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Alexa Drop In

The ability to control your home with voice commands has been a long time coming, and now it’s finally here. The Amazon Echo was the first device that allowed you to activate Alexa by saying “Alexa” out loud but there are other devices on the market today as well. These devices can also be controlled via text chat or email so they’re less of an eyesore in your living room.

Alexa Drop In is a feature that allows you to use your Amazon Echo or Dot as an intercom. With this feature, you can ask Alexa to drop in on a friend’s conversation and listen in. The history of the last few drops in will be saved for later listening. Read more in detail here: alexa drop in history.

The Alexa Drop In is one of Amazon Alexa’s greatest features. It works similarly to an intercom system, allowing you to connect and converse with other Alexa-enabled devices instantaneously. The best thing is that the person on the other end of the line does not have to answer your voice or video call. It connects on its own. While this is a useful option when you can’t reach someone, it does need some care. Do you want to find yourself in an uncomfortable situation?

To get us started, here are a few pranks that may either terrify someone in your home or make them chuckle.

Pranks With Alexa – Have Some Fun With Your Family And Friends

Did you know that if you start a statement with “Alexa, announce…”, Alexa will repeat what you just said to all of your household’s devices? So there you have it! You might utilize this function to make Alexa seem to be speaking on her own and frighten your children. For example, if you have a sneaking suspicion that one of them is up to no good, make it seem as though Alexa is spying on them. Even something as simple as “I see you!” might send shivers down their spine.


What Is Alexa Drop In, and How Does It Work?

Now, let’s get down to business: what is Alexa Drop In and how does it work? Drop In is an Alexa function that lets you connect with Alexa-enabled devices both inside and outside your home (more on that later). This is a good alternative to stumbling up and down the stairs and yelling from the hallway to grab people’s attention in bigger houses.

Your contact must grant you permission to Drop In on them before you can use this function. This implies that in order to utilize this function, you must grant yourself permission to access all of your household’s devices.

When you Drop In on a gadget, its light ring will turn green first, and then the device will instantly connect to you. Depending on whether it’s a video or audio conversation, you and your call receiver will hear or see anything within range of the device once it connects.

If you’re using a screen device, you’ll have a few seconds to prepare since it starts with a sound alarm and then transitions to a frosted glass movie before clearing.

How Do I Make Alexa Drop In Work For Me?

Drop-In Tutorial with Alexa

To begin utilizing this unique function, you must first sign up for calls and messages on the Alexa app, and then activate it on all of your devices.

How To Allow Alexa To Make Drop-In Calls And Messages

  1. Install the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet (if you haven’t already) and log in.
  2. Select “Conversations” from the drop-down menu (an icon at the bottom of your screen that looks like a little text bubble)
  3. You’ll be asked to confirm your name, provide access to your contacts, and then use an SMS code to authenticate your phone number.
  4. Expand the menu by tapping the ‘Hamburger’ symbol once you’ve completed the verification steps.
  5. Select the Echo device you want to activate from the ‘Settings’ menu.
  6. Tap ‘General,’ then ‘Drop In,’ and finally ‘On,’ if it isn’t already on.
  7. To guarantee that the functionality only works with devices in your home, tap ‘Drop In’ and then ‘My Household Only.’
  8. Follow the steps above for each device you wish to enable.

Device Naming

If you have many devices, one of the most crucial procedures is to name them. This will make giving Alexa orders much simpler, allowing you to make the most of the capability. To name your devices, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app and choose the ‘Hamburger’ option from the menu.
  2. Select the device you want to rename from the ‘Settings’ menu.
  3. Select ‘Edit Name’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Delete the existing name and replace it with one that accurately describes the device. You could, for example, use a device location like ‘Girls’ room’ or ‘Kitchen.’
  5. Rename all devices using the same technique, then quit the program.
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What Is Alexa Drop In And How Do I Use It With My Echo Devices?

