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Cat Genie

Anybody who has spent much time with a cat will know that the animal is not always the easiest to keep. Cats are notoriously difficult to house-train and often have an inclination for making things worse, whether it be your furniture or your carpeting. This can make keeping one seem like an impossible task. Luckily, there may soon be a solution in form of automated genies equipped with smart sensors which take care of these problems as they come up so you never need worry about them again!

The “catgenie price” is a smart home device that allows you to control your cat with an app. It has a camera, microphone and speaker to hear your pet and play music for them. The device can also be used as a kitty doorbell or even as a night light.

Cat Genie

In the world of cat litter boxes, Cat Genie is one of the most amazing inventions. The primary principle of this kitty litter box is that it is a self-washing and self-flushing litter box, so you don’t have to touch or scoop it. This Cat Genie not only meets all of your cat’s litter demands, but it also gives them the opportunity to dig, cover, and play.

You may be perplexed as to how this is feasible. You may also have a number of inquiries. Is it true that self-cleaning cat litter boxes work? What happens to the litter? What is Cat Genie and how does it work? How much does a cat genie set you back? We provide you a full overview of the Cat Genie litter box in this post.

Cat Genie also offers a less complex entry-level version that does not need the use of an app or artificial intelligence.

Please check the additional section at the end of the article for further information about this version. 


What is Cat Genie A.I. and what does it do?


Kitty litter is vital, and we manage it because we care for our feline companions. Scooping and scraping excrement from cat litters, on the other hand, isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. We can’t just buy new kitty litter every time it gets soiled, either. That is why the Cat Genie litter box, commonly referred to as Cat Genie A.I., is unique. This cutting-edge feline technology cleans itself and flushes away all the kitty excrement, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

What is Cat Genie and how does it work? Is it true that self-cleaning cat litter boxes work?


Yes, self-cleaning cat litter boxes function astonishingly well, as the Cat Genie A.I. demonstrates. The solid waste is liquefied, and the liquid waste drains via the washable granules, to conclude the self-cleaning process. Depending on where the Cat Genie is positioned, this method enables both liquid and solid waste to flow into the sewer or toilet bowl.

The button or timer adjacent to the SaniSolution cartridge must be used to regulate Cat Genie. However, the Cat Genie flushing operation takes around 30 minutes and produces roughly the same amount of noise as a washing machine. As a result, you may wish to avoid the automated setup if your Cat Genie litter box is in your bathroom. It’s conceivable that the Cat Genie will wake you up if it starts up in the middle of the night.


Amazon also has the following self-cleaning cat litter boxes:

Omega Paw NRA15-1 is the best budget option. 

Jlxl Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is the best overall.

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic is the best mid-range option.



A quick step-by-step explanation of Cat Genie at work follows:

  • The Cat Genie litter box is used by Kitty.

  • The washable granules allow liquid waste to flow away.

  • The Genie Hand, a big metal gadget, spans the length of the litter box. To avoid solid particles from being caught in the pipes, it scoops and converts solid waste into a liquid.

  • The Cat Genie litter box is filled with freshwater.

  • To remove all solid and liquid waste, the Genie Hand washes the litter box and washable granules.

  • The SaniSolution cartridge activates, cleansing and disinfecting the whole littler box. It cleans out the Cat Genie litter box of all bacteria and smells.

  • The liquefied wastewater drains into the toilet bowl or washer drain.

  • To dry the litter box, hot air is blown into it.

How can I get Cat Genie to work?

A.I. Cat Genie Installing and configuring it is a breeze. In most circumstances, Cat Genie A.I. may be installed by yourself in about 15 minutes. Cat Genie may be installed in one of two locations: next to the washing machine or in the bathroom. We’ll go through both installation procedures in detail below.

How can I get Cat Genie to work with my washer?

Cat Genie is rather big, with dimensions of 19 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 21 inches tall. As a result, you may not be able to fit this Cat Genie into your bathroom. If that’s the case, you may connect the Cat Genie litter box to the washing machine in your utility room.

When the Cat Genie litter box is connected to the water supply and drainpipe of a washing machine, the waste is immediately flushed into the sewer or septic tank. As a result, you won’t have to do anything manually.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to set up Cat Genie in your laundry room:

  • Turn off the cold water faucet.

