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Does Nest work with Alexa? Which devices?

Nest is a smart home company that offers products like cameras, thermostats and more. It’s got an app for your phone or computer and a corresponding speaker to let you control it all from anywhere in the world. Does Nest work with Alexa? Here are some of their devices!

The “does google nest thermostat work with alexa” is a question that many people have been asking. Google has released an official statement on the matter, and it’s clear that Nest does not work with Alexa.

Is Nest compatible with Alexa? When it comes to designing a smart home, this is a question that most people have. The Google Nest and Amazon Alexa devices are top-of-the-line gadgets. However, before you invest in them, be sure they will operate together in the present and future.

Is Alexa Compatible With Nest?

Yes, in general. Although most Nest thermostats and Nest cameras are compatible with Nest, you should check each device individually to confirm compatibility.

Is the Nest Thermostat compatible with Alexa?

Yes. All iterations of the Nest Learning Thermostat including the Nest Thermostat E are compatible with Alexa, according to the Google Nest skill.

Is Alexa compatible with the Nest Doorbell?

Yes. The Hello, Nest Doorbell is compatible with Alexa, according to the Google Nest skill. However, the connection is just good for streaming the video feed from the doorbell.

Is Alexa compatible with Nest Camera?

Yes. The following Nest cameras are compatible with Alexa, according to the Google Nest skill:

  • Dropcam
  • Dropcam Pro is a video recording software that allows you to
  • Indoor Nest Cam
  • Outdoor Nest Cam
  • Nest Cam IQ is a smart camera.
  • Nest Hello

Is Alexa compatible with Nest Security?

No. The Nest Security products do not operate with Alexa at this time.

Is Nest Protect compatible with Alexa?

No. The Nest Protect smoke and CO2 alarms do not operate with Alexa at this time.

Is Alexa compatible with the Nest Yale Lock?

No. The Nest Yale Lock does not operate with Alexa at this time.

Is Alexa Compatible With Nest?

Yes. The Alexa devices listed below are compatible with Nest products. You can use voice commands to operate your Nest Thermostat and see video feeds from your Nest Doorbell and Nest Camera.

Alexa-enabled Nest devices include:

  1. All Echo Devices — You may use any Echo Device or Alexa-enabled device to operate your Nest Learning Thermostat.
  2. Fire TV Devices — With a Fire TV device, you can see your Nest Hello Doorbell or Nest Cameras on your television.
  3. Tablets with Fire OS (Gen 7 and above) – On a Fire Tablet, you can control your thermostat or check your camera.

Connect Alexa to Nest.

All Nest items now link to Alexa using the Alexa app’s Nest Skill. Previously, the Nest thermostat and the Nest cameras had independent talents. To use the Nest Amazon Alexa skill, you’ll need to transfer your Nest account to a Google account starting in mid-2019.

A free Google Gmail account is required for this transfer. If you don’t already have a Gmail account, you need create one before downloading the Google Nest skill.

1 – Go to Alexa Skills and open it.

In the Alexa app’s hamburger menu, go to the Skills & Games area

2 – Look for the Google Nest skill and enable it.

To get started, go to the search icon and put “Google Nest” into the search area. Then, to access the Google Nest skill, go to the “Enable to Use” option and pick it. A Google account is now required to use the Google Nest skill. To help the installation process go more smoothly, make sure you have a free Gmail account set up beforehand. If you don’t already have a Gmail account, you’ll be prompted to switch your Nest account to a Google account during setup.

3a – Linking a Google Account

If your Nest account has already been transferred to a Google account, just pick the Google account that is linked to your Nest devices.

Select Google Account to LinkConnect your Google account

3b – Transfer your Nest account to your Google account

If you haven’t yet moved your Nest account to a Google account, finish the setup by following the instructions below. Otherwise, Alexa will not be able to communicate with Nest.

First, an error notice will appear, stating that Nest is unable to activate Amazon Alexa. A link to switch your Nest account to a Google account is given.

Second, you’ll give Nest permission to access your Google account.

Third, you’ll convert your Nest account to a Google account by following a series of procedures. All of your “Works with Nest” connections, such as IFTTT, must be disconnected.