It’s time to get down to business now that you’ve completed the setup procedure. Once you’ve figured out which command to use, using the functionality is pretty straightforward. Take a look at some of the most frequent Drop In commands you’ll encounter:

Drop-In Commands for Alexa

  1. Taking a Look at Your Echo Devices

You must indicate the device you want to connect if you have many devices in your house or workplace. Simply put, say:

You may also use the following phrase:

This command will cause her to provide you with a list of all available devices from which to choose.

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  1. Visiting With A Contact (Even In Another House)

Drop In is only available to contacts who possess Echo devices and have granted you permission to use it. For example, if you want to Drop In on Grandma, tell her to download the Alexa app and sign up for Alexa Calling and Messaging, just like you did. After you’ve enabled Drop In, all you have to do now is say:

Remember to pronounce the name precisely as it appears on your contact list. It’s worth mentioning that if you’re using a video-enabled device like the Echo Show, you may disable video. Simply put:

  1. Using Alexa to Make Announcements

‘Announcements’ is a function that allows you to send messages to your smart home’s Echo devices. It works similarly to an intercom function in that it enables you to connect immediately without having to wait for someone to answer your call. It does not, however, allow for two-way audio.

Use any of the following Drop In instructions to broadcast a message:

  • “Alexa, broadcast [message] to everyone”
  • “Alexa, please read [message]”
  • “Alexa, broadcast [message],” says the speaker.

Alexa will ring on every device in the home and announce “Announcement” in response to your commands. She’ll then repeat your message, such as “It’s dinnertime,” for example.

  1. Drop In From Your Phone, Alexa

To utilize Drop In on your phone, you’ll need to download the Amazon Alexa app. The process is rather simple:

  • Toggle to the ‘Conversations’ icon in your app.
  • When you tap ‘Drop In,’ you’ll see a list of your contacts and Echo devices who have the functionality turned on for you.
  • Select the person you wish to contact, and a Drop In will begin.
  1. What’s the best way for me to get in using Fire Tablets?

Follow these easy instructions to utilize Drop In on your Fire tablet:

  1. On the tablet’s drop-down menu, choose ‘Settings.’
  2. Toggle on ‘Alexa’ by tapping it. Also, turn on ‘Hands-free Mode.’
  3. Toggle on ‘Calling and Messaging’ under ‘Communications.’
  4. Drop In should be turned on.
  5. You have the option of activating Drop In for your whole home or selecting ‘Preferred Contacts.’
  6. Select ‘Announcements’ and toggle it to ‘Enabled’ after you’ve completed that step.

What Is Alexa’s Drop-In Auto-Answer and How Does It Work?

The fact that the person on the other end does not have to accept the request distinguishes the Alexa call capability from Drop In. Rather, it is a computer-assisted procedure. The automated Alexa Drop In response, on the other hand, only applies if you have the necessary permissions.

Essentially, auto-answer only works if the Drop In function is enabled on the other end of the line. If you’re calling someone from your Alexa contact list, the person you’re contacting must have enabled the functionality for auto-answer to operate.

Drop In Alexa End/Cancel

Stopping a Drop It’s simple in conversation; just say, “Alexa, hang up.”

Drop In Alexa’s Privacy

“How can I ban and unblock Alexa Drop In?” is a question that many Drop In users commonly ask. You may temporarily stop Drop In to prevent calls and texts from flowing through when you need some privacy. You must choose or schedule the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature in order to do this.

What is the procedure for turning off Alexa Drop In?

  • Open the Alexa app and choose the Menu option.
  • Select ‘Device Settings’ from the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Choose the device you wish to turn off.
  • ‘Communications’ is the first option, followed by ‘Drop In.’
  • Drop the ‘On’ switch to ‘Off’.
  • Select ‘My Home’ if you wish to limit Drop In access to individuals in your household.
  • If you wish to switch off several devices, repeat the step above for each device.

“Alexa, do not disturb me,” you may say instead. “Alexa, turn off Do Not Disturb,” say when you’re ready to turn it back on.

What is the best way to schedule Do Not Disturb?

If you wish to deactivate the function at various periods during the day, follow these steps:

  • Select the ‘Devices’ icon in your Alexa app.
  • Choose your device.
  • If it’s turned off, tap ‘Do Not Disturb’ and turn it on.
  • Select ‘Scheduled’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Set the period you wish to deactivate by tapping ‘Start’ and ‘End’. Come in for a visit.

