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How Much Does Savant Audio Cost

Savant Audio has many features including a highly-customizable speaker, auto music recognition, and AI voice assistants. They are the future of smart home speakers – but is it worth the price?

The “savant s2 host package price” is a smart speaker that can be found at a cost of $299. The device includes 3 microphones and 2 speakers.

Here’s a basic breakdown of how a Savant Audio system works and how much it costs.

Savant, like Control4, can work with third-party solutions like Sonos, Autonomic, Alexa, and others.

But for this piece, I’m only going to show you Savant-specific or Savant-manufactured goods.

If this is your first time reading a ‘What’s It Cost?’ topic, make sure to watch our 30-second video explaining how our pricing works.

Savant Hosts are a group of people that have a lot of knowledge

The ‘Music Servers,’ unlike Control4, are distinct from the Savant Hosts. As a result, you don’t need to include them in your budget.

However, the Savant Host has a restriction on the number of audio-enabled rooms you may have in your home. As a result, I’d want you to be aware of how it works.

There are three hosts in Savant.

Savant Audio Solutions is a company that provides audio solutions.

Savant offers two audio options. They provide separate Matrix and Amplifier solutions, as well as a Savant Pro Audio 4 is a professional audio system. all-in-one solution.

Amplifiers and Savant Matrix

The Audio Matrix by Savant has 20 audio zones and 32 sound inputs. It has a retail price of $2,500.

With your Matrix, you’ll also need Amplifiers. Savant has three options. For 8 Channel Amplifiers, they provide two alternative versions.

The first provides 40 watts per channel, while the second provides 120 watts per channel. A 16-channel amplifier is also available.

Music Server Savant

You’ll also need a Savant Music Server if you’re utilizing the Savant Matrix and Amplifiers. Each server offers 1 Internet Music Stream (Pandora, Spotify, etc.).

You’ll need to buy extra music servers if you want more than one stream of Internet music at a time.

SMS-100AM Savant Music Server

Savant Music Server

Savant Pro Audio 4

The Savant Pro Audio 4 combines an audio switch and an amplifier into one unit. The name is a tad deceiving.

It’s a six-zone audio switch with four zones of amplification and one music stream. Both the 5th and 6th zones will need individual amplifiers.

The 6th zone necessitates the purchase of a specialized amplifier with IP or Serial Volume Control, which may be rather costly.

As a result, when designing a system with a Pro Audio 4, we normally arrange the system as if each Pro Audio 4 supports five audio zones.

Savant Pro Audio 4

The Pro Audio 4 is unique in that it can be stacked to accommodate bigger projects. Up to 96 zones will be supported by the Pro Audio 4s. Each new Pro Audio 4 adds a fresh music stream to the mix.

The Pro Audio 4 is network-based and built for the next AV over IP trend. When you add another Pro Audio 4, you’ll need a specific Network Switch from Savant.

Savant MOTU AVB Switch

Up to four extra Pro Audio 4s may be connected to each MOTU AVB Switch.

Average Price Per Room

As usual, we prefer to provide you with an average pricing per room so you can estimate your budget.

To make sure we’re on the same page, we add $105 for Prewire, which includes speaker wire and brackets, and $100 for a pair of value line speakers.

$867 – $617 Matrix & Amplifier

This comprises 1-3 Music Servers, as well as amplification in 8-20 rooms and speakers. This method is actually suitable for bigger applications using Savant.

In compared to other options, here is when it begins to become quite cost efficient.

$785 per room for Savant Pro Audio 4

The fifth zone of the Pro Audio 4 needs a separate amplifier. As a result, we’ve included prices for the individual amplifier, five pairs of speakers, and the Pro Audio 4.

The cost for Savant Pro Audio 4 is a bit misleading since the 5th and 6th zones will have their own amplifiers.

These amplifiers are often used to power zones such as a covered deck with many speakers.

So the average price per room will likely be less than $785, but that’s how it looks on paper.

Do you have any Savant-related questions?

If you have any questions regarding a possible Savant Project, please email us here, and we’ll do our best to address them. Savant is currently being sent all across the United States.

The “crestron vs savant” is a question that has been asked for a while. Crestron is one of the most popular brands in the world, but they are not as widely known in the US. Savant Audio is an American company that specializes in audio equipment. They offer some really great home theater solutions at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Savant cost?

A: Savant is currently available for pre-sale and will be released in the future. The price tag at this time could not be disclosed due to its unknown release date.

Is a savant system worth it?

A: The savant system can be very helpful for some people, but it is not necessary. Some games that benefit from this include Portal and Starcraft II.

How much is a savant host?

A: This one is tricky. The price of a savant host varies depending on the size, what it comes with and how much you want to spend. However, here are some prices for reference:

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