4 – Look for Devices

After you’ve connected your Google Nest account to Alexa, tell her to “Discover Devices.” Alexa will locate and connect all of your Nest items that are compatible. When you add a new camera or other compatible Nest device, you must instruct Alexa to “Discover Devices.”

Alexa Commands for the Nest

After linking your Nest gadgets to Alexa, you may communicate with them using a variety of speech commands. Any Alexa or Alexa-enabled device may utilize the Nest Thermostat instructions. Any Alexa device with a screen may utilize the Nest Hello Doorbell and Nest Camera commands.

Commands for Alexa Nest Thermostat

The name of your thermostat corresponds to its location in the Google Home app. If your thermostat’s location is “Home,” for example, you’ll use that name with Alexa requests.

Set [Thermostat Location] to [Temperature] on Alexa. Set Home to 70 degrees, for example.

Alexa, set the [Thermostat Location] to [Amount] degrees higher or lower. For instance, Alexa, boost the temperature in the house by 2 degrees.

What is the temperature at [Thermostat Location] right now, Alexa? Example: Alexa, what is the current temperature in the house? * This command returns the current temperature as recorded by the Nest thermostat.

What is [Thermostat Location] set to, Alexa? For instance, Alexa, what is the current setting of Home? * The current heating or cooling set point in the Nest thermostat is shown with this command.

Alexa Commands for the Nest Doorbell and Camera

In the Google Home app, the name of your Nest Doorbell or Camera is the location. If your doorbell’s location is “Front Door,” for example, you’ll utilize that name with Alexa orders.

To broadcast live video on Alexa devices with displays, use these Alexa Nest instructions. The Amazon Fire TV is included in this. Unless you disconnect the connection sooner, the streaming video will automatically cut off after 60 minutes.

Show me, Alexa. [Location of the Camera] Show Front Door, Alexa * This will display the Front Door video screen on your Fire TV, Echo Show, Echo Spot, and other devices.

Hide [Camera Location], Alexa. For example, Alexa, please close the Front Door. This command may be used to conceal or close the video stream you’re viewing.

Is Nest Compatible With Alexa Next Year?

Today, Nest and Alexa collaborate, but should we be worried about the future? When Google revealed in mid-2019 that the “Works with Nest” program would be terminated, smart home users were alarmed. However, Google reversed course and declared that if you changed your Nest account to a Google account, your Nest gadgets will continue to operate with Alexa.

Google has a history of canceling initiatives and integrating with other services. This statement was concerning to me, and it came at a time when I was considering replacing my thermostat.

As a result of my worries, I chose to abandon the Nest Learning Thermostat. Another Alexa-compatible thermostat was a must for me. After considering all of my alternatives, I opted to install the Alexa-enabled Ecobee thermostat.

SmartThermostat with Voice Control by ecobee

  • RE-ENGINEERED AND RE-DESIGNED: It’s a smart thermostat unlike any other, with a pristine glass finish, vivid touch display, fast quad-core processing, dual-band Wi-Fi, and far-field speech.
  • SMARTSENSORS: Includes a Smart Sensor that adjusts your thermostat depending on occupancy and temperature to keep essential areas pleasant.
  • SAVINGS ON HEATING AND COOLING: By eliminating wasted energy in your house, you might save up to 23% on your heating and cooling bills each year. * *In comparison to a 72°F hold
  • ADVANCED COMFORT: With Alexa built-in and an easy-to-use mobile app, you can manage your thermostat and house with your voice, phone, tablet, computer, Apple Watch, or whatever device you like — it’s that simple.
  • INSTALLATION: With helpful video walkthroughs and a step-by-step tutorial on the ecobee app, you can easily install it yourself in 45 minutes or less. Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of Bluetooth.
  • BUILT-IN ALEXA: Consider your life taken care of with Alexa. Simply ask for the weather, music, Alexa Calling, and other information.
  • INTEGRATIONS: Works seamlessly with Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT, among other smart home systems.

P.S. If you have a question, want to assist someone else, or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

The “best alexa skill for nest thermostat” is the best skill to use with your Nest Thermostat. It will provide you with information on the current temperature and forecasted weather.

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