I’m not sure how I’ll know whether Drop In is on or off.

Go to the Alexa app’s Settings and click ‘Communications’ under the general section to see whether your Drop In is on or off. Check if ‘Drop In’ is turned on, off, or in Household Calls mode. Adjust the parameters to your liking.

Alternatively, you may check the status indicator light on your smart speaker. Alexa’s Drop In colors will indicate whether or not you are on a call. There will be a pulsating green light when you have an incoming call. A spinning blue light that finishes in a purple flash, on the other hand, indicates that your smartphone is in Do Not Disturb mode and cannot accept calls.

Drop-In Permissions for Alexa

Given how invasive the function is, Amazon has provided options for dealing with privacy issues. Drop In permissions enable you to control who and when may contact you. They are as follows:

  • All contacts who have authorization to Drop In on you are able to do so.
  • Off – this toggles the switch. You can’t connect to other devices or contacts if you’re dropped in.
  • Only My Household – this feature enables you to filter out everyone else and restrict Drop In to devices in your home.

Is It Possible To Add Contacts To Alexa Drop In?

Unless you give them permission, your contacts will not be able to drop in on you unexpectedly. As a result, you’ll need to go through your contact list and grant permission to particular people to contact you. Similarly, they must enable you to drop in on them.

To enable Drop In for your contacts, follow these steps:

  • Tap ‘Conversations’ on your Alexa app.
  • Select the Contacts icon (shaped like a person)
  • From the contact list, choose the name you want.
  • Toggle on “Anytime Contact Can Drop In”

Go to ‘Contacts’ and then pick yourself to see all the contacts you’ve granted permission to Drop In on you. You’ll find a list of everyone who can contact you under ‘Others Who Can Drop In On My Devices.’ Tap ‘Remove’ if you no longer want a certain contact to Drop In on you.

What Devices Are Alexa Drop In Compatible With?

The following devices are compatible with Alexa Drop In:

  • Echo (Amazon) (first, second, third, and fourth generation)
  • Dot Dot (first, second, third, and fourth generation)
  • Plus (Echo) (first and second generation)
  • The Echo Show (audio and video; first, second, and third generation)
  • Spot of Reverb (audio and video)
  • Tablet Fire HD 8
  • Tablet Fire HD 10
  • Smart speakers from Sonos (Sonos Move, Sonos One, and Sonos Beam)

You may also use your Alexa app to access the functionality. However, it will only be able to make calls and not receive them. Drop In is compatible with all Alexa-enabled devices, with the exception of the following:

  • Amazon Connect is a service that allows you to connect
  • Echo Look
  • Tap on Amazon

Drop in on Alexa’s Echo Show

You may enjoy both video and audio when you use Echo Show for Drop In. “Alexa, Drop In on [device or contact name],” say to start a Drop In with Echo Show. “Alexa, video off,” for example, if you don’t want video to play.

Ecobee Alexa Drop In

The Alexa Drop In function is available to anybody who has one of the most recent versions of Ecobee smart thermostats in their house.

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What Can Alexa Drop In Do/Not Do? FAQ: What Can Alexa Drop In Do/Not Do?

These are some of the most typical questions concerning your Alexa Drop In that you could have:

Is it possible for Alexa to visit someone else’s home?

Yes! Alexa has the ability to drop in on someone else’s home. You may Drop In on someone on your contact list if they have granted you permission to do so and connect with a device in their home. If you want them to drop in on your residence as well, give them identical rights.

Can Alexa Interact With Google Home?

No! Alexa Drop In is presently only available on a limited number of Alexa-enabled devices.

Can Alexa be used in meetings?

Yes! You can make audio and video conversations as well as organize virtual conferences with a device like the Echo Show. This might be especially useful for team supervisors who need to communicate with team members on the go.

Is Alexa available on your phone, tablet, or iPad (iOS, Android)?

Alexa can currently only Drop In on the Amazon Fire 8 and 10 tablets. However, although you may Drop In using the Alexa app on your Android or iOS phone, you won’t be able to accept a Drop In call.

