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LaunderPal is a smart home device that uses blockchain technology to track the laundering process and avoid scams. Blockchain, the decentralized ledger of transactions, has found its way into many industries as it adds transparency and trustworthiness to complicated processes in need of such qualities. The rise of LaunderPal demonstrates how we are starting to see this tech make use of smart homes as well, with future applications including self-driving cars or vending machines.

LaunderPal is a laundry sorter hamper that can be placed in your washing machine and will automatically sort, wash, dry, fold, and return the clothes back to you.

[This is a Kickstarter project that may or may not materialize, but we like to celebrate the strange and amazing].

Take Off, an Australian business, has developed LaunderPal, an innovative smart laundry basket that manages laundry using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

LaunderPal Basket is made up of various components that may act alone or in tandem. The LaunderPal software, washable RFID tags, and a back-end server with other optional services are among them.

LaundryPal’s Basket

The basket has an RFID reader built in that scans dirty clothing as you put them in. It subsequently sends this information to your smartphone’s LaunderPal app. An internet connection is required for the basket and the app to interact.

On their cellphones, users will be able to obtain information about their laundry. It is feasible, for example, to determine which clothing are in the washing basket and which are not.

The basket is meant to complement your taste and décor in addition to serving a useful purpose. Fabric bags come in a variety of colors and designs to fit the tastes of various households.

Users also receive an additional mesh bag for tiny things that shouldn’t be mixed in with the rest of their laundry (underwear) or can’t be RFID-tagged (shoelaces).

The App LaunderPal

As previously stated, the basket works in conjunction with an app that consumers must download to their cellphones.

Every member of the family may build their own profile on the app. The profile might include images of their apparel, names, and other facts in addition to the information from their clothing tags.

When a result, as the basket scans RFID tags on garments entering the basket, it matches the information on the tags to the information on the users’ accounts. It also converts the symbols on the tags into information on how to wash each item.

RFID Tags that can be washed LaunderPal

For identification and washing program data, each article of clothing is given its own RFID tag. These tags come with silicone coverings to protect them from water damage. The silicone cover is hypoallergenic and won’t bother even the most delicate skin.

They adhere to clothing effectively and will not come off while washing or ironing. Because they are passive tags, they do not need batteries and will last the life of the garment item.

These care tags recommend the best washing solution for each piece of clothing, reducing the risk of color leakage, stretching, shrinking, or other types of damage.

Services and LaunderPal

Users may also use the LaunderPal server to access other services. These might be third-party services, such as letting local laundry service providers know what’s in your basket. You may receive pick-up and tracking services this way.

It’s also possible to acquire fashion-related services depending on your style via the server, thanks to data gathered in the app.

Why Do People Appreciate the Concept of Launderpal?

The ability to follow specific clothing articles during the wash cycle is one of the key reasons why people enjoy this invention. This may help prevent inadvertent harm to valuable garments and preserve them in good condition. The best part is that none of this requires physical involvement.

Furthermore, it aids customers in the management of their wardrobes by keeping track of everything in the closet through a smartphone app. Knowing whether or not a favorite item is soiled without having to rummage through stinky, dirty clothes is a convenience that many people will enjoy.


LaunderPal was supposed to start production in October 2018 if it met its KickStarter funding goal. Pre-orders were offered on KickStarter for $111 (AUS$150) and included 20 RFID tags. It would cost $10 to add 20 more tags.

Despite the fact that the project received $3,614 in funding from 15 supporters, there is no information on when it will be available for purchase.

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The “kik-fix kickstarter” is a product that was created by LaunderPal to help people with their laundry. The app offers a subscription service in which users can get the best prices on laundry detergent and other products.

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