  • Remove the water line hose from the valve by unscrewing it.

  • Connect the T-adapter to the waterline hose.

  • The T-adapter should be attached to the waterline.

  • Connect the T-Adapter to the Cat Genie litter box pipe.

  • Restart the cold water faucet.

  • Connect the drainage hose to the drainpipe of the washer.

  • Cat Genie must be plugged into a power outlet.

You have two choices for flushing the Cat Genie once it has been installed. When you need to flush the Cat Genie, first manually turn it on. Second, program it to flush twice or four times per day.

How can I get Cat Genie to work in my bathroom?

The Cat Genie litter box is extremely easy to install in your bathroom. You must use the smaller T-adapter instead of the bigger 3/4″ T-adapter. The T-adapter fitting must be attached to the toilet’s water supply line. While installing the T-adapter for the Cat Genie, you’ll need to cut off the water to your toilet.

The water supply line must be connected once the T-adapter and fitting have been installed. Water is supplied by the white hose (water supply line) to fill the Cat Genie washable granules. The beige pipe (drain hose) is positioned over the toilet’s edge. This beige hose will carry the wastewater from the Cat Genie to the toilet basin.

Unlike placing Cat Genie on the washer, installing Cat Genie on the toilet requires some hand flushing. You must flush the toilet as you would with any other garbage after the waste has drained into the toilet bowl.


What are the SaniSolution cartridge and Cat Genie washable granules?


A SaniSolution cartridge and Cat Genie washable granules are included with Cat Genie A.I. You may choose between scented and unscented cartridges depending on the Cat Genie bundle you get.

Cats may eat the SaniSolution cartridge and washable granules. The washable granules in the SaniSolution cartridge last for around 60 flushes and don’t need to be replenished. However, since the washable granules are edible, you must ensure that the Cat Genie litter box has enough granules to reach the fill line.

The Cat Genie washable granules don’t have any dust on them, unlike conventional cat litters. When you use the Cat Genie flush, these granules are likewise cleaned. As a result, you won’t have to bother about refilling or cleaning the washable granules.

The non-absorbent nature of Cat Genie washable granules might be advantageous or disadvantageous. You don’t have to replace them since they’re non-absorbent, thus they’re reusable. As a result, they’re very effective and cost-effective. However, since they’re not at all absorbent, they won’t absorb the dirt and litter from your cat’s feet, which might result in small paw prints heading away from the Cat Genie. However, if your cat digs in the Cat Genie litter box, this will be a problem.

The SaniSolution cartridge attaches into the Cat Genie machine with ease. When you only have 10 wash cycles remaining, the Cat Genie A.I. warns you that the cartridge may need to be replaced soon. The Cat Genie’s control center is located next to the cartridge, and it is here that you set the cleaning cycles.

What’s the best way to empty and clean a Cat Genie?

The nicest thing about a Cat Genie is that you never have to worry about it being empty or dirty. Cat Genie is a self-flushing and self-cleaning litter box, as previously said.


A timed flush is available in Cat Genie. It’s linked to the drainpipe so that all of the waste flows into the toilet bowl or sewage automatically. As a result, there’s no need to empty the Cat Genie manually. If the Cat Genie is connected to your bathroom’s toilet, you’ll only have to flush it once.

The Genie Hand scrapes through the litter box after flushing to remove all trash and particles. The SaniSolution cartridge then takes over to disinfect the litter box, guaranteeing that no germs or smells remain. As a result, you won’t have to clean your Cat Genie. The outsides of the Cat Genie, like all other appliances in your house, will need to be cleaned with a damp cloth on a regular basis.


What can the Cat Genie App do for you?


A Cat Genie app for iOS and Android smartphones is also included with Cat Genie A.I. The Cat Genie app keeps you up to date on what’s going on with your cat and the Cat Genie litter box.

The following is a list of the most important features of the Cat Genie app:

  • Keep track of the SaniSolution cartridge cleaning cycles to see when it’s time to replace it.

  • Cleaning status updates, providing a description of the current cleaning procedure – washing, drying, and so on.

  • Keeping track of daily cat visits.