Is it possible to use Alexa as a baby monitor?

Yes! One of the features of the function is the ability to drop in on different areas across your home. All you have to do is place an Echo Show in the baby’s room and enable access rights. Simply say, “Alexa, Drop In on [device name, e.g. baby’s room]” whenever you want to check on the infant.

Is it possible for Alexa to join a group?

Yes. Keep in mind, though, that if you utilize Alexa Drop In on a collection of devices, just one of them will respond.

Is it possible for Alexa to appear on several devices at the same time?

Yes. When it comes to announcements, Alexa appears on several devices at the same time. The sole restriction is that listeners or watchers on the other end of the line are unable to reply to the announcement.

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Is it possible for Alexa to appear on Fire TV?

No, there is no simple solution to this question. Drop In is not available on the Amazon Fire TV. It also doesn’t support texting or phoning. If you want to use the function, you’ll need to pair your TV with an Echo device. You may use the combination to access the function since the TV’s remote control has voice capabilities and the Echo supports Drop In.

Is it possible for Alexa to enter quietly?

“Can Alexa Drop In Without Notification?” is another often asked topic. The answer is a resounding nay! Before automated connection, you get a notice in the form of a green pulse on your Echo device when you get a Drop In.

How Can I Tell If Someone Is Watching Alexa?

Before a video chat starts on Echo speakers, you’ll hear three chimes; on Echo Show, you’ll hear both the chimes and a fuzzy screen for 10 seconds before a video chat begins. When someone Drops In, you’ll observe the aforementioned green pulse on any gadget with a ring of light at the top.

Is it possible for Google Home to appear in the same way as Alexa does?

Broadcast is a feature on Google House that acts as an intercom around the smart home. You may use this capability to send a message from one smart speaker to all of the others in the home.

Google Home Broadcast vs. Alexa Drop In

Drop In is superior than Broadcast since it enables you to immediately connect to anybody in your home and beyond and have a two-way discussion. Broadcast is now confined to broadcasting announcements, with no capability for calls or texting.

One of the most notable distinctions between Amazon Alexa and Google Home Broadcast is that Google’s intercom capability enables for two-way communication. For example, if you get a broadcast stating that supper is ready, you might inform the sender that you will be there. Their phone will get the answer.

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Is Alexa a no-cost option?

Yes! Because Alexa Drop In connects to the internet through your Wi-Fi, it is free. As a result, it’s similar to making phone calls through the internet.

Is it possible that Alexa Drop In will be hacked?

Yes! Your Alexa Drop In, like everything else that utilizes technology, may be hacked, particularly if you have an internet connection. Make it a practice to constantly quiet your gadgets while discussing private or intimate subjects to prevent being a victim.

Does Alexa keep track of my drop-in conversations?

Yes! All of your chats, including Drop In, are saved by Alexa. She gets to know you better the more she listens to you, and every interaction is a chance for her to expand her knowledge base. Go to your Amazon account to erase any chats you’ve saved. To delete everything, go to ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ and select ‘Delete.’

Does Alexa Use A Lot Of Data When She Drops In?

The amount of data Alexa Drop In consumes varies by user; for example, someone who uses video calls consumes more bandwidth than someone who uses voice calls. The frequency and length of your Drop In sessions will also have an impact. Utilizing Alexa, on the other hand, will have a higher influence on your electricity cost than using data.

Is it possible for Alexa to come to work with the Ring Doorbell?

Yes! Any Ring doorbell can communicate with an Amazon Echo Show or Spot through two-way communication. “Alexa, answer [doorbell name],” say to begin a discussion with someone at the door. “Alexa, show me [doorbell name],” say to enter live view.

Is it possible for Alexa to come in and work with any doorbells?

Alexa can already establish two-way communication with Ring doorbells but not with others.

Alexa Drop In Works In A List Of Countries

Alexa Drop In is presently only available in a few of places across the globe. It should be noted that improvements are ongoing, and new areas are becoming accessible. However, for the time being, these are the nations in which the functionality is available:

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • India
  • France

It’s just a matter of time until the functionality is accessible in the nations that have yet to be supported. As a result, the best course of action is to wait it out.

