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How to Control Fire TV with Echo [GUIDE]

This guide will show you how to control your Fire TV using Alexa and the Amazon Echo. The process should be very simple and straightforward, but some technical knowledge is required.

The “alexa commands for fire tv” is a guide that will help you control your Fire TV with the Amazon Echo. This will allow you to use voice commands to navigate through the interface and play content on your TV.

How to Control Fire TV with Echo [GUIDE]

You’ll need voice control of your TV if you have a smart home. 

Using an Amazon Fire TV device in conjunction with an Echo device is one of the simplest methods to bring voice control to your TV. 

In the Alexa app, connect your Echo or Echo Dot to a Fire Stick or any other Fire TV device. Then you may use voice commands to operate your Fire TV via the Echo.

This article will teach you how to use Alexa to connect to your Fire TV and operate it.

How to Set Up Alexa on a Fire TV

The Alexa app may be used to link Fire TV to Echo. Any TV commands you give your Echo will be applied to the specified TV once they’re connected.

Step 1: Open the Alexa App and go to Settings.

In the top left corner of the Alexa app, tap the hamburger menu. Then, at the bottom of the list, choose “Settings.”

Alexa Hamburger MenuIn the Alexa App, go to the Hamburger Menu.

Alexa App SettingsSet Alexa’s preferences

Step 2: Choose between TV and video.

In the Alexa Preferences section of the settings menu, go down the menu list and choose “TV & Video.”

Alexa TV and Video SettingsSelect Alexa TV & Video Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: To manage Echo devices, choose Fire TV.

You’ll find a list of featured service providers where you can control programs and movies with your voice using Alexa. 

Tap “Manage Devices” after selecting Fire TV from the list of listed providers.

Select Fire TV Video Service ProviderChoose a video service provider for Fire TV.

Manage Fire TV Devices Linked to EchoManage Devices should be selected.

Step 4: To connect your Fire TV to your Echo, choose Link a Device.

At the bottom of the screen, tap the “Link Device” button.

Choose Link Device to Connect Fire TV to EchoTo connect your Fire TV to your Echo, choose a link device.

Step 5: Decide which Fire TV device you want to use.

Select the Fire TV device you wish to use Alexa to operate. A list of all Fire TV devices associated with your account should appear. 

Alexa Fire TV Device ListContinue by selecting the Fire TV device to control.

Step 6: Select an Alexa device and link it to other devices.

To control your Fire TV, choose the Alexa device you wish to use. Only one Fire TV device may be controlled by each Alexa device. Select “Link Devices” once you’ve chosen your device.

Select Echo Device to Connect to Fire TVConnecting an Echo Device to a Fire TV

Now that the devices are connected, you may use Echo to operate your Fire TV. If you wish to unlink a device, go to the “Your Linked Devices” section and choose “Unlink Device.”

On your Fire TV, what can Alexa control?

Every Alexa device can manage your Fire TV’s TV navigation and playback controls. 

Standard controls like as play, stop, fast forward, and rewind are included. 

You may also use your Fire TV to watch Netflix or Hulu. You may also use your voice to start a movie or program on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and other services. 

Following is a list of commands that you may use after connecting Alexa to your Fire TV:

Tune in to HGTV on Hulu, Alexa.

Alexa… look for films starring Tom Hanks

Alexa… ahead in time 1 minute 15 seconds

Do you need additional commands? See my full list of Alexa commands for Fire TV and other devices. 

Is it possible for Alexa to turn on my television?

Yes. When you give Alexa a voice command like “Tune to HGTV on Hulu,” Alexa can switch on your TV using a linked Echo device.

In the Fire TV settings, you must activate “Turn on TV with Alexa.” On your Fire TV, follow these steps:

  1. Change the settings on your Fire TV
  2. Choose Alexa’s preferences.
  3. Set “Alexa, turn on TV” to “On.”

When you provide voice instructions to your paired Echo device, it will now turn on your TV.

Is it possible to use Alexa to control the volume of my television?

Yes. Alexa can handle volume, power, and input selection without a remote if you have a Fire TV Cube or an Amazon Fire TV edition TV.

Cube Amazon Fire TV

All-new Fire TV Cube, hands-free with Alexa built in, 4K Ultra HD, streaming media player, released 2019

You can use the Fire TV Cube to switch on or off your TV, adjust the volume, and change the input. 

The new voice remote included with the Fire TV Stick 4K allows you to operate your TV’s power, volume, and inputs only with your voice. Once you’ve connected your Fire TV to Echo, you can use voice commands to manage navigation and playback.

Find out more about the differences between the Fire TV Cube and the Fire Stick to see which is best for you.

P.S. If you have a question, want to assist someone else, or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

The “use echo dot as speaker for fire tv” is a guide that will teach you how to control your Fire TV with an Echo Dot. The article will also include the “Must Have” text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you control Fire TV Stick with echo show?

A: Unfortunately, the Echo Show is not compatible with Fire TV Stick. Its due to different operating system that they use.

What commands can I give Alexa to control my TV?

A: Here is a list of commands you can give to Alexa and the TVs response.

Can you control Amazon Fire TV with Alexa?

A: No, Amazon Fire TV does not allow for voice control.

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