The Philips Somneo also has an FM radio so you can wake up to music and a power backup so you don’t miss an alarm in the event of a power loss.


  • Sunrise light alarm with several colors (Clinically-validated)
  • There are a variety of natural wake-up sounds to choose from.
  • Temperature, noise, light, and humidity are all monitored via sensors.
  • Advanced alarms may be created via smartphone connection.
  • A fully dimmable light display is available.
  • Back-up battery (8 hours)


  • Other smart alarm clocks are more pricey.
  • Some people may not like the appearance.

3. Philips Alarm Clock with Wake-Up Light

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, White (HF3500/60)

If you want a Philips morning light, the Philips Wake-Up Light is a wonderful deal. This smart alarm and light, like the Somneo, has been professionally proved to improve your sleep and help you wake up feeling more refreshed.

The Philips Wake-up Brightness simulates the steady light of a dawn to help you wake up naturally. It offers you with natural light that gradually brightens over 30 minutes, softly waking you up. The light passes through 1 million light phases, creating a seamless transition similar to that of a genuine dawn. Other lights just alter the brightness in large stages every minute, which doesn’t seem as natural.

If the lighting technology fails, the Philips Wake-up Alarm also has a buzzer function and a speaker that may be used as a backup alarm.

Another advantage is that this alarm also serves as a reading light!


  • Simulation of a sunrise (1 million light stages)
  • Clinically proven to help you sleep better
  • Alarm with a beeping backup (tap to snooze)
  • Excellent value (affordable)
  • ten different brightness levels
  • It’s possible to use it as a reading light.


  • Only one hue shines: yellow.
  • Only beeping is used as a sound alarm.
  • There is no battery backup.

Soundfreaq Sound Rise (No. 4)

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Black (SFQ-08) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker + Alarm Clock with FM Radio and USB Charger

The Soundfreaq is a classic alarm clock radio with a few modern features. This smart alarm clock is small enough to fit on a nightstand and can wake you up with music, radio, or a chime.

The alarm clock has wireless Bluetooth functionality, so you can sync it with your smartphone and wake up to music. Dual alarm settings for weekday and weekend alarms, slow sound wake-up so you are not jolted awake, and a nap or sleep timer are among the alarm possibilities.

You may reduce the brightness of the display on the Soundfreaq, which can help you sleep better at night. You may also set the gadget in entire black-out mode, which provides complete darkness and may benefit certain sleepers who are preoccupied.

The Soundfreaq Sound Rise smart alarm also has a USB charging connector for charging your phone, tablet, or other gadgets while you sleep. Perfect for charging your phone and syncing it with Bluetooth to listen to music.


  • Bluetooth compatibility (alarms using music from your phone)
  • Brightness adjustments that may be adjusted
  • For complete darkness, use the black-out mode.
  • Music lovers will like the high-quality sound.
  • Design with a wood-like appearance.
  • Back-up battery
  • USB port for charging


  • On the nightstand, it’s a little too big.
  • Buttons that are difficult to operate at night
  • Snooze and sleep timers have fixed durations.
  • Radio usage necessitates the use of an external antenna.

What to Look for in a Smart Alarm Clock

Before you purchase, take some time to examine your sleeping patterns. This will assist you in selecting the finest smart alarm clock for your specific requirements. Knowing your sleeping patterns can help you choose which functions are most important in a smart alarm clock.

For example, if you have problems falling asleep at night, you should look for an alarm clock that meets your needs. Some clocks provide a soft, soothing glow that aids in falling asleep quickly. While you’re attempting to sleep, other alarm clocks may play peaceful, relaxing music for you.

Do you despise the sound of a blaring alarm clock in the morning? Other alternatives provide a variety of possibilities. Instead of generating a loud noise, some alarm clocks vibrate or use light to wake you up. Other clocks can gently wake you up with music and volume options that you may customize.

The Advantages of Smart Alarm Clocks

Smart alarm clocks are more than simply a dreaded sound you have to listen to every day.

They change your sleeping pattern.

Smart alarm clocks may change your sleep routine, allowing you to be more productive throughout the day. These alarm clocks may even assist you in developing a new sleep regimen by waking you up a few minutes earlier every day if desired. As a result of your body being acclimated to getting up earlier, you will feel more energized throughout the day.

They’re dependable.

Instead of investing the money on a smart alarm clock, some individuals would rather use their phone, tablet, or another basic sort of alarm clock. However, relying only on these gadgets to wake up might backfire if the device malfunctions or is not enough charged. As a result, having a gadget that just serves as an alarm clock may be preferable.

They have intelligent traits.

There’s a reason why smart alarm clocks are named smart. They include clever features that make them superior to ordinary alarm clocks that just show the time and sound an alarm. The most recent smart alarm clocks have innovative functions that make waking up simpler. For example, some of the newest alarm clocks include smart capabilities that can adjust the time you get up based on traffic, weather, or other variables.

Before you buy a smart alarm clock, think about the following points.