  • Manual activities are barred from the control panel. This function is particularly helpful in homes with clever cats or little children who like to toy with the controls.

  • Up to 8 times a day, set the precise time for cleaning.

  • For cat activation, set sleep timings.

  • Even if you’re not at home, you’ll get voice updates and push alerts on the litter box’s state.


Basic Cat Genie A.I. vs. Premium Fresh Scent Cat Genie A.I. vs. Premium Scent-Free Cat Genie A.I.

Basic A.I. Cat Genie, Premium Fresh Scent Cat Genie A.I., and Premium Scent-Free Cat Genie A.I. are the three packages available. You may choose the Cat Genie litter box that best meets your requirements and budget.

The Cat Genie A.I. Basic bundle is the most basic. One Cartridge SaniSolution, one set of washable granules, and the litter box itself are included.

The addition of the Sidewall & Genie Dome in the Cat Genie A.I. Premium Fresh Scent and Cat Genie A.I. Premium Scent-Free is the most appealing feature. The Genie Dome & Sidewall is a dome that fits over your current litter box. As a result, the litter never falls out of the litter box, and the cat poo on the litter box is never visible.

The Premium Cat Genie litter boxes come with extra SaniSolution Cartridges in addition to the Genie Dome & Sidewall. The only difference between Premium Fresh Scent and Premium Scent-Free is that one includes scented cartridges while the other does not.


Cat Genie A.I. Basic

Cat Genie A.I. Premium Fresh Scent

Cat Genie A.I. Premium Scent-Free

Genie Litter Box for Cats

SaniSolution Cartridge


three (Scented)

three (Scent-Free)

Granules that can be washed




Genie Dome & Sidewall








What is the price of a Cat Genie?

The cost of Cat Genie A.I. is broken down as follows.

The Cat Genie A.I. Premium is clearly more costly than the Basic, as you can see. The Premium packages, on the other hand, include two extra SaniSolution Cartridges as well as a Genie Dome and Sidewall.

The full set would cost $518 if the cartridges and dome were purchased individually. As a result, Cat Genie A.I. Premium offers a fantastic combo deal.

Is Cat Genie accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union?

Cat Genie is now accessible in the United States and the United Kingdom. Cat Genie, on the other hand, ships to any EU nation without a Cat Genie distributor.

Which self-cleaning litter box is better: Cat Genie or Litter Robot?


Litter Robot is another well-known automated cat litter box, and it is one of Cat Genie’s main rivals. So, how does Litter Robot do when compared to Cat Genie? Which of these self-cleaning litter boxes is the superior option?

The Litter Robot is a self-cleaning litter box, however it isn’t quite as sophisticated as the Cat Genie. A revolving device separates the trash from the clean litter in this litter box. The cat waste is then emptied into a 13-gallon plastic garbage bag at the bottom of the litter box.

When the garbage bag is full, you must remove it from the bottom of the machine and replace it with a new bag. As a result, unlike Cat Genie, this litter box does not need the use of waterlines or drainage tubes. To use the Litter Robot, just plug it into a 12V power outlet. With comparison to Cat Genie’s 30 minutes, the full cleaning procedure in the Cat Litter takes just 7 minutes.

As a result, Litter Robot is ideal for folks who don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of connecting the litter box to a source of water and drainage. Furthermore, Litter Robot may be positioned everywhere; it is not limited to the bathroom or the washing machine. However, since the waste receptacle isn’t as secure as Cat Genie’s, Litter Robot isn’t as effective. Once in a while, you may need to physically clean some litter. Furthermore, unlike Cat Genie, you must physically dispose of the litter-filled rubbish bags.


Cat Genie is still significantly more sophisticated and has a superior litter disposal mechanism, all things considered. The one advantage Litter Robot has is that it is easier to set up, since it simply requires plugging it into a power outlet.

The advantages and disadvantages of Cat Genie A.I. are summarized here.

Advantages of Cat Genie A.I. :

  • Ultimate Cleanliness: You’ll never have to pick up the trash by yourself. The Cat Genie’s litter goes right into the sewer or toilet, and all you have to do is flush it. Furthermore, since this is a self-contained device, no excrement particles are released into the atmosphere.