Some users, on the other hand, choose to be daring and experiment with various settings in order to get access to services like Drop In that are now inaccessible.

For example, there may be limitations to installing the Alexa app from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore, without which you won’t be able to use the bulk of Alexa’s features. Changing the location of your device is one of the most typical solutions.

If you’re using iOS, you’ll have to change everything using Apple ID, including your payment information. There are some minor modifications on Android, but the premise is essentially the same – you must change anything that betrays your location.

However, you should be aware that doing so will disrupt other features on your device as well as your interactions with Alexa. A request for news or weather information, for example, will not get a response personalized to your area.

However, if you’ve downloaded the Alexa app on your device, you may take care of that as well. Simply go to the app’s online version and type in the relevant location. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Go to “My Device” and choose it.
  3. “General” should be selected.
  4. Change the date and time zone, as well as the address.

Is it possible for Alexa to visit another country?

Whether you reside in an area where Alexa Drop In is available but go to another nation, you may be wondering if the service will still operate. After all, you’ll need it if you need to check in on your kids at home or inquire about your house sitter’s pets.

Fortunately, the answer is affirmative. However, you must satisfy the following requirements in order to use the feature:

  1. Have a Wi-Fi network that your Echo device can connect to
  2. To adjust your Echo and connect it to an accessible Wi-Fi network, use the Alexa phone app.

It’s worth noting that if you match both of these criteria, you won’t have to go through the Echo reconfiguration procedure. To make a Drop In call, just utilize your phone’s app. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap “Communicate” at the bottom of the app’s main page.
  2. Choose “Drop In” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the device with which you wish to start a Drop In.

This is significantly simpler than configuring an Echo, but it has a significant drawback. As previously stated, you can only start Drop Ins using your phone; you cannot accept inbound Drop Ins.

If you reside in a nation where the functionality isn’t accessible, just download the app in the United States.

To download the Alexa app from the US iTunes store for iOS, establish a US iTunes account. This is because Alexa Calling & Messaging is unlikely to be available in overseas versions of the app. An APK version of the app is available for Android.

You may use the function and make calls both locally and internationally from there.

Troubleshooting with Alexa Drop In:

  1. What’s the deal with my Alexa Drop In not working?

There might be a variety of reasons why your Drop In function isn’t working. Take a look at a few of the most popular:

Device Compatibility is a term that refers to the ability of a device to

The first step is to make sure Drop In is compatible with the device you’re attempting to use. The devices that support the capability are listed above. If your device isn’t on the list, it’s most likely incompatible and won’t operate.

Verify Permissions

Check to see whether the device you’re using has the necessary permissions to Drop In on the person or device you want to call. You can only call devices and contacts if they have given you permission. Select the Echo device you wish to connect to in the Alexa app’s Settings. Then, under Drop In, check if permission is enabled or disabled. If it’s turned off, turn it on.

It’s possible that you’re having problems connecting with a contact because they’ve disabled permission.

Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode.

Another reason why your Drop In function could not be working is when Do Not Disturb mode is enabled. Drop In must be turned off in order to function. You may use your Alexa app or a voice command to turn off Do Not Disturb: “Alexa, turn off Do Not Disturb.” To do so using the app, follow these steps:

Alexa needs to be updated.

Because your smartphone’s app is old, your Drop In function may not operate at times. Verify that the version you have is the most recent. If it isn’t, download the latest version and try utilizing the function again.

Attempt to reset the Echo Device

If none of the preceding alternatives have worked, it’s time to call in the major guns and reset your Echo device. However, you will need to register the device again on your Amazon account and input the needed information on your app to use it once you reset it.

Why is my Alexa calling the wrong device when I ask it a question?

When you fail to grant yourself permission to access certain devices, Alexa may drop in on the incorrect device. To see whether this is the issue, open your Alexa app and press the contact button under the Conversations tab. Toggle on the option next to ‘Can Drop In Anytime’ after selecting your name. Click OK when you’re finished.

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