At different price ranges, smart alarm clocks come with a variety of features and advantages. Because no two smart alarm clocks are alike, there are a few factors to consider before choosing on the best smart alarm clock for you.

Alarm System Types

Smart alarm clocks may have a lot of capabilities, but the most important feature is that they get you out of bed motivated and ready for the day. With this in mind, you should choose a smart alarm clock that effectively wakes you up. Smart alarm clocks employ three different approaches to wake you up.

  1. Sound — Unlike traditional alarm clocks, smart alarm clocks do not use a loud siren to wake you up. Some alarm clocks let you create your own wake-up music playlist. Others include a wide range of relaxing natural sounds. Are you a restless sleeper who need a louder sound? Or are you a light sleeper who may quickly be roused by the sound of nature?
  2. Light – The greatest smart alarm clocks can use light to gently wake you up. These alarms are designed to seem like a dawn and gradually light a room. The light softly awakens you at the most opportune period in your sleep cycle. This makes you feel more rested and prepared for the day ahead.
  3. Heavy sleepers need a bit extra encouragement to get out of bed in the morning. Vibration and physical actions may help. Smart alarms that vibrate you awake or require you to physically get out of bed to turn off the alarm are available for you.


You should think about the smart clock’s design and the amount of complexity you need. Consider the advantages of an appealing design vs factors such as user-friendliness and cost. You should also think about how your smart alarm clock fits in with the rest of your room’s decor.

Inventive Features

You should go through each alarm clock’s distinct smart features and decide which ones are definitely important for you. Keep in mind the “good to have” possibilities as well. The characteristics should be unique to your scenario. This includes whether it connects to your phone, how it wakes you up, and if it has any sleep pattern customization options. Consider functions other than sleep, such as managing smart home devices and monitoring security cameras.


Smart alarm clocks come in a wide range of prices. You should strike a balance between price and quality while keeping the features you want in a smart alarm clock. However, rather of seeing this purchase as just an electrical equipment, you should consider it as an investment in your sleep quality.


Overall, each of the smart alarm clocks on our list is capable of providing you with a number of useful functions. It may come down to what characteristics are most essential to you in an alarm clock when choosing the correct smart alarm clock.

The Alexa-enabled Echo Show 5 is a small smart display featuring Alexa.

  • Alexa is ready to assist you on this 5.5-inch smart display.
  • Manage your calendar, create to-do lists, get weather and traffic alerts, and follow along with recipes while cooking.
  • Movies, news, and TV series are all available to watch. Songs, radio stations, and audiobooks are all available to listen to.
  • Control compatible devices with your voice or use the display to manage them.
  • With compatible Echo devices, Alexa apps, or Skype, you can make voice or video calls to friends and family.
  • Choose a favorite clock face or album from Amazon Photos to personalize. To begin your day, set up routines and alarms.
  • With the mic/camera off button or the built-in camera shutter, you can maintain your privacy.

Because of its interoperability and smart home connection capabilities, the Amazon Echo Show 5 would be beneficial to anybody using smart home devices. However, since it has a lot of technical functions, it shouldn’t be neglected as an alarm clock. You may pick from a variety of clock faces, set several alarms by voice (for next Monday, every weekend, etc. ), and wake up to your favorite music with the Echo Show 5. It also features an ambient dawn function, similar to other specialised gadgets, that enables you to wake up with light. For most people, this alarm clock is the most adaptable option.

One of the Philips smart alarm clocks may be a better choice for individuals who like more complex dawn features for awakening. These gadgets have been scientifically shown to aid sleep.

Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp with Built-in Bedroom Monitor (HF3670/60) is a smartphone-enabled sleep and wake-up light therapy lamp with a built-in bedroom monitor.

  • Smartphone-enabled connected light therapy lamp and dawn alarm clock with built-in bedroom sensor for generating your perfect resting and rising environment.
  • The AmbiTrack sensor detects the temperature, noise, light, and humidity conditions in your bedroom and provides suggestions for improved sleep.
  • The SleepMapper App allows you to customize your alarm, light, sound, and new colorful dawn and sunset themes from your smartphone.
  • Relax with the RelaxBreathe light-guided breathing program before going to sleep. A colorful dawn will help you wake up naturally.
  • Clinically approved wake-up light with premium features such as FM radio, battery backup, USB mobile phone charging, AUX dock with high-quality speaker, full dim clock, and smart touch display.

A smart alarm clock is a terrific addition to any bedroom, regardless of which model you choose. Who doesn’t want to feel ready to take on the day when they wake up?

P.S. If you have a question, want to assist someone else, or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

The “google smart clock” is a smart alarm clock that has been designed by Google. It features a touch screen, voice recognition, and Google Assistant support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which smart clock is the best?

A: I dont know.

What is the most popular alarm clock?

A: The most popular alarm clock is the one that wakes you up by shouting your name. It has a loud voice, which would wake anyone up.

Is there an alarm clock that I can control with my phone?

A: While there are some alarm clocks that you can control with your phone, none of them currently support voice commands. If the clock is a Phillips Hue, then it will require controlling with their smartphone application .

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