  • Sanitation: The SaniSolution cartridge is made of recyclable materials and delivers the highest level of sanitation. It completely decontaminates the cat litter, removing all traces of waste and smells. As a result, you won’t have to worry about inhaling the stink of the litter. You may also pick between scented and non-scented sanitation depending on the product you get.

  • No Clogging: The Genie Hand transforms solid waste into a liquid mush that flows freely down drainpipes and into the toilet or sewage system. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned about solid particles blocking the pipes.

  • Self-Maintenance: Cat Genie cleans and sanitizes itself, so there’s no need for further upkeep. Even the washable granules are fully cleansed, and they only need to be topped up every six months or so.

  • Timers: You may set timers for up to 8 times a day of automated cleaning. As a result, you’ll never have to physically manage cat litter again, and you can rest easy knowing that it will clean itself.

  • Monitoring: Cat Genie A.I. includes the highly handy and clever Cat Genie app, which enables you to keep track of your litter box and cats. The Cat Genie app keeps track of when your cats use the litter box and sends you notifications on how clean it is.

  • Cat Genie A.I. is simple to install without the help of an expert, and the complete procedure takes less than 15 minutes.

Cat Genie A.I.’s Drawbacks:

  • When Cat Genie A.I. is flushing and cleaning, it makes a lot of noise. The whole thing is as noisy as a washing machine, which might be annoying if you have it in your bathroom.

  • Long Process: It takes around 30 minutes to flush and clean the whole system. That’s a long time to endure with cleaning sounds.

  • Expensive: Even if you choose the Basic edition, Cat Genie A.I. is somewhat pricey. As a result, Cat Genie A.I. is best suited for those who are willing to pay that much to avoid having to deal with waste or who have multiple cats who produce a lot of litter.

The Cat Genie 120 is the most affordable model, costing just $289.00. There are no AI or app features. 

We haven’t gone through the 120 in as much depth as we would want, but we believe the A.I. version is worth the tiny additional cost. 

The CatGenie 120 comes with the following features:

  • 1 Self-Washing Cat Box – CatGenie

  • 1 box of granules that may be washed

  • 1 SaniSolution Fresh Scent Cartridge

  • Setup is simple with the help of simple manuals and T-adapters.

  • 2-Year Warranty & 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Cat Genie A.I. is, all things considered, a groundbreaking product for all cat lovers out there. You’ll never have to deal with your cats’ litter again with this self-flushing and self-cleaning litter box! It’s fantastic!

What are the Cat Genie fault codes and how can I fix them?

In this part, we’ll go over the meanings of two typical Cat Genie error codes, as well as how to fix them. Examine the Cat Genie instruction booklet for a full review of all fault codes and their remedies.

Error Code 1: Beeps + Error LED & LED 1 Lighting in Cat Genie

  • Remove the processing unit to retrieve the water sensor from the hopper if it is dirty or missing. To keep the sensor and tip clean and shining, wipe them down with a gentle cloth. If the water sensor is missing, look for it or replace it with one of the Cat Genie base’s replacement components. Replace the processing unit in its original location.

  • Water in the Hopper: Do not disconnect the device or remove the processing unit if there is water in the hopper. To silence the beeping, press the start/stop button, then empty the hopper. The instructions may be found on page 17 of the Cat Genie handbook.

Error Code 2: Beeps + Error LED & LED 4 Lighting in Cat Genie

  • Blockage in the Rear Vents or Front Blower: If your dryer overheats or stops after receiving this Cat Genie error number, you may have a blockage in the rear vents or front blower. Because this is a fire danger, you should remove anything that is obstructing the processing unit’s vents. Remove any barriers in the litter box’s path and relocate the Cat Genie about 2 inches away from the wall. You may also vacuum the back vents to clear any obstructions. Allow for a 20-minute cooling period before pressing the start button for four seconds to reactivate the Cat Genie.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cat Genie flush the toilet?

A: Yes, it is true that the Cat Genie flushes the toilet.

Why does my Cat Genie smell so bad?

A: Your cat is not using a Cat Genie.

How does Cat Genie get rid of poop?

A: Cat Genie will clean up any messes that your cat leaves behind. Just put some water in the bowl, and turn on this amazing machine!

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